Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker review

We have a new sandwich maker and there are some things that I really like about it and some that we don't like at all - Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 user review

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Using Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 is really easy

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 review - in today's test I will talk more about our latest home appliance, the sandwich maker (press) Tefal Ultracompact SM1552.

Honestly, I have never intended to buy one of these but came upon great deal and decided to give it a try. There are some things that I really like about this sandwich maker but it is not all good as you will see in the following lines.

Product design and looks
Well, the Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 is a very basic sandwich maker but it has a solid build quality. The nice metal finish on top gives it a really premium look and feel.

As one can tell by its name this product is compact and that is one of its big advantages.

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 review

Tefal Ultracompact sandwich maker, toaster
Tefal Ultaracompact sandwich maker and toaster

Making sandwiches
I haven't done many toasts so far but  the ones I prepared turned out really nice. The slices of bread were nicely baked and not over-baked as in many other toasters and sandwich makers.

The Ultaracompact SM1552 fits one toast at a time and it gets done for around 5 minutes or so.

Top 3 things to like about the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

One thing I don't particularly like about this device is its versatility or shall I say the lack of versatility. In my opinion it is really a shame that one can't even make a gaufrette with this device.

I know there are other Tefal combo devices that would do both toasts and gaufrettes but I hate it that the Ultracompact SM1552 doesn't.

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 on/off light - sandwich

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 packaging

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 is a decent sandwich maker, especially if you find it cheap. I would definitely recommend it to toast lovers.

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker - user review

I know this device is quite popular, especially in UK so I would be happy to hear your opinion about it - pros, cons etc.

Thank you!
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