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Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed vs Trust GXT 161 Disan

Head to head comparison of two mid-range mice in 2021: Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed vs Trust GXT 161 Disan. Which is better?

2021 mouse test

We have already tested both the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed and the Trust GXT 161 Disan and they proved to be quite capable mid-range gaming mice. Even though they come from different manufacturers we see some similarities that put them in direct competition on the gaming mouse market. 

And today we will check the similarities and the differences between Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed and Trust GXT 161 Disan.

Comfort and design

Both the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed and Trust GXT 161 Disan are very comfortable to use since they are neither too big, nor too small. They are very similar in size and form factor. 

One major difference that we see is the quality of the plastics that are used - the Razer feels more premium and slightly better build, while the Trust mouse feels like it is made from cheaper plastic but also quite durable. The Basilisk X HyperSpeed has some soft padding added on the sides which provides even more comfortable experience. On the GXT 161 Disan it is all hard plastics. 


As we mentioned earlier, these two mice have lots of similarities - two main buttons on top separated by the scroll button and two side buttons on the left. Under the scroll button we have the DPI change button for both mice.

mouse test

Razer vs Trust mouse test

2021 mouse test

Trust GXT 161 Disan has a gentle LED stripe across the middle of the mouse and continuing to the bottom left part. For some reason ours stopped functioning after some time. No LEDs are present in the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

On the other hand it has a superior connectivity options - you can choose if you want to connect directly via Bluetooth or with the help of the 2.4 GHz dongle that is provided with the mouse. There is a tiny button on the bottom of the Basilisk X HyperSpeed that is used to change the connection option or just to turn the mouse off (just on/off for the GXT 161 Disan). 

Razer vs Trust gaming mouse test - video


As expected the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is slightly more expensive compared to the Trust moue - $60 vs $45. We thing these $15 extra are well worth it since you get a better feeling mouse with more advanced connectivity options. 

Razer Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed vs Trust GXT 161 Disan - verdict

These are both very good mid-range gaming mice. If it was our money today we would recommend the Razer Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed just because it is a bit more comfortable to use and also we like the option to connect it directly to a laptop via Bluetooth which also saves a lot of the battery and you get longer work hours. 

Best gaming mouse for under $60 - video

On the other hand if you are not that picky and you just need a proper mouse for your PC, then the Trust GXT 161 Disan is a very good and cheap option in 2021.

Thank you for checking our Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed vs Trust GXT 161 Disan mouse test!