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Dell WM126 mouse - full consumer review

We test and review the budget friendly and compact wireless mouse Dell WM126 Previously we shared some info like features and specs of the  Dell WM126 but now we have it on site and tested for almost a week.  So, it is time to share our feedback and impressions, what we like and what we don't like about the WM126.

Canyon SEP-4 cheap earphones with mic

We test and review the cheap stereo earphones with microphone Canyon SEP-4 We have tested various headphones and earphones throughout the years but the Canyon SEP-4 is probably the cheapest set so far with a price tag of under $10.  Few days ago we needed a budget set of earphones to pair with Samsung A52s on the go and checked what was available in the local tech store. Usually, I would recommend the  JBL Tune 110 as the best budget earphones on the market and not research other models. Yes, the Tune 110 are really that good for around $15. 

Lenovo V15 82C30036UK - cheap 15.6-inch laptop offered in UK

Product features and specifications of the 15.6-inch Celeron laptop Lenovo V15 82C30036UK If you are looking for a cheap business laptop or a school computer with decent specs probably the Lenovo V15 would be a good choice for your needs.  Today we are taking a closer look at the  Lenovo V15 82C30036UK , which is a 15.6-inch laptop powered by a Celeron processor. 

Samsung EP-DN980 USB-C to USB-C cable

USB Type-C accessories for Samsung mobile devices - EP-DN980 USB-C to USB-C cable Recently we shared our first review of the Samsung A53 5G smartphone which came in a little box with few accessories. One of these accessories was USB-C to USB-C cable that can be used for charging the smartphone or connecting it to laptop, PC or car multimedia system - the EP-DN980 . 

What are YouTube Handles?

 What is a YouTube Handle and do you need it? In the last couple of days many YouTube users received a notification in regards to the rollout of a new feature in the video platform - Handles . But what are YouTube Handles and do we actually need them? Well, since the feature is still not released (promised to come live in couple of days) we can mostly share what the company had to say about Handles:

Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy A53 - armorMi edge

In the search for the best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy A53 we test the armorMi edge tempered glass armorMi edge for Samsung Galaxy A53 To be honest, it is the first time we test something from the armorMi by Lamel brand. The screen protector we will review today is for our brand new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone and is specifically made to fit this model. 

Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case - perfect fit for Samsung A53

Looking for the best case for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone? Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case is probably the perfect case for the mid-range Samsung smartphone We don't change company smartphones very often but when we do we try to equip them with the perfect accessories.  Recently we got the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G which is an awesome mid-range smartphone with lots of good qualities. Of course it needed a case straight out of the box and that is when the Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case paired with our A53 . 

Head Extreme MP Lite - tennis racket that got us super impressed

We are truly impressed with the performance of the Head Extreme MP Lite tennis racket after our initial test - our feedback If you follow our consumer blog regularly you would probably know that we are big tennis fans. We have tried and tested various tennis rackets throughout the years and always shared our honest opinion about them.  Today we are reviewing the  Head Extreme MP Lite after just one game (2 plus hours of testing) which got us really impressed. It seems like one of the most versatile rackets we have used so far and one that we strongly recommend buying in 2022, especially if you find it discounted for the winter season. 

Samsung Galaxy A53 SM-A536B - first impressions with the 5G smartphone

We test the dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy A53 SM-A536B for the first time First look at the Samsung Galaxy A53 SM-A536B smartphone If you are aware of the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S then the A53 will look pretty much familiar to you. Samsung A53 is almost identical to the A52S with couple of small differences.  One of these is the missing 3.5mm headphone jack in the A53 but it compensates with slightly bigger battery. They also have different processors but that is something we will discuss at a later stage.

Panasonic released new ultra-wide-angle lens for the Lumix S5 and S1

New Panasonic LUMIX S 18 mm F1,8 L mount lens is now for sale  A brand new ultra-wide-angle lens was recently released by Panasonic. The LUMIX S F1.8 series 18mm lens combines an extremely wide angle, compact form and excellent image quality. With the addition of this lens, the world of visuals created by the LUMIX S F1.8 series gets wider and deeper. 

Hisense 40A4BGTUK - cheap 40-inch TV offered in UK

Hisense 40A4BGTUK TV - new cheap 2022 UK model, product features, specs and price info If you are in the search for new cheap 40-inch TV in UK, we have something interesting for you today.  Hisense 40A4BGTUK is a 40-inch Full HD LED TV with Smart TV features. 

Lenovo EMS-537A mouse - six months review

We test and review the cheap Lenovo EMS-537A mouse after six months of use It has been a while since we started using the  Lenovo EMS-537A mouse so it is time to give it a proper consumer review.  After more than six months of using this cheap Lenovo mouse we can conclude that it is a well-made product that is preferred in many offices and call centers because of its low price and durability.