Dell Latitude E7240 - six months review

Review of the premium 12 inch ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240 after six months of intense use

Dell Latitude E7240 six months review

As some of you probably know Dell Latitude E7240  is my everyday companion for work related purposes and also for some multimedia and entertainment as well.

After six months of intense use I decided to share the feedback with you so lets not waste any more time and begin with the useful stuff. 

The good

Before buying the Dell Latitude E7240 I was considering Apple's MacBook Air for my next certain choice of mobile computer. Unfortunately despite the fact that it looks awesome the MacBook Air can't really match modern ultrabooks in terms of performance and versatility. I am not going to discuss this topic now as I know that plenty of you really like Apple's products and the love Mac OS interface but I am just not one of these Apple fans.

Probably the best thing about the Dell Latitude E7240 is its versatility as it has the ability to suit almost any purpose - compact mobile workstation, multimedia companion on the go, everyday PC for browsing Internet and playing games. Also, the variety of connection options and interfaces makes it really easy to pair with different devices, something that is a huge issue for some MacBook laptops. 

I also really like how compact this ultrabook is. It is really light and very comfortable and its keyboard is probably one of the best in business. The touchpad is also very precise and comfortable to use and I would also put it among the best in class. Durability is another thing that is also quite typical for the Latitude E7240. 

I am also impressed with the quality of the stereo speakers which deliver clear sound which is loud enough for listening to some music.

To be improved

I think Dell did what they could to put a large enough battery in this compact laptop but the battery life is something that could be improved for the next generation Latitude ultrabooks. I managed to get an average of 3-4 hours which is about half of what the MacBook Air usually achieves. Probably we should mention here that this poor result is partly because of the Windows 7 operating system which not very energy efficient compared to the competition from Apple.

Another thing that didn't stood up to the price of  1500 Euro is the display which lacks depth of colors and delivers picture that just doesn't match the rest of the components in this top of the line computer.

So after six months of using the Dell Latitude E7240 I can say that I am really pleased with its performance and it is really worth spending the extra cash and moving away from my old (but awesome) HP EliteBook 6930p.