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Dell Latitude 5411 - one month feedback

Our consumer feedback after over a month with the mighty business laptop Dell Latitude 5411

Dell Latitude 5411 - one month feedback

It has been over a month since we bought the Dell Latitude 5411 so it is time to share some first-hand consumer feedback about its day-to-day performance. 

We will divide this short review in chapters, discussing different aspects and components, so it will be easier for you to understand what is it to use the Latitude 5411 in a daily basis. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - keyboard

Since we got this laptop we expected a very familiar feeling by its laptop since it is not first machine from Dell that we are using. And thankfully Dell delivered a pretty solid keyboard, with nice feedback and key travel. 

As a negative we should point out some squeaky sounds that were coming from one or two of the keys. For now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and these keys work completely fine.

Dell Latitude 5411 - display 

As we shared with you in our initial Latitude 5411 review, we got our laptop with a touch display. To be honest, we almost never use this feature but for some it might be quite useful. 

Other than that we have nothing bad to comment in this section, since the display is working fine with good color reproduction and viewing angles.

Dell Latitude 5411 - speed and performance

Our Latitude 5411 is meant to be a powerful and compact business laptop and it truly delivers. The 10th generation 6-core Intel Core i7-10850H is quite snappy, especially when it is paired with 16GB of RAM clocked at 3200 MHz.  These are pretty solid figures for such a compact machine but that should be the standard these days so we believe we have a future-proof machine. 

As a small downside here we can point out the loud fan when the laptop heats up. This laptop of course comes with active fan cooling so under heavy loads it gets warm and the small fan needs lots of rpm to reduce the temperature. We just wish it was just a bit quieter. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - battery

We have no complaints whatsoever here. The battery life is more than adequate. We managed to average 5-6 hours of work with the Latitude 5411 and we believe with a power-saving more you can go well above these numbers. Really, nothing else to share here, Dell did a very good job with the 4-cell battery used in this laptop. Of course, the power-efficient components help in that regards as well.

One month with the Dell Latitude 5411 - video

Well, this was our short consumer feedback about the Dell Latitude 5411 at the end of 2020. This is the last product review that we prepared for you this year and we hope you have enjoyed what we served here.

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