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Sony RMT-TX300e Smart TV remote control

Product review of the 2019/2020 Sony Smart TV remote control

Smart TV  remote control

One thing that we like a lot about Sony televisions is their very good build quality. In addition to that the brand likes to keep things simple and not change anything that is working fine. 

That is kind of the situation with their TV remote controls as well. They haven't changed a lot in the past 10 years, just minor updates to better suit their consumers' needs.  

Today we are taking a closer look at the Sony RMT-TX300e remote control that came with the 43-inch Sony XG70 4k HDR Smart TV.

Sony RMT-TX300e - main product features

Here are the key features of the RMT-TX300e remote control:
  • For Sony Smart TV
  • Dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons
  • Compatible with multiple Sony Smart TVs like KD-43XE7005, KD-43XE7073, KD-43XE7077, KD-43XE7093, KD-43XE7096 KD-49XE7000 KD-49XE7002 KD-49XE7003,  KDL-49WE663 KDL-49WE665 KDL-49WE750 KDL-49WE753 and many others
  • Elegant design with big buttons
  • Came with 2x AAA batteries
Sony RMT-TX300e

Sony RMT-TX300e batteries

And just to show what we meant by saying Sony does not change a lot in their products unless necessary, here is a picture with old 2012 Sony Smart TV remote control and the new RMT-TX300e:

Sony remote controls
Sony Smart TV remote controls - old vs new

There is nothing much to say about the Sony RMT-TX300e in addition to that. You can find it sold separately for around $30.

And here is a quick product video tour of the RMT-TX300e: