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Top 3 products I would recommend for Black Friday

What to buy on Black Friday this year? Check my short list of the selected top 3 product you should invest on Black Friday and why

Black Friday 2018 - my recommendations
Black Friday 2018 - my product recommendations
Many retailers started competing of the Black Friday wave of customers much earlier. What we see these days is Black Friday week dedicated on offering products with huge discounts. I think with that pace soon we will have a Black Friday month, we will see.

Unfortunately not all sellers are being honest with their customers and manipulate prices before and during the Black Friday shopping event.

But that would be a topic for another discussion and I would love to hear your opinion on few questions: 
- do you think they are manipulating us with fake price tags and offers? 
- do you believe that most online reviews are paid or fake?
Today I would like to share with you my list with the top 3 products that would recommend you buying on the Black Friday 2018 event and why:
  1. TEFAL Uno M fryer - one of the best cheap deep-fryers on the market today. It is simple, effective and costs less than $80. I have used that one to prepare delicious fries and the Uno M does a great job and am sure many stores will have it on sale for Black Friday.
  2. Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer - one of the most popular hair clippers by Philips. It is fairly priced, it is quite multi-functional and considering the brand's experience in the segment it will last for at least couple of years.
  3. Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater - the winter is already here and one of the easiest way to welcome it is by preparing yourself with some nice heating options for your house. I have tested the Tedan PH 200 2000W  for couple of days and it warms a very big room with high ceiling pretty fast. Even with conventional thermostat I think it would be quite energy efficient as well. The price of 100 Euros (the brand is Spanish, not sure if it is manufactured in Spain or outsourced) is also a good one for a quality 2000W panel heater with 9 years of manufacturer's warranty.
*You can check detailed information about each of these 3 products by clicking on the items themselves. 

TV deal for Black Friday 2018 - Sony KDL-32WD755

Well, these are my suggestions for the crazy November shopping week. I would love to hear from you and your recommendations and suggestions.