Sony KDL-32EX650 TV - 7 years later

After 7 years of service the Sony KDL-32EX650 still works like a charm

Sony TV
Sony KDL-32EX650 in 2020

When we bought the 32-inch Sony KDL-32EX650 it wasn't considered a small TV by any means. Back then Sony KDL-32EX650 was one of the most expensive TVs in its class because of its amazing picture quality and Smart TV features. 

Trimmer deals for Black Friday

Our top recommendations if you are in the search for new trimmer / clipper

Philips trimmers

This year we had the chance to test couple of high-quality trimmers and some that were not that special. Today, we would like to share some useful info and specific models that you can target for the 2020 Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

One of its cons is that users cannot use it with the cable unless the battery is charged. We have some concerns that once the battery is gone, the trimmer would be good for trash. Other than that, the Multigroom series 5000 and the MG5720 are some of the best value for money products in this category.
  • Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 - more expensive trimmer in case you want to pay premium for a trimmer. This is a combo device with 23 pieces for almost any need you can think of.

  • Philips OneBlade - this one is the marketing star for Philips in 2020. It got advertised quite aggressively in the beginning of 2020 and now is one of the most popular devices for trimming and shaving. As Philips claims, this is not your regular trimmer, but a complete shaving solution. 

  • Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer - entry-level combo trimmer for those who need a multipurpose device at a budget price. Honestly, the MG3747 is a very capable device and definitely worth the money. 

  • Philips Series 1000 trimmer - this is a device that we have for almost two years but is still sold in some stores. The 1000 trimmer is compact and versatile device used mostly for nose and year trimming. You can also use it for shaping your beard. 

Just to make a quick clarification. You have probably noticed that all of the suggestions above are manufactured by Philips. Still, this is not a sponsored post and all of the information is from personal observation and experience. To be honest, we have tested several different brands through the years and started using mostly Philips trimmers because of their price to quality ratio.

Please feel free to share your suggestions and personal feedback related to trimmers and hair-clippers, we will appreciate the feedback! 

Sony 49XG7005 4k TV with Triluminos display

Product features and specifications of the 4k Smart TV Sony 49XG7005 (and 43XG7005)

I remember the first I saw a big-screen Sony TV with Triluminos display couple of years ago. I remember I was amazed by its rich colors and contrast which were truly second to none. Unfortunately the TV was quite expensive and never considered buying one. 

These days Sony are including the amazing Triluminos technology even in their mid-range TVs, just like the one will review today - the Sony 49XG7005 (and the smaller 43XG7005). 

The 2019 XG series from Sony offer a nice blend of Smart features, amazing picture quality and relatively affordable price tag. 

Dell P2421D QHD monitor

Quick product tour of the 24-inch QHD IPS monitor Dell P2421D

Dell P2421D QHD IPS monitor

We ordered the Dell P2421D 24-inch QHD IPS monitor couple of days ago and we can't wait to receive and test it for the first time. 

Unfortunately, orders these days have some significant delays, so meanwhile we decided to share some of its product features and specs.

LG 43UN71003LA 4k Smart TV

LG 43UN71003LA - product price, features and specification

LG 43UN71003LA 4k Smart TV

Just couple of days before Black Friday 2020 we will take a closer look at another good value for money product - the 43-inch 4k Smart TV LG 43UN71003LA (related models: 43UN71003LB and 43UN71003LC).

This LG TV comes at a very good price and offers nice, clean design and nice set of features like HDR and Smart TV.

What mouse to buy on Black Friday 2020

Choosing a good deal for new computer mouse on Black Friday 2020 - our advice 

2020 Black Friday mouse suggestions

We have tested some interesting and some very basic mouse options for your computer in 2020. Now, since we approaching Black Friday we would like to make a short recap and give you some advice in regards to buying mouse during the shopping rush next week. 

The suggestions we have prepared could be separated into couple basic categories but we will just start from cheap to more expensive:

Samsung UE43TU8072 - 4k Crystal Display TV

Quick product tour of the 43-inch 4k Smart Crystal Display TV Samsung UE43TU8072

4k Crystal Display TV

Samsung UE43TU8072 caught our attention the other day, mostly with its very good price to specifications ratio and the fact that it was a 2020 model. Samsung's Crystal Display technology seems to get more and more popular these days and even their entry level 4k panels have it together with a Crystal Processor 4k. 

HP EliteBook 745 G5 laptop - long-term review

Our first-hand consumer feedback after over a year with the HP EliteBook 745 G5 laptop

HP EliteBook 745 G5 laptop

After we spent over an year of using and testing the HP EliteBook 745 G5 ultrabook, we decided it is time to make a full product review. 

To begin with, what exactly is the EliteBook 745 G5? This basically is a compact laptop with high-end components designed mostly for business users. The most controversial part of this computer is the mobile Ryzen processor. Still many critics believe that AMD is not manufacturing the optimal mobile processors for laptops and that they have some more work to do before catch up with the latest generations Intel Core processors. 

We also think that AMD and the Ryzen series are getting in the right direction if talking about mobile processors. For PC we are quite happy with the desktop versions of the Ryzen machines we are using.

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad - our opinion

Our consumer feedback for the mighty business laptop Dell Latitude 5411 and its keyboard and touchpad

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard touchpad
Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard and touchpad

After 2 weeks of using the compact and powerful Dell Latitude 5411 laptop we can now provide you with some feedback about its keyboard and touchpad. We will talk about comfort of use, durability and also make a comparison to a direct competitor like the HP Ultrabook that we are also using on daily basis. 

Samsung QE75Q70TA 4k QLED TV

 Samsung QE75Q70TA 4k QLED TV review

Samsung QE75Q70TA 4k QLED TV

Couple of days before Black Friday we will be taking a closer look at a premium big-screen TV - Samsung QE75Q70TA 4k QLED. This huge 75-inch big screen TV is also quite expensive but that is probably expected, considering the size and what it offers.

Sharp 1T-C32BC4KHF2B - cheap Smart HD TV

Product information and specifications of the cheap Smart LED HD TV Sharp 1T-C32BC4KHF2B / Sharp 1T-C32BC4KH2FB

TV specs

It is just couple of days before Black Friday 2020 and many consumers are researching products from their favorite categories. Today we will try to help those of you who are targeting small TV set with smart features and also stay on a low budget. We will take a closer look at the features and specifications of the 32-inch HD LED TV Sharp 1T-C32BC4KHF2B (also known as Sharp 1T-C32BC4KH2FB).

Why the Panasonic Lumix GX9 is not good in 2020

Some major reasons why we might be moving away from Panasonic GX9 mirrorless camera (and MFT in general)

camera feedback

In the last year we did took thousands of pictures and recorded hundreds of videos with one of the better Micro 4/3 cameras - the Panasonic Lumix GX9. And even though we can say lots of positives about it, there are some major problems that really make us think about selling it and moving away from MFT in general. In the next few lines we will share these exact reasons.

Panasonic Lumix GX9 and Autofocus

There is so much said about this topic and this has been an issue not only with the GX9 but with almost all MFT cameras up to the benchmark video camera Panasonic GH5. The contrast-detect system just not deliver what consumers expect in 2020. There are just superior systems from competitors and some of them are quite competitively priced. 

Black Friday 2020 - our shopping suggestions

What to buy in 'pandemic' Black Friday in November 2020 - our suggestions

2020 shopping deals
Ready for the 2020 Black Friday shopping?

The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons and unfortunately not many of them are positive. All this time we try to stay positive and keep our focus on what we can do best - provide you first-hand consumer feedback information about products.

So, it is this time of the year when consumers open their pockets for large spending, first on November Black Friday and then for Christmas shopping. Today we will spend some time on discussing and suggesting you some quality items that we liked in 2020 and that we think would be a good buy for 2020 Black Friday.

Samsung 43TU7172 4k Smart TV

Price, features and specifications of the 43-inch 4k Smart TV Samsung 43TU7172

TV review

In today's product review we will share some details about a nice mid-sized 43-inch 4k Smart TV that was released in 2020 - the Samsung 43TU7172.

If you read any of our recent TV reviews you have probably noticed that we like this particular size panels (40 and 43-inch) since they are quite versatile and can serve lots of purposes. Like we always advice - please check your room size/dimensions to make sure your future TV is neither too small nor too big.

Testing the Head Graphene 360 Instinct S tennis racket

Having a nice day at the tennis court and testing the Head Graphene 360 Instinct S tennis racket

Head Graphene 360 Instinct S

We have the Head Graphene 360 Instinct S for almost a year now and we used this racket in more than 20 games, including couple amateur tennis tournaments during the summer. So it is time to share our honest feedback about the Instinct S and why we intend to keep this very capable tennis racket. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - video review

After one week of testing - here is what we think about the Dell Latitude 5411 business laptop in 2020 (consumer video review)

Dell Latitude 5411 laptop

It has been almost a week since we got the Dell Latitude 5411 laptop so it was time for a full consumer review. In today's video we have covered size and form factor as well as some important technical specifications:

LG OLED48CX6LB premium 4k OLED TV

Features, specifications and product info about the 48-inch premium 4k Smart OLED HDR TV LG OLED48CX6LB (OLED48CXPUB)


LG OLED48CX6LB is a premium 4k OLED TV with HDR and Smart/AI intelligent features that position it as one of the flagships of the company.

Since 2020 Black Friday and Christmas holidays are closing by we decided it is time to prepare some interesting suggestions for presents. Well, the LG OLED48CX6LB is quite expensive to be your average present but still if you find it on a good deal, we are pretty much sure the receiver will like it a lot.

Logitech B170 - cheap wireless mouse

Reviewing the small and quite cheap Logitech B170 wireless mouse

Logitech B170 mouse

Logitech B170 (also known as M170 on some markets) is a very compact and also quite affordable mouse. Actually, it is one of the cheapest offered by Logitech in 2020 at a price of under $20.

Today we will take a closer look at Logitech B170 main product features and specification and also share our feedback about it.

Dell Latitude 5411 keyboard

Taking a closer look at the latest Dell Latitude 5411 laptop and its keyboard

Latitude 5411 laptop

Since we have the Dell Latitude 5411 laptop for couple of days now, we decided that it is time to take a closer look at its components. We start with the keyboard since this is a part of the laptop that is used the most extensively. 

Dell Latitude 5411 - first impressions

Our first-hand consumer feedback after we got the brand new Dell Latitude 5411 business laptop

Dell Latitude 5411 laptop

We have just received the Dell Latitude 5411 and we wanted to share our impressions with this laptop. Today we will discuss its main hardware specifications, looks and of course share some pricing in different locations. 

Latitude 5411 review

DJI Mini 2 is now released

DJI just officially announced their brand new drone - the Mini 2 

Mini 2 drone
DJI just introduced their brand new Mini 2 drone

As we discussed with you the "Make your moments fly" teaser couple of days ago, we expected to see a brand new drone from DJI and it is now officially released. The company just introduced the new Mini 2 and just by the specs we believe it is going to be the new drone best seller.

And since we mentioned the specs, here is a list of the full product specifications of the new Mini 2 as announced by DJI:

What is "Make your moments fly" by DJI?

DJI with a new teaser "Make your moments fly" but what is it?

DJI Mavic Mini 2

So, what is the product behind the latest "Make your moments fly" teaser from DJI? That will be the topic today but before we jump straight to the product, lets take minute and go through the background and some details that may lead us to the correct assumption.

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