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Asus X55V - customer opinion

First-hand consumer opinion about the cheap 15-inch laptop Asus X55V, which we reviewed some time ago

Asus X55V customer review
Back in the days the Asus X55V was a decent laptop
If you remember, about 6 years ago we made a full customer review of the Asus X55V laptop. It happened to be a reliable computer with adequate computing power from Intel's Core i3 processor.

Since then we haven't spoken anything in particular about the X55V laptop so here are some top pros and cons taken from customers' feedback:
Asus X55V Pros
  • Cheap
  • Good hardware for the money - Intel processors and big HDD
  • Nice amount of ports

Asus X55V Cons
  • Average build quality
  • Mediocre display
  • Keyboard feels kind of cheap
  • Quite big

Back in the time when we first reviewed the Asus X55V I remember I didn't like the HD display a lot. Also the form factor - felt really big, even though I was aware that this is 15.6-inch laptop.

As for the comfort of the keyboard I would definitely recommend you to check one of the most comfortable and yet reliable keyboards we have ever tested - Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard.

First the X55V came with Windows 8 operating system which I wouldn't consider an advantage. I am not sure about its latest versions, might be upgraded to a 10. Currently we are using mostly Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines and honestly the 7 is the most stable OS we worked with.

Probably one can buy the Asus X55V laptop second hand for under $200. If you found one, please check its components, especially files stored on the hard drive since it could be damaged due to some drops and sever shocks.

Other thoughts
You are probably asking yourselves "why are we even mentioning such old machine". Well, we have respect for old computers to say the least so we love to talk and share information about them.

The slightly newer version - the X55VD

If you have any comments about the Asus X55V laptop computer, please feel free to share them in the comment form. Also, if you need any drivers or software about it, we will love to help you with some info.