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What TV to buy in 2019?

Useful guide to help you choose your new TV in 2019

what TV to buy 2019
Do you have a favorite TV brand for 2019?
Wondering which TV to choose among the thousands of models released each year? No worries, you are just one of the many confused consumers who don't care too much about the latest trends and don't follow brands for each of their new releases. 

To help you with all this confusion today we will divide popular televisions into few categories so consumers like you will have some insights and short list with the popular releases that you can buy in 2019.
So here is the list with the televisions, we will discuss the features after that:
  • Small and budget TVs: SANG LE-24Z11, TELEFUNKEN 24HB4600 LED, JVC LT-24VH30K, LG 20MT48DF-PZ, Wellington 32FHD289, LG 32LK6100PLB, Telefunken 32HB5500, Toshiba 32L2863DG, Tesla 32T319SHS, LG 32LK500BPLA, LG 32LK510BPLD, PHILIPS 22PFS5303, LG 24TK420V, JVC LT-24VH42M, SANG LE-32Z10, TOSHIBA 24L1863DG, PHILIPS 22PFS5403, JVC LT-32VH30K, TELEFUNKEN 32FB4000, LG 24MT49S, TOSHIBA 32W1633DG, LG 28TK410V, Sharp 32HI3122E, LG 8TK430V-PZ, Horizon 24HL7130H, Samsung LT28E310EX, LG 28MT49S,  SHARP LC-32HI5122E, Philips 32PFS6402/12.
  • Mid-range televisions, popular sizes and affordably priced: SHARP LC-40FI3122E, TELEFUNKEN 43FB5000, SHARP LC-40FI5122E, LG 43LK5000PLA, PHILIPS 43PFS5503, TOSHIBA 43L3863DG, LG 43UK6470PLC, Star-Light 43DM6500, SHARP LC-40UG7252E, SAMSUNG UE-40M5002 LED, Samsung 49NU7102, Samsung 43NU7122, TOSHIBA 43U6763DG 4K Ultra HD LED, SAMSUNG UE-40NU7192 4K, SAMSUNG UE-43NU7092 4K, LG 43LK6100PLB, SHARP LC-49UI7352E 4K Ultra HD, LG 43UK6300MLB, SONY KDL-43WE750,  Wellington 43FHD279SW, Toshiba 55V5863DG, LG 49UK6470PLC 4K Ultra HD, SAMSUNG UE-49NU7172 4K Ultra HD, SONY KD-43XE7005 4K Ultra HD, Philips 43PUS7303/12, SONY KDL-49WE755, SONY KD-43XF7096, SONY KD-43XF7077 4K Ultra HD, PANASONIC TX-43FX620E 4K Ultra HD, SONY KDL-49WE660.
  • High-end TVs (OLED, QLED, big sizes): SONY KD-49XF7096 4K Ultra HD, SONY KD-49XF7077 4K Ultra HD, Sony 55XF9005 Smart Android TV, SONY KD-43XF7596 4K Ultra HD, SAMSUNG UE-49NU7672 4K Ultra HD, PHILIPS 49PUS8303 4K Ultra HD, QLED Smart Samsung 55Q7FN, SONY KD-43XF8505, SAMSUNG QE-49Q6FN Ultra HD QLED, SONY KD-49XF8577, SONY KD-49XF9005 4K Ultra HD LED, PANASONIC TX-49FX780E 4K Ultra HD, LG 55UJ7507, Philips 50PUS7303/12, Sony KD-49XF7596.
Probably here is a good time to mention Luxor TVs which are not very popular on the European market. We have already seen them in UK where they released couple of cheap televisions.

With so many suggestions on the TV market and in 2019 it becomes really difficult to choose the right one for us. According to our observations, the three premium brands Sony, Samsung, LG dominate the market, with some really good suggestions.

4k TVs

This year's most demanding 4k models will be 32, 42, 50 and 55 inches. LED TVs with HD and Full HD resolution are still hot looking, due to the fact that still fewer services are offered at higher than this resolution. As you know, most cable operators offer a picture with maximum image quality in 1080p mode, and 4k movies that we have to download are too big compared to those with HD and Full HD resolution.


Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) technology is yet to enter the Bulgarian market. After the first suggestions from LG, Sony and Samsung, almost all TV manufacturers now have OLEDs in their product catalogs. The picture on OLED TVs comes from the use of carbon-based organic compounds that emit red, green and blue light under the influence of electrical current.

The downside of OLED and QLED TVs is still too high, almost twice as much as a standard LED backlight.

Samsung UE42F5000 Full HD LED TV review

3D TVs

Unfortunately, the American cinema industry, which has been trying so hard to impose 3D technology on the consumer market, has never happened. The truth is that this is a dying technology so far at least as far as TVs and home screens are concerned. Insufficient good quality, few 3D productions, and the "sophistication" of viewing are scattered by few consumers. Still, there are people who, when buying a new TV, would rather have three-dimensional image technology, just like an extra feature.

Curved TV  

After the initial hysteria a few years ago on televisions with curved displays now seemed to be a bit calmer. 
Curved screens are sold but the search to them has dropped. It is interesting to see how some users (like Samsung, for example) are still actively trying to enforce their models with a display in 2019, while others have almost abandoned them. For some special advantages here can not be a matter, it is more a matter of personally feeling and preference.

Sony Bravia KDL-42W650A Full HD LED TV review

Smart TV

Smart technology has become an indispensable part of our daily life and could not miss one of the important elements in it - the television. For most users, it's almost inconceivable to go for a day without using any of the smartphone's features on the TV at home - video, Netflix, YouTube, and even web browsing.

Smart TVs will definitely remain one of the key criteria determining the purchase of a particular TV model. The most sought-after are currently the smart Android TVs and the wide variety of applications available online. 
For those who have already purchased a TV and it is not Smart TV, there are plenty of choices to extend its capabilities like Chromecast, for example, allowing cast and streaming content on non-smart TVs.

I hope this info would help you buy your new TV in 2019. If you have any questions in that regards, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Thank you!

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