LG 49UN73006LA 4k Smart TV

LG 49UN73006LA 4k Smart TV - product features, specifications and price info

LG 49UN73006LA 4k Smart TV review

LG 49UN73006LA is one of those mid-range TVs that has everything needed for a good multimedia experience at home. 

With the right size of 49-inches, high 4k resolution and nice set of smart TV features the 9UN73006LA is a great buy in 2021, especially if you find it at good price.

Cello C2420G Android TV

Product tour of the cheap 24-inch Cello C2420G Android TV

Cello C2420G Android TV

Today we are taking a closer look at one not very popular TV - the Cello C2420G. This is basically a small 24-inch Android LED TV with a quite affordable price tag. 

Now lets take a closer look at the main features, product specifications and of course our honest opinion for the Cello C2420G.

Phanteks Eclipse P300A mesh edition

Phanteks Eclipse P300A (Air) mesh edition - PC case with good looks and airflow

Phanteks Eclipse 300A mesh edition

Today we test one of our favorite PC cases that we used for desktop builds - the Phanteks Eclipse P300A. Its mesh edition (also known as Air) provides good air flow thanks to the mesh front panel and also cooling wholes under the PSU and above the processor, of course including dust filters for both. 

                                    Phanteks Eclipse P300A box

Wilson Ultra 100L v3 - club player dream racket in 2021?

Wilson Ultra 100L v3 tennis racket review - better without Countervail?

Wilson Ultra 100L V3 test and review
Wilson Ultra 100L V3 tennis racket - our consumer feedback 

Since we first tested the first version of the Wilson Ultra tennis racket couple of years ago we totally loved it. It was precise and relatively easy to swing, with adequate power and decent flex. It was a very versatile racket which unfortunately lacked personality which was both good and a bad thing at the same time. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the 2020 edition of the Wilson Ultra 100L v3 which is the lightweight version of the popular series used by Gael Monfils, Borna Coric other professional players from the tour. 

Hisense 55A7100FTUK 4k Smart TV

Hisense 55A7100FTUK - product price, features and specifications

Hisense 55A7100FTUK 4k Smart TV

Hisense 55A7100FTUK is a mid-range 55-inch 4k Smart TV offered primarily in UK. With its big screen size the 55A7100FTUK is awesome for a big-sized living room and especially for watching movies. 

FFalcon 24F1 - cheap TV in Australia

FFalcon 24F1 - cheap small TV to buy in Australia in 2021

FFalcon 24F1 Australian TV
FFalcon 24F1 - cheap Australian TV

To be honest we are not as familiar as we want to be with the Australian consumer electronics market. That is why we will start series of product overviews of Australian devices and focusing mostly on televisions. 

Today, we are taking a closer look at the main product features and specifications of a budget small LED TV - the FFalcon 24F1

What PSU to get in 2021?

Choosing the proper computer power supply is not always easy - our advice for buying PSU for a midrange gaming PC in 2021

power supply 2021

While researching computer power supply units for one of our recent PC builds we noticed that there is a huge confusion in choosing the correct PSU. Many consumers are getting all sorts of advice in the Internet forums and discussion but we are not quite sure you can get the best answers there.  For the same reason people are buying high-power and sometimes very expensive supplies that they might not need.

Today we will focus mostly in power supply needed for basic home configuration in 2021 and try to answer basic questions like "how much wattage do I need for my Ryzen 5 PC".  So...

Wilson Pro Staff Team racket

Features and specifications of the Wilson Pro Staff Team (280) tennis racket

2021 Wilson Pro Staff Team tennis racket

From a short research that we did last week we noticed that the 2021 Wilson Pro Staff Team racket is quite rare to find and can't be bought in all markets around the globe. 

For many tennis fans and most professional players the Pro Staff Team wouldn't be of any interest due to its more forgiving approach aimed at recreational players. Still, we decided to spend some time and take closer look into this quite interesting racket. 

Cello C2420FS - 2021 cheap small TV

Buying a cheap small TV in 2021 - the 24-inch HD TV with built-in DVD player Cello C2420FS

Cello C2420FS cheap TV

The year is 2021 and most tech stores are rushing into offering you a large "mega" or "giga"- sized TV for your home, but do you really need this size? Sometimes consumers are looking for a small addition for their kitchen or bedroom and TV sets within the 20-32" range are the sweet spot for the purpose.

The TV we are reviewing today is probably an ideal item for the job - the 24-innch Cello C2420FS is a combo device with built-in DVD player and Freeview and also comes with a very appealing price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - still good in 2021?

Samsung's flagship smartphone was released couple of years ago but is the Note 9 still good in 2021 - our opinion

2021 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feedback

Probably some of you are wondering why are we even discussing such an old device in 2021? Well, to put it this way - if we had all the money in the world today and we needed to buy a smartphone, it would probably be the Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera
Note 9 in 2021 - still with the stock cover on it...

But why would we say so for a phone that is already couple of years old? Of course it doesn't have the most advanced hardware that is available these days, neither the best camera setup. On the other hand it has everything one could possibly want from a smartphone and it all came under $1000 and these days you can find it refurbished or used (like new) for $300. 

DJI Mavic Air 2 still worth buying in 2021?

Our thoughts on the "best drones to buy in 2021" and where the Mavic Air 2 is positioned

best drone 2021

We have the DJI Mavic Air 2 for almost six months but it feels like we had it for much longer. The reason for that is its pure performance and usability - we started using the drone from the very first day and literally recorded hundreds of videos, both for work and fun. 

Please note that this is not a sponsored post but our honest opinion about the Air 2 drone after six months of ownership.
We would like to discuss with you some key points about this drone and where it would be positioned in 2021 and if we believe it is still worth buying. 

Budget Razer gaming products to buy in 2021

Here is our short list with 3 recommended Razer gaming products that we will be using this year

budget Razer gaming products
Affordable Razer gaming products in 2021

Short before the new 2021 year stepped up, we decided to renovate most of the peripherals we are using but didn't have enough time to research. That is why decided to trust one of the very popular brands these days - Razer

What we ordered was a gaming keyboard, a wireless mouse and a work/gaming headset. And here is our short feedback about each one of them:

Dell P2421D monitor - the one to buy in 2021

Our first-hand consumer review of the 24-inch QHD IPS monitor Dell P2421D

Dell P2421D monitor
Dell P2421D - one of the best $300 monitors in 2021

Since we use a lot of Dell's hardware, it would be fair to say that we are Dell experts in some way, or at least on a consumer level. We have tested numerous laptops, monitors and now we have the expertise and knowledge to look on a detailed level each Dell product we check. 

Today's review is going to be the first of a series dedicated on the Dell P2421D. This is basically a mid-range IPS display with QHD resolution and 23.8” in diagonal. The item we are reviewing today is not just a test item but one that we are actually going to keep (yes, it is that good). And now after almost a month after our purchase, here is the first feedback we got for you...

Westinghouse WD24HK1202 TV

Price, features and specifications of the cheap 24-inch Westinghouse WD24HK1202 HD TV

Westinghouse WD24HK1202 TV review

So, the year is 2021 and we assume this one is going to be quite exciting in technology world. Still, we are going to test and review some basic entry-level products like the Westinghouse WD24HK1202 TV. That is basically a small HD TV that will best fit in a kitchen or a small bedroom. 

Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB external Hard Drive

Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB - external HDD unboxing and product tour in 2021

external HDD

In the beginning of 2021 we will focus quite a lot of our attention on computers and IT components, since we believe this is the year when wide variety of consumers will need to transition some of their offline activities to the computer (in all of its forms).  

Today we will take a closer look at one product that has been on the market for quite some time but is still available to be purchased brand new - the 1TB external wireless hard drive Seagate Wireless Plus.

Before we test Seasonic Focus GX-550 power supply

Is the 550W Gold certified Seasonic Focus GX-550 more than enough for a basic gaming configuration? Short product tour before we use the PSU in a budget gaming build. 

Seasonic Focus GX-550 power supply
Seasonic Focus GX-550 - 80 Plus Gold certified modular PSU

We are building a very capable but yet quite affordable PC configuration this week and decided to share with you some impressions and detailed info about the components we are using. 

Today we will review the 80 Plus Gold certified fully-modular power supply Seasonic Focus GX-550.

First of all why we chose this PSU? Well to be honest we read lots of power supply reviews online and also consulted couple specialist about what to buy. At the end we liked the Focus GX-550 and another one from Bitefinix which was a bit cheaper and not modular. We decided to spend some more and get the Seasonic so it is going in our mid-range Ryzen 3rd generation gaming build. 

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