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Is this a super beautiful Vectra C or what!?

A beauty shot our gorgeous looking Vectra C hatchback

my Vectra C - beauty shot
my Vectra C hatchback

As you've already seen in my previous posts I have a really nice looking Vectra C so today I decided to share one of its most recent beauty shots. The car is with a special black chameleon paint that turns into very dark purple in direct sunlight (very hard to notice). Unfortunately it is quite often that small dents occur on the paint which partially ruins the great looks of it. So here is the image I've taken some time ago:
Vectra C posing

It's one really good looking Opel Vectra C, isn't it? Many people say I should change these "awful" looking 16" black steel rims with proper looking alloys but honestly I wouldn't do it for now, since this look grew on me with time. What do you think about them, do I really need to change them?

If you want to find out more about my beautiful car and other Vectra C-s, you can check the following:
There was not really a purpose for this article today, just wanted to share a good looking car with you and hopefully hear something more about your ride. Feel free to share and comment and don't forget to subscribe, I'd love to hear from you from time to time.