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Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER solar titanium watch reviewed

Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER radio controlled titanium solar watch test, specifications and review

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER watch
Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER titanium solar watch

In today's review I will be testing my all new watch Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER. Actually I have already been with this one for a about a week so I will not only share its specs but also my first impressions on this radio controlled titanium watch.

Main product features:
  • Titanium material - ultralight
  • Waveceptor - very accurate, gets remote signal from couple of towers located around the globe
  • Solar watch - extremely durable solar powered battery

Great first impression

To begin with this is my second Casio titanium watch and I am very pleased with it - I have it for more than 10 years and from what I remember I changed battery only once so far. The main feature that drives most people into buying titanium watches is the fact that their are extremely lightweight and also very comfortable compared to standard stainless steel watches. The WVA-M640TD-1AER weighs only 90 g which is about half the weight of an average steel chronograph.

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Now lets take a look at couple of high quality images of this very interesting and technologically advanced watch before I continue with its main features:

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER looks very simple and yet elegant which is perfect for everyday use. It will definitely fit any casual outfit including sportswear. I myself really like the clean design and the comfort this watch offers. What also impressed me is how quick and easy the length corrections of the titanium band are made thanks to a small plastic device that is included in the package. It took me literally 2-3 minutes to adjust the preferred length on my watch.


This titanium Casio watch is solar powered (solar cell provides power for operation) but it also keeps accurate time thanks to its radio technology. What the Wave Ceptor technology does is detect and receive signal from any of the towers located around the Globe and automatically sets the correct time with very high accuracy once the signal is in reach.

Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER has plenty of other interesting features which you can specifically find in the official Casio website. The best thing about this watch is that no matter the cutting edge technology implemented in this cool gadget it remains relatively affordable offered at just a bit above $200.

So if you are searching for a cool chronograph watch which is also extremely comfortable I would strongly recommend you the Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER.

2018 update: I am still wearing this smartwatch on a daily basis and it is super comfortable. It is one of my all time favorite Casio watches. Yes, it is not a design piece but those who like simple and elegant watches with extremely lightweight and durable bracelet, then the Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER is the one for you.

I would be happy to hear from other Casio owners in the comments section. Please let me know what you think about this watch or the one you are currently having. Thanks!

Lenco CoolTab 72 - cheap 7-inch Android tablet

Lenco CoolTab 72 tablet specifications and quick video review

CoolTab 72 tablet
Lenco CoolTab 72 tablet
Another day in the office and another interesting deal that we came upon at eBay's daily deals. In today's review we are taking a closer look at the cheap 7-inch Android tablet Lenco CoolTab 72.

The CoolTab 72 is budget oriented device and therefore doesn't offer anything special in its hardware specifications and it is all pretty basic stuff. The tablet has 7-inch TFT 16:9 display with maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Lenco CoolTab 72 is powered by 1.2Ghz dual-core processor and has only 512MB of DDR3 RAM. Here are the full tablet specifications of the CoolTab 72:
Processor: 1,2 Ghz dual-core CPU
RAM memory: 512 MB DDR3
4 GB internal memory
Display: 7" TFT 16:9 capacitive touchscreen display
Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
Operating system: Android 4.2
Wireless connectivity: WiFi (802,11 b/g/n)
USB input
Micro SD card reader for cards up to 32GB
HDMI output
3,5 mm earphones jack
Supports external USB 3G Dongle

Lenco CoolTab 72 quick video review


Currently at the official Lenco website the CoolTab 72 is offered for 109 Euros but you can also find it on sale online (at eBay UK) for just £39.99. The tablet is offered in couple of different color choices - pink, blue, black and yellow.