What mouse to buy on Black Friday 2020

Choosing a good deal for new computer mouse on Black Friday 2020 - our advice 

2020 Black Friday mouse suggestions

We have tested some interesting and some very basic mouse options for your computer in 2020. Now, since we approaching Black Friday we would like to make a short recap and give you some advice in regards to buying mouse during the shopping rush next week. 

The suggestions we have prepared could be separated into couple basic categories but we will just start from cheap to more expensive:

Logitech B170 - this is a super cheap mouse, that is on the market for couple of years now. During the mouse test it felt cheap but still well build to last 1-2 years of active use. Logitech B170 is quite small so we would recommend it for women with smaller hands or for kids. 

The small form factor is good for portability though and the B170 is quite suitable for travel mouse for your laptop. 

Logitech M175 - again we have a mouse that is on the market for at least couple of years and is almost a legend among business consumers who travel often and need small and reliable mouse on the go. The M175 is a bit more expensive than B170 but is still quite affordable with a price tag of $20.

Asus WT465 - the WT465 is a bigger mouse compared the first two Logitech suggestions. It will fit better a desktop computer. Asus WT465 is a budget and well made mouse which we enjoyed using during our test (lasted couple of months).

HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 - one of the most uncomfortable mouse choices from this list. I am not sure why HP decided that this mouse could be wort $30 and above but we didn't like it at all. The Z4000 is a compact mouse that is meant to be a reliable companion to your laptop in the backpack but honestly is not doing that well.
We didn't like the comfort of the mouse, since it is quite flat and one's palm gets tired quite fast. HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 drained the batteries that we used quite fast.

Trust GXT 188 Laban RGB - this an entry level gaming mouse. Trust GXT 188 Laban RGB feels a bit cheap but that is quite expected, it is not that expensive at all. If you want to try a basic corded mouse and you find a good deal for the GXT 188 Laban on Black Friday, then go ahead and try it.

Trust GXT 161 Disan - probably the best value for money suggestion from this list. We liked the GXT 161 Disan a lot and that is why we kept one and we are still using it. This gaming mouse charges with a USB cable directly from your computer and its battery lasts for around a week before the next charge.

If you find the Trust GXT 161 Disan under $40 this Black Friday, just go ahead and buy it, you will like it.

Black Friday 2020 - our shopping suggestions

Well, these are our 2020 Black Friday mouse suggestions. If you like any of these and you find them on a good deal, then just try it. We will appreciate your feedback after that!