What makes Dell Latitude E7240 such a great laptop?

One of the most popular ultrabooks is still on service in 2019 - my review of the Dell Latitude E7240

my ultrabook - Dell Latitude E7240
Four years ago: my ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240
Back in the days when I bought my Dell Latitude E7240 it was the most serious investment I have made in regards to computers. It was a high-end ultrabook with sleek design and a pretty high price tag. But now after couple of years of use I can say it was all worth the price. So what makes the Latitude E7240 one of the best second hand laptops in 2019? Let's find out.

Before I continue with my user review, here are the most important features and specs of my ultrabook:
Brand: Dell
Dell Latitude E7240 features and specs
Model: Latitude E7240
Display size: 12.5-inch
Display resolution: HD 720p
Processor: Intel Core i5-4310U @ 2.00 GHz 
ROM: 256 SSD
Graphics: Integrated Intel 

What TV to buy in 2019?

Useful guide to help you choose your new TV in 2019

what TV to buy 2019
Do you have a favorite TV brand for 2019?
Wondering which TV to choose among the thousands of models released each year? No worries, you are just one of the many confused consumers who don't care too much about the latest trends and don't follow brands for each of their new releases. 

To help you with all this confusion today we will divide popular televisions into few categories so consumers like you will have some insights and short list with the popular releases that you can buy in 2019.

Toshiba 43V5863DG 4k TV

Reviewing the 43-inch 4k TV Toshiba 43V5863DG - features, specs and price info

Toshiba 43V5863DG 4k TV review
Toshiba 43V5863DG
We haven't reviewed any Toshiba LED televisions recently but they are still popular, especially in UK. After a quick online research I can confirm they have some pretty good 4k LED panels for 2019. Today we will take a look at the 43-inch 4k LED TV Toshiba 43V5863DG which is sold around 300 Euro.

Here are its main features and specifications:
  • Ultra HD (4K)
  • 3x HDMI ™, 2x USB
  • Dolby Vision ™ HDR
  • Sound by Onkyo
  • HDR10
  • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)

Why blogging is obsolete in 2019 - case study

The most important reasons why blogging has no meaning whatsoever in 2019

no blogging in 2019

Wondering whether to start a new blog this year? You are keen on something and want to share your thoughts and knowledge with the world? Think twice before you waste your time...

So, to summarize it, why blogging is obsolete in 2019, here are the main reasons:
  1. Blogs don't rank as good in search results (just make a simple comparison with online stores, they rank much higher).
  2. One needs to make a serious investment (time and money) to get through the competition - millions of bloggers cover almost every topic that you may think of.
  3. Changes in algorithms in search engines and social networks, relying mostly on paid results.

And from the very beginning I want to share this - don't get me wrong, if you like sharing your thing online in front of small audience than do it, if it makes you feel better than you should definitely do it. Why I believe blogging is obsolete by 2019 is the way bloggers are treated by the big players in the Internet.

Looking for cheap TV in 2019 - Sceptre E195BV-SR

If you are looking for a cheap TV set this year you should probably check the Sceptre E195BV-SR

Sceptre E195BV-SR - cheap TV 2019
One of the cheapest brand new TV sets in 2019
So what is Sceptre E195BV-SR? Well, that is basically a cheap, brand new TV set that can be bought for under $100.

Majority Petersfield digital and FM radio

Majority Petersfield digital DAB/DAB+ and FM radio - product description, features, specifications and quick review

Majority Petersfield is great looking little gadget that can play standard FM radio as well as broadcast digital radio through DAB and DAB+.

I have reviewed many Majority devices recently and read many online reviews as well. The brand is quite popular in UK but many consumers are not very familiar with it. In short they manufacture pretty decent electronics, most often offered on cheap prices. It is the same story with the Majority Petersfield radio - good looking and priced cheap gadget.

Opel generations - Ascona and Vectra

Two cars coming from different eras but still carrying the same DNA

Ascona and Vectra
Opel Vectra and Ascona out on the sun
It was a very nice meeting couple of days ago when I saw a beautiful Ascona parked on the street. It was definitely time for a picture with the grandson Vectra.

These two cars come from different eras, with the Ascona being more than 30 years old while the 10 year old Vectra still looks fresh and modern.

Majority Peterhouse Graduate - radio with great design and features

Majority Peterhouse Graduate Internet radio is packed full of features - WiFi, Spotify Connect and much more

Majority Peterhouse Graduate Internet radio
You have probably noticed I like to review interesting and sometimes even weird products. In general, I like gadgets, all sorts of gadgets and devices.

That is why today I wanted to take a closer look with you at one very interesting device - the Majority Peterhouse Graduate Internet radio with Spotify Connect, wireless WiFi connection and few other interesting features that I will share with you in the next lines.

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