We bought a cheap LED flashlight - 2020 review

After a long search for quality but yet cheap LED flashlight, we finally bought the Go Gadget Tools lamp

Go Gadget Tools LED light
Go Gadget Tools -  the cheapest big flashlight we could find this year

We were trying to find a multipurpose flashlight in the last couple of weeks but we struggled to pick something that is good value for money.

The first models that drew our attention were way too expensive and the cheap ones looked totally pointless.

But today we found a tool made by Go Gadget Tools that costed us less than $10 and we are super happy with that price.

Cheap mouse pad by Hama

We review the cheap mouse pad with kittens, made by Hama

Hama mouse pad
Cheap mouse pad with kittens
To start with, this is not going to be yet another gaming mouse pad review. We know the market is literally flooded with these and you can easily find the one that is going to suit your needs as a gamer.

Today, we want to share our feedback about a cheap and yet very cute mouse pad made by Hama.

Hisense H55B7500UK TV specs

Product specifications of the 55-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart TV Hisense H55B7500UK

Hisense H55B7500UK TV
The 55-inch cheap 4k Smart TV to buy in 2020: Hisense H55B7500UK

To begin with, we won't make a full consumer review of the Hisense H55B7500UK 4k TV. That we will leave for some time later.

Today, we just want to share its main product specifications and some of its interesting and useful features.

Philips Multigroom series 5000 - long-term review

Long-term consumer review after 6 months of using the Philips MG5720 Multigroom series 5000 trimmer

long term product review
Our long term consumer review of the Philips MG5720 Multigroom series 5000

I have been using Philips MG5720 Multigroom series 5000 mostly for trimming and very rarely as a fully dedicated hair-clipper.

In the last couple of months it served me really well and currently I can't point out any major complaints or faults with it.

Philips blades   Philips MG5720 Multigroom series 5000

And before we proceed to the long term video review, let me remind you what exactly the Philips MG5720 Multigroom series 5000 trimmer is:
  • Compact trimmer and hair-clipper
  • Wide range of accessories included in the pack
  • Adequate battery life and charging time
  • Comfortable form factor - light and good grip
  • Not very loud
  • Washable parts
  • Short charging cable/adapter

Rowenta flat iron - consumer review after 3 months

Sharing our first-hand consumer feedback after 3 months of using the Keratin & Tourmaline flat iron by Rowenta 4522

Rowenta 4522 flat iron consumer feedback
Our consumer feedback after 3 months of using the Rowenta 4522 flat iron

Rowenta are probably one of the biggest names when we discuss hair-styling tools and accessories.

We have tested many of their products and so far we have mostly positive feedback with some exceptions of course.

Rowenta flat iron hair straightener review

Today, we are focusing our attention at one of their hair-styling products - the Rowenta 4522 flat iron.

Samsung Galaxy A50 - live focus camera test

Live focus camera test and sample photos after the 2020 firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A50 live focus camera app
Live focus in A50 camera app

We used the good weather these days and decided to make an in-depth camera test of the Samsung Galaxy A50 after it got its latest 2020 Android 10 software update.

Our experience with the A50
The Galaxy A50 is a great mid-range smartphone with lots of positive things to say we had some very positive impressions after we first tested it. It has a great form factor, very nice and sharp Super AMOLED display and also a very capable triple main camera.

We've made more than 2000 photos and probably some 100 videos with using the A50 camera and the result were pretty satisfying to say the least.

The live focus camera test

After downloading the latest 2020 Android 10 firmware update for the Galaxy A50 we noticed that there are lots of improvements in the phone.

2020 Samsung Galaxy A50 firmware update

Some of the major changes could be found in the official camera app where we noticed some enhanced features were added - software image stabilization, improved focus and live focus capabilities and more.

So, what is the live focus option? Well, this feature basically gives you the opportunity to blur the background and to stress the camera focus onto a specific object or objects.

But that is enough info, now let's cut to the test itself.

Here we have some example photos made in good light at noon but some of them faced direct sunlight, which is not a very good thing for any camera:
Here we see the live focus effect failed - we didn't focst the object well

A50 camera live focus image      live focus flower

And here are some images where we used the stock editing software to achieve some interesting effects using the background blur effect:

Samsung A50 blur    camera test Samsung A50

As you can see one can get very good results with the A50, which I should remind you costs less than $300. 

And here we have a video where we simulated some bokeh effect using the scree to change the focus point (live focus currently not available for A50 video recording):

Samsung Galaxy A50 focus switch - video

The live focus feature in the Galaxy A50 does a great job, as long as one takes the time and patience to focus the object properly and have a steady hand while taking the photo. 

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) - the best mid-range smartphone today

Unlike the software stabilization (called "super steady" for video) which is also new feature for the A50 in 2020, we are really pleased with the results of the live focus.

And in conclusion we want to say a big THANK YOU Samsung for the continuous updates, not only for your latest smartphones but also for those released couple of years ago.

Honestly, we wish Panasonic were making their updates for mirrorless cameras that often so we would have some similar awesome features on our Lumix GX9 (great camera though).

Digihome 24HDCN 24-inch HD Smart TV

Features and specifications of the 24-inch Digihome 24HDCN Smart TV

Digihome 24HDCN 24 smart TV

Today, we will review a product that is mostly sold in UK - the compact and cheap 24-inch TV Digihome 24HDCN.

Digihome 24HDCN features

  • HD Ready
  • Smart TV with apps including Netflix
  • HDMI 1.4 x 2 USB x 1
  • DTS TruSurround + DTS HD
  • USB for multimedia playback
  • Dark titanium

JBL Tune 110 headphones tested

JBL Tune 110 - cheap headphones consumer test and review

JBL Tune 110 headphones review
JBL Tune 110 in black
JBL Tune 110 are cheap and quite well sounding in-ear headphones that we tested this week. To start with here are its main product features and quick specs:
  • Corded in-ear headphones
  • Build-in mic for taking calls
  • JBL Pure Bass Sound for deep base
  • Flat cable
  • 2x pairs of ear tips 
  • Price: Under $20
  • Cable length: about 110 cm

Huawei AF15 tripod selfie stick

Our first-hand consumer review and unboxing video of the Huawei Honor AF15  tripod selfie stick with Bluetooth remote

Huawei Honor AF15 tripod selfie stick
Huawei AF15 Bluetooth tripod and selfie stick

To be honest, we've always hated selfie sticks and avoided buying one for quite some time. But everything changes and so are we, so we recently bought the Huawei AF15 tripod and selfie stick and we liked it a lot. 

Here is our first-hand consumer review as well as unboxing video of this compact and yet quality made product.

Before we test the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder

Recently bought the Olympus LS-P4 and we can't wait to test it

Olympus LS-P4 first impressions
Unboxing the Olympus LS-P4 voice recoder

Upgrading our sound recording device was in our list for quite some time. Finally, we stopped our attention on a very lightweight and portable voice recorder that made a good impression from the very first time we saw it - the PCM linear Olympus LS-P4 recorder.

Dell 570-11349 laser mouse specs

Dell 570-11349 1600 dpi laser mouse specifications

Looking for a cheap but quality made cable mouse for your desktop or laptop? May be you should check the Dell 570-11349 1600 dpi laser mouse which uses USB interface to connect and works pretty good.
Dell 570-11349 laser mouse

Dell 570-11349 wired mouse - product specs

  • Sensitivity: 1600 dpi
  • Device Type : Laser Mouse
  • Connectivity Technology : Cable
  • Port(s) / Connector(s) Required : USB
  • Movement Detection Technology : Laser
  • Buttons Qty : 6
  • Device interface: USB, features a USB port for easy connectivity to most PCs
  • Offers six easy to use buttons

2020 Pink Moon - supermoon pictures

Breathtaking images of the Pink Moon were captured around the Earth - April 2020

supermoon photo in April 2020
The 2020 super Pink Moon
The Pink Moon phenomenon drew a lot of attention today and some really amazing shots were captured from phtographers and enthusiasts around the globe.

The moon itself is not actually pink but appears really huge around 6-7 pm (in most European countries). It is also closer to the earth, about 7% closer than during a full moon event and some people get really amazed but also scared about the dimensions of the moon observed in this short time span.

Sceptre X322BV-SR 32-inch HD TV

Product features and specifications of the 32-inch HD LED TV Sceptre X322BV-SR

Sceptre X322BV-SR TV

We are not quite familiar with the Sceptre brand but we have seen couple of their TV offers in UK stores. Today we take a closer look at one of their mid-sized and cheap televisions - the Sceptre X322BV-SR

This basically is a 32-inch LED TV with HD resolution of 720 which by today's standards is not a lot - we have 1080p and 4k as default resolutions in most new TVs.

Logitech Z623 - still good in 2020?

Consumer product review of the 2.1 Logitech Z623 sound system

2020 Logitech Z623 sound system

We bought the Logitech Z623 sound system couple of months ago but not as our main day to day speakers but rather for couple specific purposes. These would be for home cinema and music but not when watching TV or PC speakers. 

So, having gathered some feedback in these few months we wanted to share our impressions with you and answer the question is the Z623 system still good in year 2020?

Velbon Videomate 638 video tripod with fluid head

Consumer review of the affordable video tripod with fluid pan-and-tilt head Velbon Videomate 638

Velbon Videomate 638 video tripod
Velbon Videomate 638 video tripod with fluid head
We haven't reviewed any photography accessories recently, even though we use plenty of them. So it was time to take a look at one very capable and quite affordable fluid head tripod - the Velbon Videomate 638.

Velbon Videomate 638 tripod box
Velbon Videomate 638 box
To be honest, for our work purposes at Test and Review we use the Velbon Videomate 638 for couple of months now and it has been doing quite well.

Of course it has its flaws but we will share more about that shortly. Let's get it on and start with our first hand consumer impressions and feedback:

Six months with the Panasonic Lumix GX9 - 2020 review

Our honest consumer feedback after six months of taking pictures and video with the Panasonic Lumix GX9 mirrorless camera

Panasonic Lumix GX9 - 2020 review
Panasonic Lumix GX9 in 2020
It is 2020 and the Lumix GX9 that we bought last year was first released in the mid-2018.

 What this means is this is no longer the star of Panasonic's lineup, even though they haven't released anything significant in the entry-level mirrorless camera segment.

Today, we will share our honest opinion about what is the experience of having and using the GX9 for half a year now.

Best cheap TVs to buy in 2020

Our recommendations for the best LED TVs to purchase in 2020

We have reviewed plenty of quality TVs this year. Some were good, others we would not recommend at all. Today, we wanted to share with you our top picks to recommend and eventually buy in year 2020:

BOYA BY-LM10 microphone sound test

Is the BOYA BY-LM10 a good alternative of the Rode SmartLav+ in 2020? Let's find out in the following sound test and review of this cheap lavalier microphone!

BOYA BY-LM10 sound test
Testing the sound from the cheap lav mic BOYA BY-LM10

BOYA BY-LM10 is not very popular in the sound recording industry but it is one of the cheap tools that would improve the video production of most vloggers.
This is basically a cheap omni-directional lavalier microphone using a basic 3.5 mm connector to plug directly into your smartphone (or other device) headphone socket. The BY-LM10 is compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones (some may require adapter).

Is the HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 worth buying in 2020?

Consumer product feedback and review of the compact HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 

HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 review
HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 tested
We have tested several mouse so far and we aim to present you products from variety of brands. The HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 that we review today is a budget oriented product for those of you who don't want to spend too much on new mouse. We will take a closer look at its main features, product specifications, price info, as  well as comment on the closest competitors.

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