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How to contact YouTube support

Couple of ways and suggestions for contacting YouTube support when some issue occurs

I noticed that recently YouTube developers make plenty of changes in the site interface and due to the account and privacy changes that are happening for all Google products. As you probably know most of Google services are merging in users' accounts so they can access these services with a single sign in and use the same credentials for the different services like YouTube, Google+, AdWords, AdSense, Blogger etc.

Which are the ways to contact YouTube

Well there are not many ways to contact YouTube support after the recent updates of the YouTube Help Center. I remember that once there was a contact form which was available for most users but yesterday I spent plenty of time searching for this form and I couldn't find it. Probably YouTube got enormous volume of cases created with this form and their support centers weren't able to handle them and that is why it is temporary (or permanently) removed. Actually YouTube added many new Help Center articles to their database so almost every issue would be covered by the information provided in these articles.

Basically Google wants to educate its users to search and find help on their own instead of directly contacting the support teams.

YouTube also added the 'Send feedback' option in Help preferences section but that is more of a one way communication rather that a form of dialog.

There is also a Contact us section where you can find the address and phone number of the YouTube headquarters:
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066 USA
Phone number: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Of course different Google business and premium customers like these registered with Google Apps for Business have the opportunity to use direct 24/7 email and phone support.

There are also few other ways for the regular YouTube user to contact support representatives but we will discus them some other time. What I would offer you is to take a look at one of the very interesting points of view about the latest Google search updates.

How to use your YouTube to mp3 converter?

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AOC e970Swn 18.5-inch LED monitor

AOC e970Swn 18.5-inch LED monitor price, features, specifications and quick review

AOC e970Swn 18.5-inch LED monitor
AOC e970Swn 18.5-inch LED monitor
AOC e970Swn is one of the latest and one of the cheapest monitors in the brand's model line. It is basically a 18.5-inch LED monitor with TN matrix and HD resolution of 1366 x 768. 

Here are the full specifications of the AOC e970Swn monitor:
Screen size: 18.5-inch
Screen technology: LED
Brightness: 200 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 700:1
Dynamic contrast ratio: 20,000,000:1
Display area: 41.0 x 23.0 cm
Screen width: 41.0 cm
Screen height: 23.0 cm
Colors: 16.7 Million
Pixel pitch: 0.3 x 0.3 mm
Response time: 5 ms
Tilt (Forward/Backward): -5 to +15
Resolution (Maximum): 1366 x 768 Pixels  WXGA
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Interfaces/Ports: 15-pin D-sub VGA In
Power Consumption: 15 W
Power Consumption Standby: 0.5 W
Power Consumption Saving: 0.3 W
Product dimensions: Width: 43.74 cm; Depth: 15.6 cm; Height: 33.68 cm; Weight: 2.8 kg
Wall mountable: Yes

As you can see the AOC e970Swn has pretty basic specifications. The manufacturer did their best not to put anything additional to this monitor in order to keep the price very low. The 200 cd/m2 brightness and lack of any interface and port choices clearly show that this meant to be the entry level model of the company. 
But considering the low price of just $120 on the US market and around £75 in UK this 18.5-inch AOC monitor suddenly becomes quite appealing.

And if you need bigger monitor with more features and better specs you can take a look at the AOC e2343Fi 23-inch Full HD LED monitor.
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Latest Google search updates

What happens to your site when it gets hit by the latest idiotic Google search updates??

Latest Google search updates

As much as I don't want to talk about this today I am going to pay some extra attention to the biggest search engine in the world. As you all probably know that is Google and this brand is no longer connected just to its search product but with numerous services that took over the Internet - just to mention that some of these include YouTube, Google+, Google Maps, AdWords, AdSense Google Apps, Google Drive and many others.

So you are probably wondering why am I serving you all this information that you are quite aware of. Well, it seems like while Google keeps on expanding its global markets and offers newer and newer services the company actually seems to forget how and why it became so popular. Internet search engines are used my millions of people every day, and the need for searching the right thing online drive a big part of our lives these days. What Google seems to forget is that the search engine is one of the most personal things in human's live these days. And believe me people do not like when someone messes with their personal stuff but that is what exactly Google is doing these days. The most popular search engine in the world is serving the most popular brands in the world instead of serving the average individual who made this service so popular. Now Google search seems to be more and more about marketing and less personal. That could be seen from each of the latest updates that Google makes to their search service.

So, what is Google doing and why search experience isn't getting any better?

What Google is actually doing is mostly targeting instead of serving, with every single search that you perform online you are actually part of a big marketing campaign. Basically when you are using the search engine now you don't actually search like you once used to do. When you type something in the search bar you are just requesting the results of the biggest brands and the most active advertisers online. You are just requesting information which is predefined to for your needs and what the search thinks you need.

Why is your site kicked out of the search results?

The answer to this question is really simple - because you are small, insignificant and these don't lead to success in our modern world. And what Google likes is success and successful stories, they make everything more appealing.

Please excuse me if you expected some technical data in this article, I am not going to discuss it now, probably at some point later. I just wanted to reach these thousands of unsuccessful stories with a simple message - don't give up on your brand and your product. Everything you do in this life is valuable, even if it doesn't show up on top of search results. If you are consistent at what you do and you like doing it I can guarantee you that you will trick this strange machine that tells people what they want after typing just few words.

Probably some of you reading this post didn't get my idea with this. My point is that... actually I don't want to make any point, I am just typing some words that are going to trick this insensitive search machine but definitely won't trick you. Because you don't need the latest Google search updates, they need you, because just for reading this you are significant and you are valuable... and  you know it.

You can also find some useful info about How to recover from Google Penguin slap and learn something more about the new Drive activity stream.

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7" capacitive multi-touch Android 4.0 ALL WINNER A13 tablet deal at eBay

7" capacitive multi-touch Android 4.0 ALL WINNER A13 tablet deal at eBay - specifications

As you have probably already noticed we like to publish some interesting deals that we come while surfing the net. This time we are focusing our attention on a tablet deal at eBay where you can find a cheap 7" capacitive multi-touch Android 4.0 ALL WINNER A13 tablet for less than £45.
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Aquafresh In-Between Clean Medium toothbrush

Aquafresh In-Between Clean medium toothbrush with Flex Zone

Aquafresh In-Between Clean Medium tothbrush
Aquafresh In-Between Clean Medium toothbrush
Aquafresh In-Between Clean is one of the very popular toothbrushes and that is the main reason why we decided to make this quick review. The manufacturer claims that this toothbrush is designed to help cushion the gums and actually it does a real good job with that. 
Most people prefer the Medium Aquafresh In-Between Clean as it is the perfect balance of cleaning power and comfort. Actually I myself am using this toothbrush for couple of weeks now and I have to admit that I am very pleased with the results.
Aquafresh In-Between Clean MediumAquafresh In-Between Clean

Aquafresh In-Between CleanAquafresh In-Between Clean Medium toothbrush

Aquafresh In-Between Clean is slightly more expensive than most affordable toothbrushes but it is definitely not a high end toothbrush. In UK it is offered for around £ 2.50 and in the rest of Europe you can find it for around 2-3 Euros.
So if you are looking for good toothbrush at reasonable price you should definitely try the Aquafresh In-Between Clean Medium which is a very well balanced toothbrush offered at good price.
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Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u 7-inch 3G Android tablet

Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u 7-inch 3G Android tablet price, specifications and quick review

To be honest I don't really mind it if I have to make any reviews at Sunday. And though I don't particularly like Sundays they appear to be the perfect time to review a product at calm and quiet atmosphere.

This Sunday we are taking a look at one affordable 3G Android tablet from manufacturer Huawei - the Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u.

I don't know much about Huawei tablets but when I took a look at the full specifications of the MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u it looked liked a very well equipped device for the money:

2G Network HSDPA / UMTS / GPRS / GSM,Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

3G Network UMTS 900/2100MHz GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Model Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite (S7-931u)

CPU  1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A8

GPU 3D Graphics

Operating system; Android 4.0


Storage 8GB

Extend microSD(TF) up to 32GB

Camera 0.3Mp front + 3.2Mp rear

Screen Size 7 inch IPS Capacitive screen 1024*600

Screen Output/HD Support HDMI 1080P

Bluetooth supports, Bluetooth 3.0

WIFI WIFI Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

Phone Call Support

GPS Yes,GPS/A-GPS support

Battery life 4100mAh, Over 6 Hours working time



Picture formats JPG/BMP/GIF

E-book formats TXT/PBD/PDF/EPUB/FB2/HTML

Color White

Item Dimensions 190 x 124 x 10.5 mm

Net Weight: 360g

Ports 1 x MINI USB port

1 x 3G Sim card slot 1 x TF card slot

1 x DC jack

I also found a very interesting video review for the Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite tablet

Well, for a cheap $200 tablet it doesn't look that bad at all, especially with the advantage of having 3G on board. I still cannot get it why some top manufactures like Samsung, Acer and Asus still offer tablets for $300 and above without 3G connectivity. I just don't get the point of carrying around some cutting edge gadget with numerous Internet apps without having the needed Internet connections to use them. But that is my point of view, I am sure there are people who are using their tablets for watching videos from SD cards, listening to music loaded from SD cards, surfing the contents from the ... SD card.

You can also download the full user manual from here: Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite manual.

Well, you see I got it all lazy for the today's Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u review serving you some useful information about this cheap 7-inch 3G Android tablet. But it is Sunday after all and I have other stuff to do so stay tuned and expect our better product reviews next week.
You can also take a look at our lazy Huawei S7 Pro MediaPad tablet review.

And please remember - always take a second thought when buying consumer electronics, do you really need all these gadgets or you just part of the huge Apple like marketing wave. As we like to say - buy less use more.

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ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router - price, specs and review

Price, specifications, full product test and review of the Wireless-N300 router ASUS RT-N12E

ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router
ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router

Today I will take care of the ASUS RT-N12E router review - couple of days ago I decided to finally buy new router for one of our offices. Actually I took advantage of a promotion in a very popular local online tech store which had a 15% discount of all Asus routers. I was choosing between couple of their wireless routers including the budget ASUS RT-N10E, the Asus RT-N10U but finally decided to buy the mid-range ASUS RT-N12E Black Diamond EZ Wireless-N 300.

ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router boxRT-N12E

RT-N12E boxASUS RT-N12E contents

I have to admit that before that I didn't even know that Asus offers such wide range of wireless networking solutions but as it seems they are taking pretty big pie of this market and I think they will grow significantly in near future.

ASUS RT-N12E is a good looking device, made entirely of hard and durable plastics.The so called blacked diamond design that Asus is using for their router model range looks much better on picture than it really is but still the N12E is a stylish looking gadget.

ASUS RT-N12E rear side and ports

So lets say a few words about the main specifications of the ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router. This basically is a pretty fast 300Mbps wireless router with two external 2 dBi antennas for better coverage. Asus offers the same router with 5dBi antennas but I decided that actually we don't need such big coverage and from what I know the 2dBi antennas perform a bit better when used in close range as they don't get that many distortions from distant networks. I think the RT-N12E offers just enough coverage for every home and office user but of course if you need bigger coverage there are plenty of other routers which can offer it.

And here are some of the other important specs of the ASUS RT-N12E:

Network Standard - IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11d, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.11i, IEEE 802.11e, IPv4

Data Rate:
  • 802.11b : 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
  • 802.11g : 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
  • 802.11n : up to 300Mbps

Encryption :64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, Radius with 802.1x, WPS support

Firewall: NAT and SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)

Filtering: Port, IP packet, URL Keyword, MAC address

ASUS RT-N12E LEDASUS RT-N12E router indicators

I had this router just for a few days now and I have to say I am very pleased with the performance of the ASUS RT-N12E. The set up was fast and easy and the speed and range of the router are also quite good. I was very happy of the fact that a setup guide and CD were provided in the package and when setting up the router for the first time the router cloned the MAC and IP from our current DSL network so I didn't need to enter them manually or call the ISP for instructions.

Another thing that definitely deserves to be pointed out is the fact that this router consumes very low energy and is quite energy efficient compared to other routers from this class. ASUS RT-N12E also stays pretty cool even when used for many hours, something that really deserves admiration - well done Asus.

RT-N12E router

I have to say that so far I am really impressed of the ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router. I think that I would hardly find any better router for the price of just under 30 Euros. We will use it for some time and I will definitely share more impressions of it but for now it is all pretty good.

And if you are in the search for affordable Wireless N router you can also take a look at the Netgear DGN2200 wireless router.
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