Top 3 small kitchen appliances for bread lovers

What are the top 3 small kitchen appliances we would recommend any bread lover to buy?

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We have had many kitchen appliances in our home through the years and some have been useful, others not.

Today I want to share with you the top 3 small appliances you should consider buying in. Especially if you're a bread lover, you will definitely need those. But if you're not - you still may want to take a look.

1. Sandwich maker 
We use the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker at our home. We've shown you this sandwich maker on several occasions before:

The best compact toast and sandwich maker on the market

The reason I place this sandwich maker as the number one must-have small kitchen appliance in 2020 is because it's so versatile and compact.

sandwich maker

You can use this Tefal sandwich maker for many purposes and all types of sandwiches. You can also try making waffles, grilled cheese or heat up a store-bought sandwich.

We also recently found out about the new Tefal multi-purpose sandwich maker: Tefal Snack Collection SW853D12

It comes with multiple grill plates and you can switch them up for different uses. We'd love to give it a try. Do you think we should buy it?

We use our sandwich maker often for sandwiches with grilled cheese. Another purpose that we use the Tefal SM1552 is to heat up different pastries or sandwiches before eating them. For example, a stale Danish pastry bought the day before is much more delicious after a couple of minutes on the grill.

Likes and dislikes of the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker

I haven't made waffles with it yet, but I may try. The non-stick coating will make it easy to flip them and the even heat distribution will make the waffle well cooked.

  • Compact and can fit anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Good non-stick coating
  • A bit difficult to clean
  • No on-off button - you have to plug the cord out of the wall outlet
Final verdict: Great product that you should buy and which will definitely take your grilled cheese game to a new level.

2. Toaster - Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini

We've written a bit about our Tefal Ultra mini toaster back when we first bought it.

This toaster was a great buy and we're overall happy with it with just one drawback. We use our toaster almost daily because we prefer grilled bread better than just eating it out of the package.

toaster   Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini

The Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini, as the name says, is small and compact. It fits well in a small kitchen. It has 5 stages of "dial" depending on how well baked you want your bread. We use it on somewhere between 2 and 3.

Quick tutorial about how to clean your microwave - video

The dial mechanism, the pop mechanism and the stop button work pretty well after 3 years of almost daily use so we have no complaints about the quality of the toaster. Just one small complaint is that due to its size, the toaster can only fit relatively thin slices of bread.

However, it's named Ultra Mini for a reason, so I guess you can't have it all.

The Tefal TT330D also has a dedicated tray for the breadcrumbs and if you should clean it after 2-3 uses. It's very convenient because it prevents breadcrumbs from spilling all around your kitchen counters.

  • Compact, fits anywhere
  • Good build quality
  • Well regulated dial

  • Fits only thin slices of bread

Final verdict: This is a great buy and perfect for a smaller kitchen.

The newer toaster model by Tefal is the Subito TT340830.

This is another compact toaster that we would try if we need to switch or upgrade our current toaster.

3. Handheld vacuum cleaner Electrolux Rapido ZB5003W

All bread lovers should have a quick and easy way to deal with breadcrumbs from toasts and sandwiches.

vacuum cleaner   Electrolux Rapido ZB5003W

We found the best decision for us was to buy a mini vacuum cleaner. After some research we found that the Electrolux Rapido ZB5003W fitted our needs. It was very affordable when we bought it, so we went for it.

The Electrolux Rapido handheld vacuum is very compact. It has enough space to store a lot of trash so we don't need to clean it every day. With regular use, you can clean it once a week. It's easy to take apart for cleaning or maintenance.

This mini vacuum cleaner is not very strong, so you can't use it in your car. It's meant for at home use only. Its best purpose is for breadcrumbs or small particles of trash that you need to clean up quickly.

  • Very compact and easy to use - it's about as big as my small cat
  • A lot of space for trash so it doesn't need to be emptied after each use

  • Takes a long time to charge - around 5 hours
  • Not very strong suction

Final verdict - The Electrolux Rapido ZB5003W is a good mini vacuum for use at home. However, don't rely on it for car cleaning or anything that will require stronger suction.

Those were the top 3 small kitchen appliances we would recommend any bread lover to buy in 2020.

Do you have any of these? If so, what are your impressions?
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