Sony KDL-32EX650 TV - 7 years later

After 7 years of service the Sony KDL-32EX650 still works like a charm

Sony TV
Sony KDL-32EX650 in 2020

When we bought the 32-inch Sony KDL-32EX650 it wasn't considered a small TV by any means. Back then Sony KDL-32EX650 was one of the most expensive TVs in its class because of its amazing picture quality and Smart TV features. 

So, what is our feedback about the KDL-32EX650 after these 7 years?

One of the best pictures... even in 2020

Even in 2020 standards, Sony KDL-32EX650 delivers exceptional Full HD picture quality. We have tested many TVs during these 7 years and this Sony remained the benchmark for picture and build quality. 

Build quality

Another thing that really impresses is how well this Sony TV is. To be honest 7-years is quite a lot but the KDL-32EX650 ages quite adequately - nothing broken, no dead pixels, nothing significant really. 

Sony KDL-32EX650

We still haven't seen another TV with such a nicely done and pleasing to the eye metal stand, which is also quite functional rotating in place left and right for the perfect viewing angle.


Sound is also on a very good level - the stereo speakers are loud enough even without external sound system and they don't rattle, even though this TV went travelling "around the world" with us couple of times. 

Smart TV

Probably the only thing that disappointed during these 7 years are the Smart TV functions. The YouTube app which we were using the most was disabled couple of years ago because of the increased hardware requirements of the platform. Now the only active app on the KDL-32EX650 is Netflix... well, it is still something. Wi-Fi held up pretty well during the years, working with more than 5 different routers.

Another small glitch that we had this year was using the built-in media player through USB, it just didn't want to read the sticks that we used for movie playback. We didn't troubleshoot on that one for long so it is still not resolved.

Sony KDL-32EX650 Smart TV - still working fine in 2020 (video)

Other than that, Sony KDL-32EX650 is a well connected TV with multiple HDMI and USB ports and we never felt it was lacking ports like we did in the KDL-40WD650 which only has 2x HDMI ports.

Remote control

We still use the original remote control with this TV. And even though it shows some tear and wear, there are no misfunctioning or broken buttons. 

Sony TV remote

Sony KDL-32EX650... see you after 7 more

If we need to use a specific keyword for our verdict that would be "quality". We have used and test so many different brand and model TVs but none matched Sony televisions in terms in quality. That is probably the reason why we ordered another one last week and we are expecting the shipment shortly (Sony 43XG7005). 

We just hope the Sony KDL-32EX650 is going to last 7 more years and we will be able to share our feedback again with you.

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