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Which are the best TVs on the market? What is our opinion and recommendations when buying a TV?

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Our guide to buying new TV

We hope that in the light of the follow-up analysis and comments, we will make it easier to choose and buy a TV to be really pleased with.
Today, we will look at the most important parameters and specifications for us and recommend a few example models.

LG 55UM7400 4k LED TV

LG 55UM7400 - 4k with Active HDR and a very good 55-inch IPS TV

LG 55UM7400
With so many offers out there it gets really hard to pick the right TV. That is why here at Test and Review are doing our best to give sensible advice, exact specifications and review as many televisions as possible.

Today we are taking a look at the 55-inch  LG 55UM7400 which is a wonderful LED TV with 4k IPS panel and Smart TV functions.
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Lenovo L27i-28 27-inch LED monitor

Lenovo L27i-28 27-inch LED monitor features and specifications

Lenovo L27i-28 is a nice looking and budget-friendly 27-inch LED monitor (different sizes of the same model are available). We are taking a look at its main features and specifications so you can get a bet idea as a consumer.

Lenovo Z6 Pro - phone specifications

Lenovo Z6 Pro main features and specifications, price info and consumer opinion

Lenovo Z6 Pro specifications

One of the popular mid-range smartphones these days is the Lenovo Z6 Pro which packs very adequate hardware, combined with Android 9.0 experience and quadruple-camera setup.

With its huge OLED screen and fast octa-core processor it looks like a real bargain considering the price of just $280.

Here is everything a consumer needs to know about the Lenovo Z6 Pro:

How good is the LG 43UM7000PLA TV?

Consumer overview comments about the 43-inch 4k TV LG 43UM7000PLA

 LG 43UM7000PLA TV review
Is buying the LG 43UM7000PLA worth it in 2020?

LG 43UM7000PLA
is the first TV we will be taking a closer look in 2020. It is a new year and we are expecting a lot if new models and innovations not only from LG but from all TV manufacturers. But today we will start with more or less a basic television which is budget oriented and will suit most TV needs of the average consumer.
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