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Trimmer deals for Black Friday

Our top recommendations if you are in the search for new trimmer / clipper

Philips trimmers

This year we had the chance to test couple of high-quality trimmers and some that were not that special. Today, we would like to share some useful info and specific models that you can target for the 2020 Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

One of its cons is that users cannot use it with the cable unless the battery is charged. We have some concerns that once the battery is gone, the trimmer would be good for trash. Other than that, the Multigroom series 5000 and the MG5720 are some of the best value for money products in this category.
  • Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 - more expensive trimmer in case you want to pay premium for a trimmer. This is a combo device with 23 pieces for almost any need you can think of.

  • Philips OneBlade - this one is the marketing star for Philips in 2020. It got advertised quite aggressively in the beginning of 2020 and now is one of the most popular devices for trimming and shaving. As Philips claims, this is not your regular trimmer, but a complete shaving solution. 

  • Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer - entry-level combo trimmer for those who need a multipurpose device at a budget price. Honestly, the MG3747 is a very capable device and definitely worth the money. 

  • Philips Series 1000 trimmer - this is a device that we have for almost two years but is still sold in some stores. The 1000 trimmer is compact and versatile device used mostly for nose and year trimming. You can also use it for shaping your beard. 

Just to make a quick clarification. You have probably noticed that all of the suggestions above are manufactured by Philips. Still, this is not a sponsored post and all of the information is from personal observation and experience. To be honest, we have tested several different brands through the years and started using mostly Philips trimmers because of their price to quality ratio.

Please feel free to share your suggestions and personal feedback related to trimmers and hair-clippers, we will appreciate the feedback!