Canon Pixma MG5750 all-in-one printer

Specifications of the Canon Pixma MG5750 all-in-one printer

Canon Pixma MG5750 all-in-one printer

It is not very often that we spend time to check computer accessories and peripherals these days. But today we are taking a closer look at one very capable multi-functional device for your office or home - Canon Pixma MG5750 all-in-one printer.

To get a better idea of this Canon printer we suggest you take a closer look at the detailed product specifications:

Philips Series 1000 trimmer - consumer review

Consumer test and review of the compact nose and year trimmer Philips Series 1000

Philips nose and ear trimmer
Philips Series 1000 nose & ear trimmer

Today at our consumer blog we are taking a closer look at the Philips Series 1000 nose and ear trimmer. And actually this is one of my personal devices, so this is a 100% consumer product review, discussing the features, specifications and my consumer feedback as well.

A week with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 2020 feedback

Is it worth upgrading your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2020? What are the alternatives and how much it will cost you?

Note 9 2020 review

It has been almost a week since we got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and we are excited to share our feedback with you.

The Note 9 is a wonderful high-end smartphone, even in 2020. But it lacks some essential features that could make you look for a newer model like the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, or even the Note 10 Lite.

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

Product specifications of the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 trimmer

Multigroom Series 7000

As we had a lot of interest since our trimmer review (Philips Multigroom series 5000), we decided to take a look at another of the popular Philips all-in-one grooming devices.

Today our focus is aimed at the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 which is part of their Series 7000 trimmers with advanced cutting system and multiple accessories for shaving, hair-styling, body trimming and much more.

Panasonic TX50GX700B 4k TV

Panasonic TX50GX700B 4k 50-inch LED TV features and specifications

Panasonic TX50GX700 TV

Today at Test and Review we are taking a closer look at one big-screen TV that is offered brand new and also refurbished in UK - the Panasonic TX50GX700B.

This basically is a 50-inch 4k Smart TV with good set of product features and consumer specs that will suit most customers. Here are just some of them:

Top 3 small kitchen appliances for bread lovers in 2020

What are the top 3 small kitchen appliances we would recommend any bread lover to buy in 2020?

consumer list

We have had many kitchen appliances in our home through the years and some have been useful, others not.

Today I want to share with you the top 3 small appliances you should consider buying in 2020. Especially if you're a bread lover, you will definitely need those. But if you're not - you still may want to take a look.

1. Sandwich maker 
We use the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker at our home. We've shown you this sandwich maker on several occasions before:

Selling the Dell Latitude E7240

We are selling the Dell Latitude E7240 laptop after more than 5 years of active service

2020 Latitude E7240
Selling the Dell Latitude E7240 in 2020

The year is 2020 and we decided that it is time to change our fleet of work machines, including PC and laptops.

So it is time to put the Dell Latitude E7240 laptop for sale now, after many years of good services and very few issues with it. For the most time the Latitude E7240 has been the perfect ultrabook and workhorse on the go so we really appreciate what Dell did with this machine.

Using the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder in 2020

In the search of the best settings while recording with the Olympus LS-P4  - best voice recorder setup explained

voice settings explained

It has been more than a month since we started using the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder and we want to share some quick feedback with you.

The main topic of today's post is about the best recommended settings when using the LS-P4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 showing only 5 MP front camera

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is showing only 5 MP in the front-facing selfie camera app - RESOLVED

camera issue resolved

If you noticed that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is showing the setting where you can boost it up only to 5 MP (instead of 8 MP max) and you are very angry at your Note smartphone... well, don't be!

We have this "issue" resolved a long time ago. And actually, it is neither an issue, nor a problem with the Note 9 after its 2019 updates but rather a feature in the selfie camera app.

How to fix the issue with the selfie-camera low megapixels?

First of all we would like to mention that if you noticed this so called problem you shouldn't worry, most probably your Note 9 is working just fine.

Here is how you can use the full potential of your Note 9 selfie camera - video

It is just the Samsung's camera interface that is not quite intuitive about a specific feature in their front-facing selfie camera in the Galaxy Note 9.

So how to "fix" the 5 to 8 MP issue? Well, we have attached couple of screenshots where we can obviously see that the front camera is working as expected in maximum of 8 megapixels. In order to activate the full range of pixels you just need to apply the wide selfie option in the camera interface as shown below:

wide selfie mode
Just switch to wide-selfie and than check camera settings

After that go to settings and from there you will have control over the maximum quality of the selfie-camera.

selfie camera settings
And here is the 8.0 MP option again after switching to wide-selfie mode

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is no actual issue but just a small interface related thing that is actually intended to work that way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 consumer review

If you have any other questions or problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, please drop us a line in the comments and we will be happy to help!

You can also check the rest of our Samsung smartphone reviews.

Thanks for visiting our Test and Review consumer blog!

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard test and consumer feedback

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard test

We got the Dell Precision 3520 workstation and it has been working great so far. So, we decided to provide you with some additional feedback about the different components of this high-end laptop and discuss its pros and cons.

Today we are taking a closer look the Precision 3520 keyboard after some real-world tests. The first impressions are positive but not entirely with some minor drawbacks.

Dell Precision 3520 - still good in 2020?

Does the Dell Precision 3520 has what it takes to be a good mobile workstation in 2020? We answer your questions!

Dell Precision 3520 consumer feedback
Our first test and review of the Dell Precision 3520 mobile workstation

We were in the search for a used mobile workstation in the last couple of weeks and came upon a great deal - the mighty Dell Precision 3520.

Today we will share our first impressions with this high-end laptop which is manufactured in 2018 but still runs like a charm.

Sony Bravia KD49XG8096BU 4k TV

Product specifications of the 49-inch 4k Smart LED TV Sony Bravia KD49XG8096BU

Sony Bravia KD49XG8096BU 4k TV

We love Sony televisions and we also like it very much when we have a chance to review them. Recently we made our long term consumer review of the 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL 40WD650 which is a wonderful budget-oriented mid-sized smart TV and we are amazed once more by the quality delivered by Sony TVs.

Today we take a closer look at the specifications of a newer TV by Sony - the KD49XG8096BU. This modification is mostly sold in UK where you can easily find it in the biggest stores like Currys.

BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone sound test

We share our initial feedback after making the first sound test with the cheap lav mic BOYA BY-M1

BOYA BY-M1 lav mic

So, is the BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone a good purchase in 2020? Well, we are still not sure. We made our first with it and we are not that much impressed.

Product specifications

Clip-On Mic for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders,
Audio recorders, PC etc.
Omni directional condenser microphone
High-quality condenser is ideal for video use
Low handling noise
Includes lapel clip, LR44 battery, foam windscreen,
1/4” adapter
product specs
BOYA BY-M1 - product specifications

We will definitely give it a chance and use the BY-M1 mic extensively in the next couple of weeks.

2020 tennis season restarts

Good news for tennis players around the world - most countries allow on-court tennis practice and play 

good news for tennis players

It has been more than couple of months since we last saw an official tennis game live on the tennis courts. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic almost all sports were put on hold and so was tennis for professionals and amateurs as well.

Now there is some good news that we hear about cancelling one of the sport restrictions related to tennis. Many countries in Europe (and not only) allow outdoor tennis practices and 1:1 play.

Samsung UE50RU7020KXXU TV specifications

Samsung UE50RU7020KXXU 4k Smart LED TV - full list of  product specifications

Samsung UE50RU7020KXXU TV

Most people stay at home these days, just to stay safe and keep away from the dangerous virus. Having nothing else to do many consumers invested in buying different stuff online. Probably that is one of the reasons why some online stores stroke record sales in the last couple of months.

Some of the best selling products were TVs, and mostly bigger screen televisions. Indeed, a big screen and something nice to watch is a very good solution to let the time go by these days. That is why we want to present you the big 50-inch 4k TV Samsung UE50RU7020KXXU.

Samsung Galaxy camera test in bright and sunny weather

We are testing the Samsung Galaxy A50 rear camera in nice and sunny weather conditions. Here are the results...

smartphone review

To start this we review, we need to be completely honest and mention that we bought the Samsung Galaxy A50 for under $300 and therefore the expectations from his rear triple-camera setup shouldn't be high.

We previously mentioned that we are quite satisfied with the performance of the main A50 camera in good daylight conditions. That is mainly thanks to the bright f1.7 sensor of the main camera which allows you to make clear shots in many situations... but unfortunately not in any.

Sony 40-inch LED TV - long-term review in 2020

Long-term consumer product review of the 40-inch Smart LED TV Sony Bravia KDL 40WD650

Sony 40-inch TV

It has been more than 3 years since we bought and use every day our Sony Bravia KDL 40WD650 TV. I want to share with you our impressions, likes and dislikes after using it for this extended period of time.

This is our primary TV so it has been used for multiple hours every day for more than 3 years. In this time we have gathered a lot of impressions and feedback which I want to share with you.

What's the cheapest Shimano Deore bike to buy in 2020?

Just received a new mountain bike with Shimano Deore and here are my first impressions - Sprint Wood 2 Mountain 27.5

Sprint Wood 2 Mountain
Sprint Wood 2 Mountain with Shimano Deore derailleurs

Today we received a new mountain bicycle and we decided to make a quick video tour and share first impressions with the Sprint Wood 2 Mountain.

This is actually one of the cheapest bikes to buy brand new in 2020 that has front and rear Shimano Deore derailleurs.

Here are couple more images of the unobxing process:

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