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Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer

Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer - my test and review

Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer review
My review of the  Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer

It is me in the kitchen again and today reviewing one of the biggest home fryers I have seen - the Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL. With this one you can easily cook up to 2 kg of food at a time, which is... a lot. Actually that is the biggest fryer offered by Tefal on the market today. This fryer is perfect for bigger families who need food prepared fast.
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TEFAL Uno M - real world consumer test

The first meals cooked with our new deep fryer - the TEFAL Uno M FF1231 tested for the first time

TEFAL Uno M test
TEFAL Uno M before its first mission : )

As I shared with you last week we decided to get a deep fryer after giving it a long thought on the topic we stopped our attention on the budget TEFAL Uno M. It is a very simple and easy to operate fryer that costed us less than $60 (a pretty good deal I think). This product is also known as Tefal Uno M FF123130 and is one of the best selling deep fryers in Europe.

Main advantages of the TEFAL Uno M fryer:
  • Cheap
  • Good looking 
  • Good build quality - made to last
  • Premium brand - Tefal
  • Cooks up to 1 kg of food 

Why I ordered the TEFAL Uno M for our new deep fryer?

First meal prepared with the TEFAL Uno M
Probably you are wondering what is the very first thing I decided to cook in the Uno M. Actually, it was couple of things - first I tried with some zucchini which turned out pretty good and then I we made some french fries, a must for each deep fryer. Both were pretty delicious and I have no major complaints with the Tefal Uno M.
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How to clean microwave in 3 easy steps

Cleaning your microwave is not hard, especially if you have the right approach

microwave clean
clean microwave in 3 easy steps and less than 3 minutes

I am really surprised that many consumers find it hard to clean their microwave ovens. I get the part that kitchen appliances could be a big hassle sometimes with tasks like cleaning the deep-fryer after couple of months of use. But cleaning microwave could be easy, especially if you have the correct approach to this not so difficult household task.
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Quick sandwich making tips with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Sandwich making is easy when you follow couple of very basic tips - here are mine, using the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Sandwich making is easy with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Making sandwiches has never been easier these days, thanks to the variety of kitchen appliances that make our day a little bit easier. Couple of weeks ago I bought my first ever sandwich maker - Tefal Ultracompact SM1552. Actually I wasn't really into sandwich makers but I found that one on a very good price and decided to give it a try. The result was that I made pretty good homemade sandwiches/toasts in no time. So here are couple of quick tips and advice I would give to beginner sandwich makers (home chefs):
  1. Buy a quality brand sandwich makers, don't compromise just for saving couple of bucks - I would strongly advise you to invest in quality brand like Tefal, Philips or Moulinex, it's really not worth saving some cash in case you plan to use the sandwich maker on daily basis.

  2. Read the manual - usually operating with sandwich makers is pretty easy and some of them don't even have any buttons or switches, just plug it in and it is ready for use. Anyways, I would advise you to read the instructions/user manual first.

  3. I wait for the sandwich maker to warm up a bit before putting the toast in it - I don't know why, I just believe it conserves the substances between the two bread slices better and sandwiches taste a bit better.

  4. Clean your sandwich maker well after each use - if you leave any dirty spots and areas that might ruin your next portion, no matter how well it was prepared. So just make sure to clean the sandwich maker well after you use it. 

Well, these were my quick "in the kitchen" tips for making better sandwiches at home. With the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 I learned how to make good cheese toast real quick. One thing that worries me is that making delicious sandwiches is so easy now that I may gain some extra weight in no time... hopefully I don't.
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Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker - user review

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 consumer product review after three weeks

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Today's review is dedicated to the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker which I have been using in the last couple of weeks. This is actually my first sandwich/toast maker ever.

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The best compact toast and sandwich maker on the market - Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 (aka SM155212) is cheap, reliable and helps making delicious sandwiches and toasts

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 toaster
Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

To start with, I was never a big fan of sandwich makers but when I saw the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 on huge sale couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try. Actually, I was worried that I might like making sandwiches on my own at home and would be something that would badly affect my weight and overall shape. Well, I was partially right, the Ultaracompact SM1552 toast bread really well so I now eat much more sandwiches than I used to. Now lets talk about this Tefal sandwich maker main features and specifications.

Top 3 things to like about the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 build quality and form factor
Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 is a compact sandwich maker that is very well build and leaves the impression of a quality product, something we can't say for many other of its competitors priced under $50. I really like the design as well, the metal finish gives it some kind of a classic and a bit retro look. So, the overall impression from the build quality and form factor is very positive.

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552

Making sandwiches with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552
Making sandwiches and toast with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 (also known as Tefal SM155212) is really easy. You just need to plug it in the power outlet and wait around 3-4 minutes until it heats up. Meanwhile you can take two slices of bread, stuff some cheese and ham in between and then place it in your Tefal SM1552.  Then all  you need to do is wait for around 5-6 minutes, depending on how baked you want your sandwich to be and that is it, you would be all set with a quick and delicious sandwich. I myself have done about 10 different toasts so far and most of them turned out really well.

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 box
Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker - box

Cleaning the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Cleaning the Tefal SM1552 is usually quite simple and easy. It gets hard when some cheese melts out of the sandwich itself and stick on the plate. What I do then is to put some water on dirty spots and wait a bit until is not so sticky and then wipe it clean with a kitchen paper towel.
sandwich maker Tefal - cleaning

Quick sandwich making tips

I found my Tefal SM1552 sandwich maker for less than $25 but it usually sells around $30-35.
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Things I like and I hate about our Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker

We have a new sandwich maker and there are some things that I really like about it and some that I don't like at all - Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 user review

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Using Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 is really easy

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 review - in today's test I will talk more about our latest home appliance, the sandwich maker (press) Tefal Ultracompact SM1552. Honestly, I have never intended to buy one of these but came upon great deal and decided to give it a try. There are some things that I really like about this sandwich maker but it is not all good as you will see in the following lines.
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Breville Barista Express 8 Cups Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Express 8 Cups Espresso Machine features and specifications

The Breville Barista Express is a kitchen appliance that allows its users to prepare hot beverages every time they want to. This 15 -bar espresso machine comes in stainless steel. It operates at maximum power of 1600 Watt. The water tank capacity is 2 cups. The Breville Barista Express includes features such as removable water tank, cup warming tray, sleep mode, auto off mode.
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Electric stove Electrolux EKC52550OX consumer review and cleaning tips

Consumer review of the Electrolux EKC52550OX electric stove after 6+ months of use

Most of you probably know that we've had a new kitchen at home and bought all of our appliances brand new. The Electrolux EKC52550OX electric stove was one of them. I've used it actively for more than 6 months and want to share my experience.


This is a freestanding stove so you don't need a special place in your kitchen furniture for it. You get a combination of an oven + four ceramic electric hobs. My household doesn't use gas so we decided on all-electric stove and the EKC52550OX was the perfect choice. It is a high energy class (A+++) also.
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User review of our new Beko DS 8133 G tumble dryer

Review of our new tumble dryer Beko DS 8133 G + pictures

Recently we purchased our first tumble dryer for our new home. After careful research, we decided for a mid-range condenser tumble dryer that we can use without connecting to the house's water lines. So, naturally we selected Beko DS 8133 G model and are very happy with our choice.


What I like the most about the Beko DS 8133 G dryer is that it doesn't have to be connected to the pipeline of the household. You only need to plug it in the power outlet and you're in business! This is exactly what we did when we received it. Unpack and plug and you're ready, it's that easy and you don't need any tools.

This dryer is not a slim model, but it's not too bulky. It measures 85 x 60 x 54 cm and fits perfectly in its designated spot. However, keep in mind that if you have a slim washing machine, you won't fit this dryer on top. Another thing I was pleasantly surprised with is the interior light of the dryer when turned on.

Gorenje SensoCare washing machine for the average consumer

As I mentioned above, this is a condenser dryer, no heat pump. Now I know that you've read all about heat pump dryers and how they're so famous these days, but this condenser dryer has its benefits as well. The price is the biggest one of them - the difference between a condenser and a heat pump drier is at least $150. Most people think that this spending will be compenstated by the difference in the electricity bill, however to justify that you would have to use the drier at least 7 years to compensate for the used electricity.

The Beko DS 8133 G has a water container for the condensed water after your clothes are dry. Naturally, you will have to empty the container yourself. It probably takes 3-4 dry cycles to fill the container depending on how much clothes you put in and how wet they are.


The dryer has 16 programs depending on the type of laundry you are going to try. In my opinion, the programs are more than enough to suit all needs. When you select the desired program, the diod light next to it fires up. Usage of the programs is as below:
  • Jeans - you can use specifically for denim clothes
  • Baby protect - gentle program for baby clothes
  • Shirts 15 min - short program for more delicate drying with less wrinkles
  • Sport - use for synthetic, cotton or mixed fabric laundry
  • 10 min, 20 min, 40 min, 60 min - dries for the selected time duration regardless of drying level
  • Cottons iron dry - you can use for durable cotton laundry, dries enough to be ironed afterwards
  • Synthetics iron dry - you can use for non-durable synthetic laundry, dries enough to be ironed afterwards
  • Cottons Cupboard dry - you can use for durable cotton laundry, dries enough to be stored in your warderobe
  • Synthetics Cupboard dry - you can use for non-durable synthetic laundry, dries enough to be stored in your warderobe
  • Cottons Cupboard dry plus - you can use for durable cotton laundry, higher dryness level
  • Cottons extra dry - you can use for durable cotton laundry, highest dryness level
  • Delicates - low-temperature drying for delicate clothing
  • Freshen up -  ventilates the clothes for 10 mins; usable if you've left the dried laundry in the tumble dryer for a long time

Final verdict

I am perfectly happy with this dryer and I think that the Beko DS 8133 G is a great choice for a dryer that corresponds perfectly to my needs:
  • Budget price
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Good dryness level
  • Relatively energy-efficient
  • No need to connect to the drain system
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Top 2 competitors for the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Tefal Express 365030 toaster and  Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster are the biggest competitors for the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine toaster

Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster is one of our latest kitchen appliances so I decided to research on few other options that could have been alternatives to our super nice looking toaster.
So here is the short list:
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How to use the Samsung MS23F301TAS 23 liter ceramic microwave oven

Product review and short tutorial how to use the Samsung MS23F301TAS 23 liter ceramic microwave

Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave
Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave oven reviewed

Hello dear readers and welcome back to our product review blog. Today I will share my impressions with one of our latest kitchen appliances that we bought prior to moving in our new apartment - the 23 liter ceramic microwave oven Samsung MS23F301TAS. My main drivers when choosing this oven were:
  • Very good looking - chrome/inox combined with dark glass and plastics, stylish and yet functional
  • Got it cheap - Under $100
  • The brand - Samsung are doing very well with their kitchen appliances recently
  • Compact - you can fit 3 cups or 2 bowls or 2 small plates inside yet the oven is not too big overall and fits well in our small kitchen
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Everything you need to know about the Blaupunkt EKS501 electric kettle

Product features and consumer information about the compact 1.2l electric kettle Blaupunkt EKS501

It has been only few times that I have used the Blaupunkt EKS501 kettle so far but I can give it mostly positive feedback since it is doing the job it's meant for just fine. Here are the top 5 things I liked most about the Blaupunkt EKS501:
  • Its compact size - it measures just 21.5x14x20.6 cm
  • Nice looking Inox gives it a classy premium look
  • Price - got it very cheap for under $35
  • It is quiet - it really is (unlike many of the plastic kettles I've used previously which get really loud while heating the water)
  • Powerful enough - quickly boils the wate
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The best cheap combo hand blender on the market today - Star-Light HBSG 4 750W

Hand blender Star-Light HBSG 4 750W impresses with its versatility thanks to variety of add-ons and good overall build quality


Star-Light HBSG 4 750W consumer test and review
Hand blender Star-Light HBSG 4 750W

Just a few days ago we added the Star-Light HBSG 4 750W in 1 blender to our brand new kitchen and as I’ve already used it several times, I’d like to share my experience and why I think this budget Starlight blender is one of the best options you can buy.


Star-Light HBSG 4 750W 6 speed controller Star-Light HBSG 4 750W all in one hand blender parts


First off, the price of this blender is impressive for the options it delivers. You get a hand blender, a mixer with 2 different types of attachments, a mincer and a tall measuring bowl, very convenient if you’re making smoothies. I got it for ~ 40 USD on sale, however the usual price varies around USD 50 - 60, which is still a great bargain for the whole set!


Star-Light HBSG 4 750W 4 in 1 hand blender


What I liked about this blender at the moment I took it out of the box is the sleek inox design - looks very cool and goes perfectly with all other kitchen appliances we have, which are all inox-colored. The blender part (where the main rotor is) fits well and sturdy in your hand and does not feel slippery at all. The buttons are easy to press even it your hands are dirty. All parts are easy to clean.

You can choose between 6 levels of speed of the rotor and you also get turbo-mode, for when you want to mix especially fast for a short period of time. The 4 in 1 Starlight gives you the following options:

  • blender with a tall measuring bowl - you can make smoothies, shakes or blend soups or creamy liquid food.

  • mixer - you get 2 different attachments for the mixer and you can use it to beat eggs, cream or other ingredients for different cakes, sweets etc or bakery in general. Sadly the package does not come with a mixer bowl.

  • mincer / chopper - you can use this option to mince food, for example I’ve used it to mince old bread into breadcrumbs, nuts into nut butters, as well as softer food such as bananas into a banana paste etc. I have not tried it to mince meat and I doubt it will be very successful.

My overall impressions with the Star-Light blender are very good and it definitely will fit well into my kitchen. It’s a perfect tool for everyday use or when you want to make something special at home. The mincer part is what makes me especially happy as it can be used to make the basic layers of raw vegan cakes and pastries, which is something I’ve used to make before with my old mincer and will be happy to do again.


I would absolutely recommend this Star-Light blender to anyone looking to have a little fun in the kitchen, it’s perfect for a newbie cook or even for the experienced guys and gals out there who’re looking for a budget tool with many options as the Starlight blender offers. You will not be disappointed!

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Top 3 things to like about the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Our  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster is finally here, so here are the 3 things we liked most about it

It's been two days since we got the  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster and it is only a few times that we've tried it so here is a short list with the top 3 first impressions with this product:
  1. It looks amazing - metal finish and Inox
  2. It can't toast large slices of bread
  3. It is super compact so soon it will find it's spot in our kitchen
I have to say that the first couple slices of bread came out very well, nicely toasted all over. The bad thing here to mention is that you can't really toast large (usually the long rounded ones) but that is expected with most non-professional toasters.

So, overall I have to admit that we are happy with our purchase. I still haven't figured out how the 6 levels work and what are they suited for but soon I will share more info about it as well.

 Things I like and I hate about our Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker

For now, we will continue using the  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster and hopefully it will work as expected. I will be happy to get some feedback from other consumers using this toaster, so please don't forget to share and comment.

In the next couple of weeks I will toast some more bread slices and I will test the different settings and give you more tips for how to better use the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster.
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Getting our new toaster - Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini

Today we are getting brand new toaster - it is the Tefal TT330D (also seen as Tefal TT330D30) Ultra Mini

Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Since we moved to a new flat couple of months ago, there was plenty of appliances that we needed to buy for the brand new kitchen we had. Suddenly I realized it is a lot of stuff we need to buy but one by one we are almost there.

Today I am awaiting for an order I made couple of days ago which should include the super-compact toaster Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini. I am very happy that I was able to find a toaster that is not going to take as much space since our kitchen is not too big and every inch of free space matters.

Before I get my hands on this brand new toaster, here are the top 5 reasons that made me choose the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini:
  1. Compact size - it measures just 25 x 15 x 14
  2. Good looks - it has really nice classic design, shiny metal looks with a touch of a retro feeling
  3. Price - costed me less $50
  4. Premium brand - Tefal make great kitchen appliances
  5. Powerful enough - 700W
I can't wait for my order to be delivered today. Once I get my hands on the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster I will share more consumer impressions with you. Hopefully we'll have some well toasted slices of bread.

Bon appetit!

5 things that make TEFAL ONE FILTRA the best cheap deep fryer on the market today

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