Sony 43XG7005 TV - everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about the 43-inch 4k Smart TV Sony 43XG7005

Sony 43XG7005 TV

It has been almost two years since we first tested the Sony 43XG7005 and it is still our favorite 43-inch 4k Smart TV. And even though it is not available in tech stores anymore, it is highly likely you can find it second hand or refurbished at a good price.

And yes, there are many new models by Sony in this size and prize segment but when we got the 43XG7005 for under $500 it was really quite a deal, especially when considering the fact that this is a 4k Smart TV with Triluminos technology.

The best midrange monitor - Dell E2314H two years later

Almost two years with the Dell E2314H and I still think it is the best midrange monitor today

Dell E2314H monitor

To start this two year review - Dell E2314H is really a good monitor and well done product. Of course that is personal preference to pick the best monitor that would suit your needs but the E2314H is really quite versatile and good for the price paid. 

Panasonic TX-40JX800B 40-inch Android LED TV - product features and specifications

Checking the main product features and specifications of the affordable 40-inch 4k Android LED TV Panasonic TX-40JX800B

Panasonic TX-40JX800B TV

Panasonic TX-40JX800B caught our attention with its affordable price and good set of feature. The 40-inch screen size is also quite versatile and good fit for various needs but a bit small for home cinema. 

Now lets check the most important things you need to know about the TX-40JX800B:

Hisense 43A7GQTUK Smart LED TV - the best cheap 43-inch TV in UK?

Hisense 43A7GQTUK Smart LED TV - product features and specifications

Hisense 43A7GQTUK TV

Hisense TVs got quite popular in UK in the last couple of years. There is a huge variety of models with different size, specs and price. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the 43-inch Smart LED TV Hisense 43A7GQTUK, its main product features and specifications.

Jonstrup chair by JYSK tested

Product review of the affordable Jonstrup dining chair by JYSK

Jonstrup dining chair JYSK

It is not very often that we review furniture but that is what we are going to do today with the cheap but yet comfortable dining chair from JYSK - Jonstrup.

Vauxhall Insignia and Android Auto - car multimedia done the right way

My personal feedback about Android Auto in Opel and Vauxhall Insignia - setup process, problems and general impressions

Android Auto tested

Car multimedia is a huge deal these days as technology is getting more and more advanced in almost any aspect of our daily life. The functionalities that are offered in these systems are useful but quite often overwhelming. 

Today I will share my personal opinion about Vauxhall Insignia multimedia system but more specifically about Android Auto

ASUS VivoBook K553EA - good choice for a refurbished laptop

Taking a closer look at the main feature and specs of the ASUS VivoBook K553EA laptop to see if it is a good second hand or refurbished purchase

ASUS VivoBook K553EA refurbished laptop

Those who follow our Test and Review consumer blog regularly know that we like to share interesting deals and info about products that are on sale. 

These days we noticed that the ASUS VivoBook K553EA laptop is offered for a very decent price of under £500 as a refurbished item. The deal that we found on eBay is for certified refurbished which means  you are getting one year warranty.

Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S smartphones - consumer feedback

Testing the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S

Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung

Finding a proper case for the Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G was kind of easy. I needed a very quick visit in the tech store to find the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S which happens to be one of the best cases for this smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G - first impressions

Consumer feedback and first impressions with the midrange smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G first impressions

In today's review I would like to share my first impressions with the Samsung Galaxy A52S smartphone. That is basically a 5G version of the slightly cheaper Galaxy A52. Both these are midrange phones that are quite capable and come at a very competitive price.

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