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HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA air-conditioner

HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA Tundra digital inverter  A/C – features and specifications

HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA is an affordable inverter air conditioner with very good characteristics and extremely appealing price tag. I have used couple of Haier A/C systems so far and I can say I was very pleased with they performance, especially with the cooling part. Heating was not OK, but not great, mostly because these were regular split systems rather than digital inverters.

Here are HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA  main specifications
NAME Inverter A/C
EER 3.21
COP 3.61

Product features
• Completely silent operation: Through sophisticated Quiet setting, you can achieve noise reduction up to 20db (A), by controlling the compressor frequency, the fan speed and air flow.
• Smart air distribution: Automatic airflow upstream in the cooling or vertically during heating that air is automatically distributed throughout the room without direct exposure to the human body.
• Seeping comfort: The temperature setting and the background noise can be adapted to the more ideal level when you select the function “Sleep” during sleep.
• Eurovent Certification is certified by Eurovent organosmo for ektimiseis performance of air conditioning units in accordance with European standards. Warrants to the end user that the listed features of your machine (power consumption, performance, noise, etc.) is accurate and in accordance with design features.
• Ease of Installation
• Easy and fast motor repair
• Connect tubing from 2 sides
• Intelligent air distribution
This A/C costs around $350.

The new Samsung Galaxy J7 - one of the long-awaited phones for 2018

Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 is finally here, here is everything you need to know about the SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS

Vectra C - second hand car for the masses

Opel and Vauxhall Vectra C is one of the most preferred second hand cars today and here is why - car advantages, minuses and consumer opinion

Vectra C second hand car
Vectra C - second hand car

Vectra C pros     
                                             Cons and problems
  • Cheap                                                               Wear issues in the interior
  • Relatively reliable                                             Weak engines 
  • Comfortable                                                      Harsh ride 
  • Variety of engines - petrol and diesel

Don't get me wrong, Vectra C has its problems and issues and I would say there are plenty of opportunities in this car. But considering its price as a second hand car and the cheap maintenance it turns out as one of the most preferred used vehicles on the European market (Vauxhall in UK, Opel in the rest of Europe).

Digihome 49UHDHDR TV

Digihome 49UHDHDR 49 inch 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV

Main features

  • Size: 49 inch diagonal
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart TV: Yes
  • Android: No
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Price: Around £200

You have probably noticed that I like Digihome televisions a lot. In today's review I will take a look at the 49 inch 4k Ultra HD LED TV Digihome 49UHDHDR. This is one of their latest premium televisions, equipped with build-in WiFi for the Smart TV applications and HDR technology for enhanced picture quality.

Design and build quality
The Digihome 49UHDHDR has a simple design and if I have to be honest it looks kind of cheap to me. And don't get me wrong I like televisions with simple and elegant looks but that is not one of them. The plastics it is made of look cheap and the TV frames are not as thin as I would like them to be. The stand of the TV is located in the middle and gives it a stable look.

I am pretty much sure that the 49UHDHDR would be quite durable product but I wish it has some premium features in the design aspect.

Picture quality
In regards to picture quality the Digihome 49UHDHDR is one of the most advanced televisions that the company has released so far. The HDR feature is really a rear one for the brand. The Digihome 55292UHDSFVPT2 that we reviewed few weeks ago had the 4k resolution but without the HDR (I am not sure if that is related to the screen size in any way). In general you should expect good picture quality from the 49UHDHDR but not among the best in the segment.

Smart TV
The Digihome 49UHDHDR is a Smart TV but unfortunately not an Android one. Here we have the most popular apps connectable via WiFi - BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and many others.

I saw this TV on sale the other day, offered for £329.00 (in UK). I think that is a bit steep, considering Digihome is not a premium brand. Personally, I wouldn't invest over £200-250 for a Digihome TV, no matter the size or specifications.

I hoe you find this information useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this 4K Digihome TV in the comment section below. Thank you!
LG 49UJ620V is one of the affordable 4K LED TVs that I would recommend

Crown 32133 LED TV - my review

My review of the cheap 32 inch HD LED TV - Crown 32133

Crown 32133 TV - since the World Cup in Russia already began my focus for reviews will be targeting mostly LED televisions. Today we are taking a closer look at an affordable 32 inch HD LED TV offered by Crown - 32133.

Crown 32133 main features:
  • Size: 32 inch
  • Resolution: HD 1366 x 768 pixels
  • 3D TV: No
  • Smart TV: No
  • DVB-T tuner: Yes
  • DVB-T2 tuner: No
  • DVB-C tuner: Yes
  • Teletext: Yes
  • Dolby sound: No
  • HDMI: Yes, 3x
  • USB: 1x
  • Scart 1x


The biggest advantage of the Crown 32133 television is its price. Currently it is offered around $160. It is sold mostly in Eastern Europe. The picture quality you can expect here is pretty decent. The sound quality is basic to low. In this price range probably its biggest competitor would be the newly released NEO LED-3229 which is even a bit cheaper.

Samsung UE32J4000 LED TV – my review


No Dolby sound supported. Well that is pretty much expected in this price point. But in order to compete with the cheapest Samsung and LG TVs Crown would need to invest a bit more in their affordable televisions.

Well, I know that is a pretty basic review of the Crown 32133 LED TV but I wanted to give you some insights on this not so popular small television. I would more than happy if any of you has some first hand experience with it and share it with us. Of course I would recommend you to check the rest of our TV Reviews for more detailed information and specifications.

Delays in the official release of the long waited Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F still not delivered in tech stores, consumers are impatient

Samsung's J-series smartphones turned into real success in the last couple of years. The  Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F leaked couple of months ago but we couldn't see the final version which is yet to be released in markets around the world.

What is the delay caused by?

Well, I am not really sure but it bothers many Samsung fans. We are already in the middle of 2018 and we still haven't seen official release of the  Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F. I made a research to see what might be the reasons for that but couldn't find a firm answer (probably testing faulty batteries... just kidding).

Here is what we already know about the J7 (2018) SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS (dual SIM):

  • For the 2018 edition Samsung will keep the same trend with the J7. We will see dedicated operating buttons at the bottom front part under the 5.6 inch Super AMOLED screen.

  • On the back side of the phone we will see the biggest change for the new model – dual-camera with flash (16MP probably)

  • The J7 (2018) would be priced around $350.

Audi Q8 promises to be one of the most interesting SUVs on the market in the years to come

The all new Audi Q8 was already revealed and it promises high-end technology with extravagant design features

Audi Q8 was long waited by most Audi fans, just like BMW fans wait for the X7. And now that both SUVs are about to be released on the market we will take a closer look at the Q8 which looks like it will be one of the most technologically advanced SUVs on the market in 2019.

Not to waste anymore of your time, here is a short video presentation of the new Audi Q8:

The best 32 inch LED TVs I would recommend for 2018 and why

Presenting you my list with the best 32 inch HD and Full HD LED televisions for 2018 and the reasons why they are in the list

There are so many different TVs on the market these days that some of you may find it really hard to choose from the bunch. That is why I decided to make this short list with the best 32 inch LED televisions for 2018 and why I decided that they are good fit for this list. So, lets not waste more of your time, here is the list:

  1. Samsung UE32J4000 - best mid-range offer and value for money deal - this TV is one of the most popular 32 inch HD LED TVs in Europe. It is known for its good picture quality simple and yet stylish design and very good build quality. Last week I had the chance to test it for couple of days and in the next few lines I will share my impression with the UE32J4000 / in my case UE32J4000AW/.

  2. NEO LED-3229 - cheapest 32 inch HD LED TV.  The NEO LED-3229is a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV sold mostly in Eastern Europe.

  3. Samsung UE32M5002 - best entry level TV for 2018. This is an entry-level 32 inch Full HD TV, offering very good picture quality and solid build quality.

  4. Sencor SLE 3217TC - best newcomer brand. It is cheap, provides acceptable picture quality, decent sound.

  5. Star-Light 32DM3500 - best cheap 32 inch LED TV manufactured in Eastern Europe - Romania.

Well, this is my short list with the TVs I would recommend buying in 2018. I know it is not many of you that would be interesting in purchasing 32 inch TV as this is considered quite small these day but still I hope it will be valuable info for those of you who need a smaller kitchen or bedroom TV.

JVC LT-32C672 Smart LED TV - my review

My review of the 32 inch HD Smart LED TV JVC LT-32C672

Today at my consumer product blog we will take a closer look at another affordable 32 inch HD LED TV - the Smart JVC LT-32C672. This budget oriented television is offered mainly in UK for the price of just £260. Some of may find it a bit expensive for such a small screen and that is the reason I used the word "affordable" as I wouldn't say this JVC TV is cheap. To get better idea for the TV here are the specifications of the LT-32C672:

Bush DLED32265HDDVDB 32 inch LED TV with DVD - my review

Reviewing the 32 inch TV with DVD Bush DLED32265HDDVDB - pros and cons of having a combo TV

Bush TVs are not very popular and many of you who are located outside UK haven't even heard of the Bush brand. The HD TV that I will review today is the 32 inch Bush DLED32265HDDVDB  and it is quite an interesting television due to the fact that it is a combo 2 in 1 device combining LED TV and built-in DVD player. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a combo TV we will find out in the next few lines.

TV specifications

Picture quality:

LED TV Screen
HD Ready display resolution
Motion rate 50Hz
Viewing angle 178/178 degrees
Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels


Screen size: 32 inches
Size of TV H43.8, W73.5, D9.7cm
Size of TV with stand: H47.8, W73.5, D18.5cm
Weight of TV 6.4kg (unpackaged)
Weight of TV with stand: 6.95kg
Footprint of TV 38.4cm
Suitable for wall mounting 200 x 100 bracket
Length of cable: 1.35m
Packaged size H58.5, W91.5, D15.4cm
Packaged weight 9kg

Sound quality:

DTS sound system.
2 x 6 watt RMS power output.


1 SCART socket, 1 USB port and 2 HDMI sockets
Component video socket
Composite socket
VGA input socket
Headphone socket
AV socket
Ethernet connection

Energy efficiency information:

Energy efficiency rating: A+
Energy efficiency index (EEI) 0.2
On mode power consumption 31 watts
Off mode power consumption 0.3 watt
Annual power consumption 45kWh
Standby power consumption 0.5 watt

Digital features:

Features USB video playback
Freeview HD digital tuner
Freeview HD (UK)
CI plus slot

Additional features:

Sleep timer
Parental controls

My review

I personally think that buying LED TV with DVD player combo is not a good idea since in most cases this would be a sacrifice in  quality. Many of the consumers who bought the Bush DLED32265HDDVDB reported faulty DVD player or other quality oriented issues. Other than that for the price of just £200 it is definitely good value for money.

Samsung UE32J4000 LED TV - my review

My review of the 32 inch HD LED TV Samsung UE32J4000 / UE32J4000AW/

Samsung UE32J4000 review - this TV is one of the most popular 32 inch HD LED TVs in Europe. It is known for its good picture quality simple and yet stylish design and very good build quality. Last week I had the chance to test it for couple of days and in the next few lines I will share my impression with the UE32J4000 / in my case UE32J4000AW/.

Samsung UE32J4000 specifications

  • Type: LED TV
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768 - HD
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Non-smart TV
  • Viewing angle - 170
  • 3D TV: No
  • Sound: 2 x 5W stereo speakers
  • Average energy consumption: 28W
  • HDMI: Yes x2
  • Scart: 1x
  • USB: 1x supports media player
  • Energy efficiency class: A+

My experience with the Samsung UE32J4000

The first time I had the chance to watch TV on the  UE32J4000AW was last week while on my vacation on the seaside. The first thing I noticed was that the TV was mounted on the wall pretty well and that was a huge plus since the space was kind of small and it really didn't take any attached neatly in the wall. So thanks Samsung for the well thought wall mount option.
Samsung UE32M5002 32 inch Full HD LED TV
The picture is pretty good even though the cable TV reception wasn't particularly good. The viewing angle of around 170 degrees means watching from different angles was no issue at all. Color reproduction was also good. Overall I have no complaints from the picture quality whatsoever.

Sound - thanks to the quality 5W speakers the TV sounded really nice with good levels across the lows and the highs. Unlike the sound problems I had with the NEO LED-3229 (one of its cheaper competitors) the Samsung UE32J4000 sounds really pleasant.

Overall impressions

I really liked watching TV on the Samsung UE32J4000 even just for couple of days. It has a remote control that is easy to operate with, delivers decent picture quality and sound. Together with the nice design and wall mountable stand this television turns into one of the better deals for a sub-$300 HD LED TV in the 32-39 inch non-smart TV segment.

I would definitely recommend the Samsung  UE32J4000/ UE32J4000AW.
Samsung UE32H5030 TV review

Sound problems and issues with NEO LED-3229 TV

NEO LED-3229 TV produces really awful sound but is it related to the quality of the speakers or it is an isolated problem?

After testing the cheap 32 inch LED TV NEO LED-3229 TV for couple of days we analyzed most of its pros and cons. The sound quality was definitely not one of its strong points but is this really the actual factory state of the TV or there might be some kind of issue with the TV we reviewed. Lets discuss the symptoms to find out:
  1. Poor sound quality and playing with the settings and presets - when I first turned the TV on the sound it produced was flat, without any sufficient bass and treble. Luckily there are settings to change these settings and turn them up. Unfortunately after half an hour playing with these settings and testing the surround preset the result I got was even worse than what I heard initially.

  2. Could it be an issue with the TV- NEO LED-3229 TV has really small and flat downfiring speakers located on the bottom of the TV frame. If I have to be honest I don't think there are any factory issues with them as I didn't hear any rattle or strange sounds.

The cheapest new 32 inch LED TV in 2018

My verdict would be that no matter that this is one really cheap TV NEO should really invest $2-3 and put better speakers in their televisions. Other than that everything is as expected, low to average build quality and decent picture, good set of ports and connection options.

I would love to hear your opinion in case you own a NEO TV and let me know what you think about the sound quality, I would much appreciate it.

Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU TV specifications

Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU TV features, specifications and quick product review

Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU TV specs
Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU
Hey dear consumers! Today we will take a closer look at one of Samsung's best selling 32 inch Full HD LED TVs - the Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU.

Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU TV specifications
Product Description Samsung UE32M5500AK 5 Series - 32" LED TV
Product Type LED-backlit LCD TV - Smart TV
Diagonal Class 32"
Colour Dark titan
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Display Format 1080p (Full HD)
Motion Enhancement Technology 600 Picture Quality Index
Video Interface Component, composite, HDMI
HDMI Ports Qty 3 ports
Connectivity Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth
LCD Backlight Technology LED backlight - Micro Dimming Pro
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
TV Tuner 1x analogue, 1x digital
Digital TV Tuner DVB-C, DVB-T2
Picture Enhancements Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, Digital Clean View, HyperReal Engine, Mega Contrast, Ultra Clean View, contrast enhancer, Accessibility High contrast, PurColor
Speaker System 2 speakers
USB 2 ports
Remote Control Standard remote
Voltage AC 230V (50/60 Hz)
Energy Class Class A
Power Consumption Operational 65 Watt
Power Consumption (On mode) 41 W
Energy Consumption per Year 60 kWh
Dimensions (WxDxH) - without stand 73.04 cm x 5.51 cm x 43.37 cm
Weight 5.5 kg
Price: £250

Top 3 reasons why I would consider buying the LG 49UJ620V

These are the most important features and specs of the Samsung UE32M5520AKXXU TV. Check the rest of our TV reviews for more information and new models.

Top 3 reasons why I would consider buying the LG 49UJ620V

LG 49UJ620V is one of the affordable 4K LED TVs that I would recommend before the World Cup in Russia

LG 49UJ620V review

LG 49UJ620V review - there are couple of reasons I would recommend this 49 inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV but lets start with the specs first:
  • Image resolution: 3840 x 2160 IPS
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: Ultra Luminance
  • True Motion refresh 100
  • Active HDR
  • HDR10
  • HLG
  • Color Master Engine
  • 4K Upscaler
  • True Color Accuracy
  • HDR Effect
  • Smart TV: YES

The cheapest new 32 inch LED TV in 2018 - NEO LED-3229

We review one of the cheapest HD LED TVs for 2018 - the 32 inch NEO LED-3229

NEO LED-3229 - the cheapest 2018 LED TV
Here at For consumers we review cheap LED televisions quite often because we believe there are very good picks for less money. The NEO LED-3229 is a 32 inch HD LED television and currently it is one of the cheapest sold on European market. Now lets take a look at its main features and specifications:

UTOK U24HD3 vs Blaupunkt 24/207O – small TVs in review

  • TV size (inches): 32
  • Resolution: HD
  • Price: 130 Euro
  • HDMI ports: 1
  • USB ports: 1
  • Stereo speakers: Yes
  • WiFi: No
  • Smart TV: No
  • Wall mountable: Yes
  • Digital tuner: Yes, DVB-T+C

NEO LED-3229 is a cheap 32 inch TV made in China

NEO LED-3229 is a pretty good choice for a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV - here is why

NEO LED-3229

We have reviewed many cheap TVs in the last couple of months and today we are taking a closer look at another one. The NEO LED-3229 is a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV sold mostly in Eastern Europe. NEO is a preferred manufacturer of cheap electronics targeting mostly business customers like hotels, guest houses and others who need cheap brand new equipment for their properties.

The most impressive feature of the NEO LED-3229 is its price. The tested model we will talk about today has a price tag of just 130 Euros. This of course is very cheap, especially for a TV made in China. Yest, the LED-3229 is assembled/manufactured in China, unlike many other cheap TVs offered in Bulgaria and Romania which are mostly made somewhere on the Balkans or in Turkey.


The TV itself is packaged in a decent box and doesn't leave the impression of cheap low quality product.

Picture quality

The NEO LED-3229 picture quality depends mostly on the source of signal/stream that you will be using. I have tested it with multiple cable TV operators and honestly wasn't impressed with the picture quality but that was mostly because of the bad reception of those local TV operators that I had to use. On the other hand HD content with proper resolution comes out really nice on the NEO LED-3229. Color reproduction is OK, colors are vivid and brightness levels are more than adequate for a TV in this price range. Viewing angles are also OK, not the best in class of course.


The sound... is horrible. The NEO LED-3229 is equipped with two small speakers which produce some of the worst sound that I have listened from a television recently. They are truly bad, no matter what settings I tried it always turned out very bad. I guess NEO just thought that most users will plug in external source of sound which by the way is pretty easy thanks to the 3.5 mm headphone jack that is available on the back of the TV. If you don't want to spend too much I would just recommend you to plug in a cheap (15-30 Euro) 2.1 sound system and forget about the horrible speakers of the NEO LED-3229. Honestly, some smartphones that I have tested have better and louder speakers compared to these in the LED-3239.

Ports and connectors

One thing that really surprised me here is the fact that this TV has an overall of 3 HDMI ports which is really rare to see in a cheap 32 inch TV (we have only 2 in the much more expensive Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650). Other than that here we have 1x USB port with media player support, 1x VGA, 1x Scartx, 1x CI, 1x Coxial, 3.5 mm headphone jack and couple of others seen in the specs list below:

Remote control

The remote control copies the designs I have seen in some premium brands. It is ergonomic and easy to use most of the time, the buttons are big and ergonomic. The menu set up takes some time to get used to but I can say the same thing about most TVs I use for the very first time.

My opinion

As an active consumer I use a lot of electronics from various brands and I usually don't judge by the looks or the name. I am well aware that the NEO LED-3229 is very far from the best 32 inch televisions offered on the market. But just think about the price and what you are getting for less then $150 - a brand new TV set with good picture quality and easy to use menu.

LG 32LJ500U – cheap 32 inch LED TV