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Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad - our opinion

Our consumer feedback for the mighty business laptop Dell Latitude 5411 and its keyboard and touchpad

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard touchpad
Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad

After 2 weeks of using the compact and powerful Dell Latitude 5411 laptop we can now provide you with some feedback about its keyboard and touchpad. We will talk about comfort of use, durability and also make a comparison to a direct competitor like the HP Ultrabook that we are also using on daily basis. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - keyboard

Dell laptop keyboard

On Dell Latitude 5411 we have a pretty standard looking keyboard layout without numeric keyboard since this is a small 14-inch business laptop. 

The keyboard on our particular model is backlit which helps a lot in dark conditions. We just hate the fact that some manufacturers skip this feature. Lets imagine you need to work at night but there is someone else in the room sleeping and you don't want to wake them up. Or another scenario when you are on a business trip and it is late in the evening somewhere and it is quite dark and you can't send a proper email without using your smartphone flashlight...

We are not sure on how many different languages is the Latitude 5411 keyboard offered, ours is the English (US) layout

The key travel on this keyboard is pretty good, long enough and it just feels stable. When typing fast the keyboard remains stable and the keys themselves are not very loud. 

The keys are good size and well separated from each other. If they were just a bit bigger (like those in the Latitude E7240 that we tested some time ago) they would have been just perfect.

Dell Latitude 5411 - touchpad

Dell laptop touchpad

The touchpad size in a bit on the small side. As you can see from the video that we recorded earlier today, Dell's touchpad is much smaller than the one on the HP Ultrabook. Actually we didn't mind that at all since we use the Latitude with a wireless mouse most of the time (the cheap Logitech ). 

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad - video

Overall, the touchpad is accurate and working without any issues so far. Not the best in class but more than adequate.

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard

This was our short consumer feedback about Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad. Please let us know what are your comments about this laptop or any other computer that you are currently using, we will be happy to hear from you.