Teclast P10 4G LTE tablet specs

Teclast P10 4G LTE 10-inch tablet specifications 

Teclast P10 tablet specs

It is true that we haven't reviewed any cheap Chinese tablets recently such as Teclast or Freelander because we focused our attention elsewhere. Today I would like to present you one cheap 10-inch Android tablet from China - the 4G LTE tablet Teclast P10.

Are NEO TVs any good?

NEO LED TVs  prove to be pretty good considering the cheap price - see they pros and cons and if it is worth buying NEO television

NEO TV reviews

I am sur e many of you even haven't heard of the brand NEO. Well, they make cheap electronics, including kitchen appliances, heaters, and all other kinds of consumer goods.

NEO is very popular in Eastern Europe where many hotels are using NEO's goods for their rooms' electronics.

Here are the top 5 reasons I think NEO TV sets are worth buying:
  1. Very cheap - their TVs are really cheap and if you get one on sale, they become just a great deal.
  2. Relatively reliable - from what I've seen and heard so far NEO televisions are relatively reliable with average build quality and usually without any issues during the warranty period.
  3. Follow the latest trends - no matter we are talking about cheap products NEO are always trying to catch up with the bigger brands and follow innovation trends on the television market.

The new ridiculously looking BMW 7-series 2019

BMW designers are demonstrating real lack of vision for their flagship model in 2019 - video

There are lots off funny photos online with the latest BMW trend of enlarging the front grill to a size that makes the car look really ugly. I myself have always liked the 2-kidney signature design of almost every BMW out there but it is getting really frustrating these days and I will tell you why.

Head Sprint Pro women's tennis shoes consumer review

Consumer real world test and review of the stiff and not very comfortable women's tennis shoes Head Sprint Pro

Head Sprint Pro women's shoes
Head Sprint Pro - our review
Head Sprint Pro tennis shoes are very good looking tennis shoes, with attractive design and with couple color variations depending on the model you choose. Here are our first impressions with the shoes
  • Very good looking
  • Attractive design
  • Very stiff front part
  • Uncomfortable and tide on first try
I have seen these shoes with huge discounts recently but I am not sure why. It could be due to the 2.0 version of the Sprint Pro or just because of the negative feedback and many returns from customers who didn't like them. 

The Sprint Pro Indoor version on the other hand fixes many of the issues with the regular Sprint Pro model - softer breathing materials at the front part and better overall comfort.

Philips table grill review

My review of the popular table grill Philips HD4419/20 - manufacturer features and specs, price info and real world consumer test
Philips HD4419/20 table grill review

Philips HD4419/20 is one of the very popular table grills out there and together with the Tefal Malaga these two are my favorite grills I would recommend in 2019. 

Philips HD4419/20 in short (features and basic specs):
  • Product: Grill
  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: HD4419/20
  • Power: 2300W
  • Type: Ribbed/Smooth plate
  • Other: Adjustable thermostat
  • Price: $139
This is a classic table grill with two sections - ribbed and smooth. The plate itself has a solid non-stick coating so no worries getting those vegetables cooked just about right. The HD4419/20 is quite powerful with 2300W on board which would ensure flavor is sealed on initial touch with the plate.

My top 3 gadgets I used in 2018

My list with the top 3 electronic devices (gadgets) I used last year

Since 2018 is history I would like to share some feedback and impressions with the devices I used throughout the year. This short list will include electronic devices of all types, without any major criteria, just the most used and the ones I like the most. Also, it is not mandatory that these gadgets were bought in 2018 specifically, could be prior to that but used them last year.

What do we know about the Sharp LC32FI5542E?

Sharp LC32FI5542E - affordable 32-inch LED TV for the Italian market

Sharp LC32FI5542E TV

I am not sure if the beautiful design of the Sharp LC32FI5542E is due to the fact that is mostly sold in Italy where good design is valued a lot. Actually I have only seen Italian offers for this television at around 300 Euro which is quite some money for a 32-inch panel. But what does it have to offer for that amount? I would point out couple of key points here:

Samsung T24D390S - cheap 24 inch Smart TV

Samsung T24D390S is one of the cheapest second hand smart Samsung televisions for sale at eBay

Samsung T24D390S TV consumer opinion
Samsung T24D390S
As many of our readers know I research on TVs a lot. I like to find deals about big and small screens, premium or entry level panels, used or brand new. Today I would like to have a quick talk with you about a small 24-inch LED TV that I found at eBay for under $70 (used) - the Samsung T24D390S. It appeared that the lowest offer was faulty monitor though (yes this TV can be used as PC desktop monitor).

Wilson Ultra 100L Camo vs Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite

Tennis racket comparison between the Wilson Ultra 100L Camo and Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite

Wilson Ultra 100L Camo and Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite
Wilson Ultra 100L Camo and Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite ready for action 
Wilson Ultra 100L Camo and Wilson Blade  Team 99 Lite are two of the most versatile racket I have played recently. Actually they are so easy to play with, maneuverable and comfortable that I decided to keep them both - the Ultra 100L Camo to be my main tour racket and the Blade Team 99 Lite as a secondary, back up racket. Before I continue my comparison of the two Wilson rackets lets see how they look on paper:

Wilson Ultra 100L CamoWilson Blade Team 99 Lite
  • Model: Ultra 100L CAMO edition 
  • Weight (unstrung): 277 grams 
  • Head size: 100 inch (99.98 sq.in.) 
  • Length: 26.97 inch 
  • Balance unstrung: 12.8 inch (32.5 cm) 
  • String pattern: 16x19 
  • Material / Technology: Yoke Grommets; Power RIB 
  • Price: around $200
  • Brand: Wilson, Blade series
  • Model: Blade Team 99 Lite
  • Weight unstrung: 279 grams
  • Composition/Material: Graphite
  • Head size: 99.05 in²
  • Balance unstrung: 12.8 in
  • Length: 26.77 inches
  • Beam width: 22-24-22 mm
  • String pattern: 16x18
  • Price: $120

Tefal Principio BF512530 electric kettle

Features, specs and instructions for the Tefal Principio BF512530 1.2l electric kettle

Tefal Principio BF512530 electric kettle

Tefal Principio BF512530 is a great companion for any kitchen. This compact and cheap electric kettle warms and boils water up to 1.2 liters pretty fast. And even though I don't like plastic electric kettles I would recommend the Principio BF512530 only because it is made by Tefal.

Top 5 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6+ is my favorite smartphone for 2018, here is why

Samsung Galaxy A6+ top features
Samsung Galaxy A6+ looks great in black
I first saw the Galaxy A6+ couple of weeks ago and totally liked this smartphone. I think it is the best combination of style, functionality, form factor and price. 

Here is a list with the things that I can point out that will make the Samsung Galaxy A6+ a true best seller:

Samsung HW-M360/ZA soundbar - product review

Full product specifications and quick consumer review of the 200W soundbar system Samsung HW-M360/ZA

Samsung HW-M360/ZA product review

Samsung HW-M360/ZA is one of the best budget soundbars with subwoofer on the market these days. I saw it at eBay daily deals the other day for under $200.  What it has to offer, check in the following product specs and video overview:

  • Color: Black
  • Design Concept: Basic, Straight Soundbar Design
  • Number of Channels: 2.1
  • Total Power (W): 200
  • Frequency Response (amp): 45Hz~20KHz
  • Packaging Type: One Packing

What happened after I polished my headlights

Polishing my car headlights took about an hour, see the results

my car with headlights not polished
before I polish my car headlights 
I was long considering professionally cleaning and polishing the headlights of my 10-year old car. Couple of months ago I tried to do it myself with some car soap and a sponge but the result was not satisfactory. Last week I took my car to a dedicated garage that polishes headlights professionally - check out the result:

My opinion about Samsung Galaxy A6+

Our honest consumer opinion about the brand new Samsung Galaxy A6+ smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A6+  my opinion

I first tested the all new Samsung Galaxy A6+ a week ago when I had to make some renewal options for my mobile carrier. I was actually kind of surprised by the design language of the A6+ which looked more like the 2017 version of the J5 and J7 series.

That is not bad thing at all, just the association with older model from lower series somehow doesn't seem right.

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