HP ProBook 450 G5 2RS03EA laptop review

Consumer review of the 15.6 inch Intel powered laptop HP ProBook 450 G5 2RS03EA

The business oriented HP ProBook 450 G5 2RS03EA is very popular in Eastern Europe and Asia and thanks to its good specifications and value for money ration it is considered one of HP's successful stories in the laptop market.

You have probably heard that HP struggled a bit in this market due to bad reputation and quality issues in many of their mid-priced laptops. Meanwhile the competition from Dell, Lenovo and Asus had a very aggressive approach in this segment and made it quite difficult for HP to achieve top sales in global markets. Today we will be taking a look at a very balanced laptop from HP, combining modern technology, good specs and relatively affordable price tag. The HP ProBook 450 G5 2RS03EA is a 15.6 inch laptop, powered by Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM (offered with 16GB as well).

Luxor LUX0132007/01 - TV specs

Luxor LUX0132007/01 LED TV specifications

Luxor LUX0132007/01 TV
Luxor LUX0132007/01 - cheap 32 inch TV
Hi, dear consumers! Today we are taking a closer look at one of the cheapest 32 inch LED TVs on the UK market.

The Luxor LUX0132007/01 is actually pretty hard to find these days, except for couple of refurbished offers. But first of all here are the LUX0132007/01 TV specifications:
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Depth: 185 MM
  • Height: 478 MM
  • Width: 735 MM
  • Dongle Required: No
  • Dual Core Processor: No
  • DVD: No
  • Miracast: No
  • Refresh Rate: 50Hz
  • Resolution: HD Ready
  • Screen Size: 32"
  • Surround Sound: No
  • Wifi Enabled: Yes
  • HD Ready
  • Freeview Play - Catch up made easy
  • Smart TV – BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube
  • DTS Sound
  • 1 USB
  • 2 HDMI
  • 1 SCART

Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 vs Sony Bravia KDL-42W650 - which is better?

Comparing two of the most popular entry level Sony TVs: Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 vs Sony Bravia KDL-42W650

Sony Bravia KDL-42W650 TV
The Bravia KDL-40WD650 and Bravia KDL-42W650 are some of the most popular mid-sized Sony LED TVs in the last couple of years. I myself have used the the Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 for over and year and I would love to share my impressions with the TV so far.

UTOK U24HD3 vs Blaupunkt 24/207O - small TVs in review

UTOK U24HD3 and Blaupunkt 24/207O two cheap LED TVs that compete in the small TV segment but which is better?

We've reviewed plenty of small TVs recently and most of them were pretty cheap. I think price tag is one of the leading factors when choosing small TV.

Blaupunkt 24/207O TV

Today at Test and Review we are taking closer look at two direct competitors in the small LED TV segment - the Romanian UTOK U24HD3 and the not-German Blaupunkt 24/207O. They both can be found for under 200 Euros and they are both sold mostly on the European market.

The all new BMW X7 is bigger than X5 and better than Q7?

BMW X7 video review

Well, we are pretty much sure about the first part of the statement in the title as the new X7 will be pretty big and of course bigger than the smaller sibling the X5. In today's video review we will take a closer look at a pre-production version of the X7 so not all features and specs will be released but I am sure you will get a good impression what this SUV is going to be about.

BMW X7 - video

Please let us know what you think about the X7 in the comment section below, I will be more than happy to get your opinion.

Blaupunkt 40/138MXN - best option for a cheap 40 inch TV in UK?

Is the Blaupunkt 40/138MXN a good option for a cheap 40 inch Smart LED TV in UK - lets find out

Blaupunkt 40/138MXN TV

You are in UK and you are looking for a cheap 40 inch Smart LED TV for under £300? Well, look no further since the Blaupunkt 40/138MXN is all of that - a Smart LED Full HD 1080p television offered at the price of just £250 in UK.

Blaupunkt 24/207O TV review

Blaupunkt 24/207O is a cheap 24 inch small LED TV that is one of my personal favorites and here are my top 3 reasons why - test and review

Blaupunkt 24/207O tv review

As many of our readers know I like to give purchase advice related to buying TVs, computers and other consumer electronics. Today I will do so for a small budget LED TV that is offered mainly in UK and few other parts of Europe (if you still consider the UK is still part of Europe... just kidding). The TV I will recommend you is the 24 inch HD LED Blaupunkt 24/207O.

The main features and specs of this TV will not impress  you with anything special so don't expect any cutting edge technology in this short review. It is just that the Blaupunkt 24/207O is a good performer and it is a good deal as well and that is the main reason why I think it is great value for money TV.

LG 43UJ635V - my favorite 43 inch 4k TV reviewed

Our top 3 reasons to like the LG 43UJ635V - specifications and quick consumer review of the premium 43 inch 4K UHD LED TV 

LG 43UJ635V TV

To start with I have to say that I really like the LG 43UJ635V 4K Ultra HD LED TV

To save you some time and before I give you the list with its main features and specs, here are the top 3 things I like about the 43UJ635V:

Quick sandwich making tips with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Sandwich making is easy when you follow couple of very basic tips - here are mine, using the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Sandwich making is easy with the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Making sandwiches has never been easier these days, thanks to the variety of kitchen appliances that make our day a little bit easier. Couple of weeks ago I bought my first ever sandwich maker - Tefal Ultracompact SM1552. Actually I wasn't really into sandwich makers but I found that one on a very good price and decided to give it a try. The result was that I made pretty good homemade sandwiches/toasts in no time. So here are couple of quick tips and advice I would give to beginner sandwich makers (home chefs):
  1. Buy a quality brand sandwich makers, don't compromise just for saving couple of bucks - I would strongly advise you to invest in quality brand like Tefal, Philips or Moulinex, it's really not worth saving some cash in case you plan to use the sandwich maker on daily basis.

  2. Read the manual - usually operating with sandwich makers is pretty easy and some of them don't even have any buttons or switches, just plug it in and it is ready for use. Anyways, I would advise you to read the instructions/user manual first.

  3. I wait for the sandwich maker to warm up a bit before putting the toast in it - I don't know why, I just believe it conserves the substances between the two bread slices better and sandwiches taste a bit better.

  4. Clean your sandwich maker well after each use - if you leave any dirty spots and areas that might ruin your next portion, no matter how well it was prepared. So just make sure to clean the sandwich maker well after you use it. 

Well, these were my quick "in the kitchen" tips for making better sandwiches at home. With the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 I learned how to make good cheese toast real quick. One thing that worries me is that making delicious sandwiches is so easy now that I may gain some extra weight in no time... hopefully I don't.

Why I really like the Vectra C interior and comfort features!?

Discussion about Vectra C interior and comfort features as well as some minor problems and issues

Vectra C comfortVectra C interior is quite roomy and spacious, especially considering the overall dimensions of the vehicle. The estate version is the roomiest from all Vectra C body styles, next is the hatchback and the sedan scores last in this category.

LG 60UJ750V - great deal for a 60 inch big screen 4K TV

Features, specifications and deal info for the 60 inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV LG 60UJ750V

LG 60UJ750V 4k LED TV
LG 60UJ750V TV

Consumers are buying bigger and bigger LED TV screens each year and some people are actually getting ridiculous with the screen size they are aiming to purchase. So to begin with I will advise you not to go wild when buying new TV, just make sure the size is calibrated to fit your room size nicely.
Today I will share some information, features and specifications of one big TV - the 60 inch 4k LED TV LG 60UJ750V. It is offered on a great deal at eBay and here is what it offers:

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker - user review

Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 consumer product review after three weeks

Tefal Ultaracompact SM1552 sandwich maker
Tefal Ultracompact SM1552

Today's review is dedicated to the Tefal Ultracompact SM1552 sandwich maker which I have been using in the last couple of weeks. This is actually my first sandwich/toast maker ever.

SANDISK Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Memory Stick 32 GB

SANDISK Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Memory Stick 32 GB - Test and Review

This is probably going to be one of the shortest reviews we've done recently. Today we are taking a look at super-compact portable storage solution - the SANDISK Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Memory Stick 32 GB.

HP 15-bs013dx - great 15.6-inch laptop deal

HP 15-bs013dx is a very capable 15-inch touch screen laptop with good features, specs and affordable price

HP 15-bs013dx laptop review

Our US readers will be very happy with the laptop that we are going to review today - the 15.6-inch touch screen and Intel processor HP 15-bs013dx.

Blaupunkt 236/2070 23.6 inch LED HD TV 720p

Blaupunkt 236/2070 23.6 inch LED HD TV 720p - consumer review, features and specs

Blaupunkt 236/2070 TV review

Today at Test and Review I will present you one compact TV that is targeting mostly the European market - the 24 inch Blaupunkt 236/2070. This is basically a 23.6 inch HD 720p LED TV which comes in different name/product code depending on the location. The 236/2070 is specifically targeting customers from Eastern Europe.

Luxor TVs

When I saw the Blaupunkt 236/2070 in the store the other day it was place right next to a very similar small Sharp TV with the only difference that the Blaupunkt was slightly cheaper. I have seen these TVs being used mostly in hotels but I am sure they will also fit any mid-sized kitchen or even a small bedroom.

Toshiba 55U6663DB - cheap 55 inch LED TV

Features and specifications of the 55-inch 4K LED TV Toshiba 55U6663DB

Hey consumers, toady we will be taking a closer look at one of the affordable big screen 4K TVs available on the UK market. We are talking about the Toshiba 55U6663DB which is offered for less than.

To begin with, I really like the design of the 55U6663DB. The TV itself has very thin frame and feels more compact than it really is. The frame looks solid in shiny chrome.

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit - wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver Kits run at 5GHz operation frequency to deliver uncompressed HD video/audio 20 meters in open field

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit is a wireless HD transmitter/receiver.

If you have sky,virgin tv, Xbox, PlayStation ect. in one room & want it in another room without the wires or moving the console.This transmitter will send it to the other TV.

Main use will be for watching the tv & recording also the odd bit for playstation & xbox 360.

ASUS FX503VD laptop specifications

ASUS FX503VD gaming laptop specifications

ASUS FX503VD laptop specs
  • Manufacturer Asus
  • Manufacturer part/model number: FX503VD-EH73
  • Brand Name Asus
  • Product Model FX503VD-EH73
  • Product Name ASUS FX FX503VD-EH73 15.6″ Traditional Laptop
  • Processor & Chipset Processor Manufacturer Intel
  • Processor Type Core i7
  • Processor Generation 7th Gen
  • Processor:  i7-7700HQ

What car to buy in 2018?

Buying a car in 2018 may be a very difficult experience - here are my top 5 advice about what vehicle to purchase

There are so many different cars for sale these days so I realized it might be quite hard to make the right choice when buying a car in 2018. I will mention just some of the key points before making the purchase and I am pretty sure there is a lot more to consider in addition to these points. So, here my top 5 recommendations:

Consumers in 2018 - what are we buying the most?

What are consumers buying the most in 2018?

This year started very actively for consumers around the world. Most economics around the globe indicate stable sales in the first quarter of 2018 and I believe this trend will keep up til the end of the year. 

Of course we are interested more in the consumer electronics and gadgets, the goods that we usually review. So which are the products that consumers are purchasing the most in the beginning of 2018?

ASUS FX503VD Gaming Laptop - features and specifications

ASUS FX503VD Gaming Laptop - full list of features and specifications

Hey consumers and gaming lovers. Today at our Test and Review site we will be taking a closer look at the specifications of one pretty good gaming laptop - the 15.6-inch ASUS FX503VD.

  • Manufacturer Asus
  • Manufacturer Part Number FX503VD-EH73
  • Brand Name Asus
  • Product Model FX503VD-EH73
  • Product Name ASUS FX FX503VD-EH73 15.6" Traditional Laptop
  • Processor & Chipset Processor Manufacturer Intel
  • Processor Type Core i7
  • Processor Generation 7th Gen
  • Processor Model i7-7700HQ
  • Processor Speed 2.80 GHz
  • Maximum Turbo Speed 3.80 GHz
  • Processor Core Quad-core (4 Core)
  • Cache 6 MB

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