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Issue with Logitech speakers - going to sleep mode when connected with TV

How to resolve the problem with Logitech speakers that go to sleep mode when connected to a TV

Logitech speakers issue when connected to TV

Some time ago we encountered a strange issue with our Logitech 2.1 speaker system that was connected to a Sony TV for better sound experience.

We bought the Logitech Z623 2.1 speaker system couple of years ago but we haven't used it actively since then, even though it delivers powerful and quality sound. Recently we connected it to our 43-inch Sony 43XG7005 4k Smart TV and we noticed this strange behavior - when we turn off the TV for some time and then turn it beck on again the speakers remain silent, as they are on sleep mode. 

The resolution for now to switch the spears on and off directly from the Power button and the sound comes back again. 

To be honest that is quite annoying, especially if you have to do it couple of times throughout the day. The strange thing here is that we have noticed similar behavior using other 2.1 surround systems from other manufacturers that also remain hibernating after the TV is put back ON again.

Other than that combining the Z623 with Sony XG70 series TV turned out to be a great idea since the combined performance is truly amazing - Triluminos display colors and THX certified surround for true home cinema experience.

We will definitely try more workarounds in the next days but we would also appreciate your feedback in case you assume what actually might be the problem.

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