Selling the Dell Latitude E7240

We are selling the Dell Latitude E7240 laptop after more than 5 years of active service

2020 Latitude E7240
Selling the Dell Latitude E7240 in 2020

The year is 2020 and we decided that it is time to change our fleet of work machines, including PC and laptops.

So it is time to put the Dell Latitude E7240 laptop for sale now, after many years of good services and very few issues with it. For the most time the Latitude E7240 has been the perfect ultrabook and workhorse on the go so we really appreciate what Dell did with this machine.

Before we sell the Dell Latitude E7240

Before we sell the Dell Latitude E7240 we want to share first-hand consumer feedback about this laptop so we made a quick video with the most important impressions we had throughout the years:

The things we liked in the Latitude E7240 laptop:
  • Comfortable keyboard - one of the best on a laptop!
  • Compact size and form factor
  • Good performance - Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD was quite good back in the days
  • Quality speakers
Latitude E7240 laptop   Latitude E7240 2020 test

Things that were not so good in the Latitude E7240:
  • Display - low resolution, not IPS
  • Battery life - hardly got 2 hours for most of the time, probably around 4 when it was brand new
  • Heat management - the laptop got warm quite often
These days we are using the Precision 3520 workstation for most of our blogging work and it is a real beast - 16 GB of RAM, fast 256 SSD NVMe storage, Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA Quadro M620 video card and a powerful Intel Core i7 processor.


So, the final verdict is going to be a bit different this time. Since the E7240 served us so well these years we want to give it a positive spin for this review:
Our feedback today is that the  Latitude E7240 is probably one of the best (and cheapest) small second-hand ultrabook laptops you can buy in 2020.

And here are some interesting resources about the Dell E7240: