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Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard

Taking a closer look at the latest Dell Latitude 5411 laptop and its keyboard

Latitude 5411 laptop

Since we have the Dell Latitude 5411 laptop for couple of days now, we decided that it is time to take a closer look at its components. We start with the keyboard since this is a part of the laptop that is used the most extensively. 

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard - Comfort and ease of use

The very first time we touched the keys on the Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard it left the impression of a well-made and solid keyboard. The keys size is a bit on the medium side but not too small at all. They felt comfortable with adequate key-travel and with very good spacing among each other. 

In the Dell Latitude 5411 you can have couple of options for keyboard when configuring your laptop (US market):
  • Single Pointing Non-Backlit US English Keyboard
  • Dual Pointing Backlit English US Keyboard (additional $35)
In general, typing Latitude 5411 keyboard is quite comfortable and accurate.

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard - durability

Since we have the Latitude 5411 it wouldn't be adequate to comment about durability. We can just say that at least based on looks and feel the keyboard looks very solid and as if it is going to last for quite some time. 

Dell Latitude 5411

From our experience with other Dell laptops like the Precision 3520 or the Latitude E7240 we can say that Dell always performed well in this department, no matter the model year or model line. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - video review

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