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Philips trimmers - the ultimate comparison

User comparison and review of three of the most popular Philips trimmers - Series 1000 vs Multigroom series 3000 vs Multigroom series 5000

Philips trimmers - the ultimate comparison

I have been using different Philips trimmers for so many years now that it was time for the ultimate comparison of three of their most popular models. 

The Series 1000 nose and ear trimmer I am still using, while the MG5720 (Multigroom series 5000) trimmer recently stopped working after couple of years of service.  It is now replaced by the MG3710 which seems a good device for daily use since it is quite compact and comfortable. 

Multigroom Series 1000 vs Multigroom series 3000 vs Multigroom series 5000

To make things more clear and easier to understand, I will share the pros and cons of each of these series so you will be aware what to expect in case you are into buying new trimmer or hair clipper.

Multigroom Series 1000
Multigroom Series 1000 trimmer

The 1000 Series Multigroom nose and ear trimmer has done a pretty good job for what is made - trimming your nose and ears. It is quite compact so I take it even when travelling. The battery also lasts for quite some time and is easily replaceable. 
And here are its main specs:
  • Cutting system: 21 mm (13/16") cutter nose trimmer
  • Blades: stainless-steel blade
  • Cutter length/settings: 1
  • Cleaning: Washable 
  • Maintenance: Oil-free
  • Power: single AA battery
Multigroom series 3000
Philips MG3710

That is my current trimmer - the MG3710.  I have used couple of the 3000 series Philips trimmers so far and they are doing a pretty good job. Compared to the 5000 series the 3000 doesn't feel as premium and Philips also cut some features to keep the price low. After my MG5720 broke (still not sure what happened, it just doesn't work) I am relying on the MG3710 which has six additional accessories and for now works just fine for face and body trimming. 

Previously I used the MG3747 which for some reason I didn't like as much and didn't use it many times.

Multigroom series 5000

The MG5720 - that was my favorite Philips trimmer so far... before it stopped working. It features premium design and materials with the following characteristics: 
  • Compact trimmer and hair-clipper
  • Wide range of accessories included in the pack
  • Adequate battery life and charging time
  • Comfortable form factor - light and good grip
  • Not very loud
  • Washable parts
  • Short charging cable/adapter
I am still quite curios why the MG5720 stopped working and I may take it to a repair shop even though I don't think it would be worth paying the service fee instead of buying brand new. 
Other than that, I have a very positive feedback about the 5000 series trimmers by Philips.

Philips trimmers - 2022 comparison

So, to sum it up - I am still using actively my Philips trimmers and probably won't switch to a different brand any time soon.


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