ASUS WT425 - a budget optical wireless mouse to buy in 2023

Couple of reasons why we think the ASUS WT425 mouse is one of the best choices for a budget mouse in 2023

ASUS WT425 wireless optical mouse

It has been a while since we last made a proper optical mouse review. Probably the reason for that is that we settled with couple of mice for work most of our work - these would be the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed and the Razer DeathAdder Essential

Today we will take a look at something cheaper - the budget ASUS WT425 optical wireless mouse.

What do we know about the KRUPS GENIO S PLUS KP3408 automatic coffee machine

Consumer product information before we test the KRUPS GENIO S PLUS KP3408 automatic coffee machine

pods coffee machine

The KRUPS GENIO S PLUS KP3408 is on standby mode before its first test. Today we will share why we chose this automatic coffee machine with coffee pods. 

Here are the main purchase factors that made us buy the KRUPS GENIO S PLUS KP3408: 

Which is the best Lorus chronograph watch?

Our opinion why the Lorus RT383HX9 is probably the best chronograph watch in their model line

Lorus chronograph watch

We have tested and reviewed many watches throughout the years and of course we have some favorites among them. But one watch that we actually bought almost two years ago really surprised us - the Lorus RT383HX9.

Probably it's because it has a combination of features that matter for a good but yet budget chronograph watch. Here are some of them:

Christmas spirit at Test and Review

Our wonderful Christmas tree

Today we are not going to share any interesting reviews or product specifications. In the last couple of weeks you have probably enjoyed beautiful pictures form Christmas decorations from all over the world. So we decided it is tame to give our part and share what we have around - it will be just our Christmas tree, already decorated and shining.

Christmas with Test and Review

Hopefully it will bring you some of the Christmas spirit which should not only be associated with buying stuff but also with caring and sharing time and good emotions with everyone around. 

Have an awesome holiday ahead and of course stay tuned for many interesting products and reviews!

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Edifier X5 earbuds - few weeks later

Our consumer experience with the wireless earbuds Edifier X5 after couple of weeks of testing

earbuds feedback

It has been couple of weeks since we first tested the true wireless earbuds Edifier X5 so we just wanted to give some additional consumer feedback.

Edifier is known for producing high-quality audio equipment with a sleek design and advanced features. Generally speaking, we are pretty much pleased with the performance of the X5 in almost all aspects of the product. We will split these into couple of categories so it would be easier to explain all we know about this product.

Hisense A6BG 43A6BGTUK 4k Smart TV - is it worth buying?

Checking the main features and product specifications of the 43-inch 4k Smart TV Hisense A6BG 43A6BGTUK

Hisense A6BG 43A6BGTUK TV

For those that follow our consumer blog, you have probably noticed that the 43-inch size is among our favorite when we discuss TVs. The reason behind is that it is quite a versatile size that does well for watching TV, playing games and even home cinema in some occasions.

Today we are taking a look at the 43-inch Hisense A6BG 43A6BGTUK which is mostly sold in UK at a pretty decent price.
The Hisense A6BG 43A6BGTUK is a 43-inch LED TV produced by the Chinese electronics company Hisense. It is a smart TV that supports various streaming services and has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. It also has several features such as HDR, motion smoothing, and a wide viewing angle.

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JVC LT-32CF600 - 3 things that prove that is a good 32-inch TV under £200

Presenting the JVC LT-32CF600 and why we thing that it is a good purchase


Days around Christmas are always associated with shopping and buying presents. But don't forget that Christmas spirit is not about the gifts but more about sharing and caring about others. 

With that in mind, today we will give you noting else but some information about why we think that the 32-inch Smart TV JVC LT-32CF600 is a good purchase in the end of 2022.
The JVC LT-32CF600 is a 32-inch LED TV produced by JVC. As it's a entry-level TV, it may not have all the features and specifications of more high-end models, but it should still provide a decent viewing experience.
It has a HD resolution (1366 x 768) which is standard in most of the entry-level TVs, also, it has a good contrast ratio which will provide decent picture quality. However, it may not have features such as 4K resolution, smart capabilities, and wide viewing angle.

Is Elon Musk really visiting Belogradchik, Bulgaria?

Bulgarians are super excited around the possible visit of Elon Musk in Belogradchik, Bulgaria

Elon Musk Belogradchik
Image: Twitter

There was a huge hype around the news that Elon Musk might be visiting Bulgaria in the beginning of 2023. 
All this happened after just one tweet reply under a beautiful image of the Belogradchik rocks in Twitter. 

JVC LT-24CA120 - cheap small TV in UK

Checking the main features and specifications of the cheap small TV offered in UK - the JVC LT-24CA120


The 24-inch LED TV segment is not very populated in the last couple of years but there are still some good offerings out there. 

Today we are looking at the cheap UK offered JVC LT-24CA120 which impresses with rich Smart TV features. 

The LT-24CA120 has typical for small TV resolution of 1366x768 which by some standards can be considered quite low but don't forget that these pixels are located on just 24-inch. 

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How good is the 32-inch Sharp 32BI3K Smart LED TV?

Checking the main features and specs of the 32-inch Android TV Sharp 32BI3K

Sharp 32BI3K is not the most popular TV in the segment but it definitely has some good features. Many consumers already bought new TV around the 2022 Black Friday shopping campaign but some of you will do that around Christmas as well.

It is an entry-level model with a HD resolution (1366x768) and a wide viewing angle. It also has a high contrast ratio, which can help to produce a good picture quality. This TV comes with standard features such as a built-in tuner, multiple video and audio inputs, and an energy saving function.
However, Sharp 32BI3K doesn't have some of the more advanced features found on higher-end models such as 4K resolution or smart capabilities.