SAMARM IAG Extreme vehicle

SAMARM IAG Extreme vehicle is build in Bulgaria

SAMARM - IAG Extreme
SAMARM armored machines, among which the impressive IAG EXTREME will be produced in Samokov, Bulgaria are extremely durable and adapted to very harsh conditions.

Top 5 TVs to recommend in 2019

In the search for the best LED TV for 2019, we offer you our consumer list of top ranked televisions this year

With so many new TV offers we are pretty much sure most of you are confused which ones are better and stand out from the rest. That is why we decided to prepared this short list with our top 5 ranked TV sets for 2019.

So, here is the list:
Sharp LC-43UI7352E  is na affordable smart television that I would totally recommend for its good picture, premium sound quality and variety of Smart TV features through the built in WiFi connection.
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