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Majority Petersfield digital and FM radio

Majority Petersfield digital DAB/DAB+ and FM radio - product description, features, specifications and quick review

Majority Petersfield is great looking little gadget that can play standard FM radio as well as broadcast digital radio through DAB and DAB+.

I have reviewed many Majority devices recently and read many online reviews as well. The brand is quite popular in UK but many consumers are not very familiar with it. In short they manufacture pretty decent electronics, most often offered on cheap prices. It is the same story with the Majority Petersfield radio - good looking and priced cheap gadget.
To get a better idea what its features and specifications are I suggest you to check the full product description provided by the manufacturer:
DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio: Simply tune the radio to begin listening to a wide variety of "Future-Ready" digital and FM radio. With DAB/DAB+, you will not be limited in your selection of stations to choose from. With easy set-up and quick auto-scanning, you can begin listening to your favorite stations in no time.

Portable on the go: The Petersfield offers outstanding performance with 9-12 hours of continuous playback from a single charge of the internal battery.

USB rechargeable: Charge the built-in rechargeable battery of the digital radio with the supplied USB cable to enjoy 9-12 hours of fantastic playback.
Earphones: Use the provided earphones with built-in aerial to receive the best signal to receive digital and FM radio.

Warranty: Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

Majority Petersfield DAB and FM radio - video preview

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Majority Petersfield is a cheap little gadget. You can find this digital and FM radio for as low as $40. Usually resellers offer it at eBay and Amazon for around GBP 30.

Thank you for checking my Majority Petersfield radio review, I hope you found the information useful.