Test drive Skoda Superb

Test drive Skoda Superb - video test drive and review Skoda Superb 2011

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The second generation of the Skoda Superb is one of the most awarded cars in last few years.

The car offers enormous interior and luggage space and built quality that is way over this car's price.

The simple and elegant design suits to almost anyone and that's probably one of the reasons the new Superb attracts so many customers. It is not a surprise that some people prefer the Superb over premium cars like the Mercedes E-class or the Audi A6.

The second generation Superb is offered with various petrol and diesel engines but we would not recommend you the smallest diesel because of the lack of power (this is quite a big and heavy car after all).

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Take a look at the quick test drive and review of the 2011 Skoda Superb and decide if you may consider it as your next car.

Test drive Skoda Superb - video

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