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Ulefone Power 3 smartphone review

Ulefone Power 3 Android smartphone features, specifications and review

Ulefone Power 3 as a phablet features 6.0 inch display afford you a vivid and different visual experience. 21.0MP ( SW 16.0MP ) + 5.0MP dual back cameras and 13.0MP ( SW 8.0MP ) + 5.0MP dual front cameras, you can enjoy vivid images. It comes with most of the features we've come to expect from a phablet, including 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage equipped with Android 7.1 OS and 6080mAh battery that you can play games faster. With Hi-Fi function, you could enjoy high fidelity music and video.
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Top performers in 2017 - consumer electronics awards

Here is the list with the top performing consumer electronics products in the outgoing year 2017

Today we are taking a look at some of the best products we've reviewed in 2017 - computers, TVs, smartphones, cars and other consumer electronics. Of course there might be better ones out there, that is why we rely on your opinion as well.

So, lets start with the list and the best entry level ultrabook for 2017:

Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 - solid build quality but average performance

Lenovo Thinkpad T460 is a decent laptop for business purposes with long battery life, middle to very good performance depending on load and sturdy build. Maybe I would have recommended it if it wasn’t for the price – this Lenovo ultrabook should definitely not cost the US$1,200 it’s currently sold for.

Next, we will stop our attention on the best mid-range smartphone for 2017:

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) – the best mid-range smartphone

The Samsung J5 (2017) impresses with its sample and stylish design. Entirely made of metal (except for the screen of course) and offered in couple very nice colors it really stands out in the crowd. The fingerprint sensor and quality 13MP selfie-camera are just some of its features that you get for less than $350. In comparison, for the same price you can get a Honor 7 Lite which is worse in almost any aspect that we've taken into consideration.

It's time to rate our top choice for best LED TV to buy in 2017:

Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650

Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 is the best 40 inch display we've reviewed in 2017. I think for a price of around 400 Euros the Sony Bravia 40WD650 does a great job. The 40 inch size is a good compromise for both watching TV or if using it for home cinema (for cinema only I prefer 43 inch TV sets, while for TV specifically I think the perfect size is 39 inch). Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 is a great TV for the money. I’ve always preferred Sony for TV and cinema electronics and this 40 inch panel did not disappoint me. Probably our next TV will be a bit bigger (43 inch) and with 4K resolution but I think there will be some time before we move on with this 40WD650.

The next item we will award this year is the Teclast Tbook 10 Android tablet:

The best cheap 10 inch Android/Widnows tablet in 2017 - Teclast Tbook 10
ast Tbook 10 Android/Windows tablet[/caption]

The Teclast Tbook 10 impressed us with very powerful hardware, solid build quality and stylish design. The price was also good compared to its rivals.

Next is the best used vehicle we've tested in 2017

Opel Vectra C - the best second-hand purchase in 2017

The petrol Opel Vectra C we've tested earlier this year impressed with good product quality and very wide set of features and extras offered in this car. I would totally recommend the Vectra C as a second hand purchase. Just make sure to make your research and pick the right car for you. If I needed to buy one now I would avoid the 1.9 CDTI and the 2.2 direct engines due to expensive servicing. The 1.8 petrol engine is my strongest recommendation. Opel / Vauxhall Astra H is another car that we tested and liked in general.

So, these were the top performers in 2017 or at least we think so. Please feel free to share your opinion about these or your personal favorites.

Wish you happy and productive 2018!
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Majority Fulbourn DAB+ DAB Digital FM Radio Alarm Clock

Majority Fulbourn DAB+ DAB Digital FM Radio Alarm Clock With USB Charging Black

Majority Fulbourn radio
Majority Fulbourn radio
Looking for a new and stylish alarm clock? Well, today at For consumers we will take a look at one. A feature packed, bedside DAB digital radio, the Majority Fulbourn offers a blend of quality and style that’s hard to beat. The digital radio alarm clock allows you to set dual alarms with both DAB digital and FM radio stations. Along with this, the Fulbourn has wireless Bluetooth connectivity, NFC compatibility and USB ports to pair your phone.

The Majority Fulbourn has been personally designed within Cambridge, UK to provide the best quality radio for you. With many desirable digital alarm and audio features, this radio is personally tailored to be practical yet perfect for listening to your favorite audio.

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BMW X2 video presentation

The all new BMW X2 compact SUV will hit the showrooms in 2018

X2, the all new super compact SUV from BMW was officially released and will hit the showrooms very soon. BMW X2 looks sporty and yet very elegant. It follows the design language of its bigger siblings X3 and X4 but in a more compact shape. The X2 will be offered with a variety of petrol and diesel engines which all promise to be very economical.

Here is a quick video presentation of the all new compact SUV BMW X2:

[kad_youtube url="" ]


Video review showing interior and exterior features of the all new 2016 BMW X1 XDRIVE 28i

The X2 will share plenty of its components with the X1 which has the more conservative looks. Prices will be similar as well.
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Vernee X - best Android smartphone under $300?

Vernee X smartphone features, specifications and quick video preview

Vernee X is on the market for couple of months now and there seems to be a huge interest around this smartphone. And honestly there are couple of very good reasons for that, here are some of them:
  • Great looking - nice design with solid build quality and good feel in the hand
  • Exceptional hardware specs - Helio P23 octa-core processor and 6GB of RAM
  • Amazing big screen with Full HD resolution
  • 6200 mAh battery - great battery life
  • Dual front and dual rear cameras
  • Great value for money - offered for $250 at GearBest
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Budget TV Christmas gifts from LG

Last minute Christmas gift ideas with LG!

Still looking for that tech gift for your loved ones for Christmas? Or maybe a new gadget at home for the holidays? Here are some ideas from the LG brand for budget TV options.

LG 37LH3000

This is a 37-inch black TV with full HD with an LCD 1080p screen. It is an older model from 2009 but that shouldn't worry you. The picture quality is good enough for its price. If you can find it online, the price is around USD 300, however many sites don't carry it anymore.

LG 32LJ510U

This 32-inch TV is a 2017 model and is available on Amazon and associated websites for around USD 300. It boosts a picture mastering engine and embedded surround sound system. At 32 inches, this may not be a great home cinema option, but it serves for those of you looking for a budget home TV. It features plug and play connectivity with multiple inputs for your devices. The picture quality is good.

LG 32LF550A

This 32-inch TV is currently available on the market for around 380 USD up to 400 USD. It features a10 W speaker output, 1366 x 768 HD Ready display with good picture quality. LG boosts that this model has a 300 Hz refresh rate for motion blur free picture and smoother movements in videos. We don't consider this characteristic to be true, it may be falsely inflated. However, the motions are good enough for a TV of that price range.

Have you bought your Christmas TV present for your family? Share your reviews, opinions and pictures with us!
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Useful tips how to properly wash your car

Few tips and tricks how to properly wash your car

Check out how the professionals do it and wash your car the same way:

Well, this seems to be an expensive way to do it but you can learn from those tips and tricks and save some money by washing your car yourself.
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11 Christmas gifts ideas for women you should consider this year

Best Christmas gift ideas for women for winter 2017!

Still struggling with your Christmas shopping this year? Look no further - our 11 top picks will help you select a gift for any woman in your life. Mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin or simply a coworker - we are here to help you make the best choice!
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New TV for Christmas... great idea!

Getting new TV for Christmas sounds like a great idea this year

Why getting a new TV on Christmas sounds like a very good idea? Well, there are few very good reasons for that, here are couple of them:

Christmas Discounts

Discounts on Christmas are second to none. Retailers are rushing into giving bigger discounts on Christmas and clean up old and unsold merchandise left from the outgoing year. Black Friday 2017 generated many sales but there are goods left in stock and the best moment for clearing these is Christmas. That is the main reason why you can get an amazing TV deal on Christmas. In US stores like BestBuy usually give generous discounts but I would recommend you to check online as well. Big screen TVs are expensive so any additional discount would save you money.

Samsung UE50MU6120 50 inch 4K Ultra HD TV

Great Present for Christmas

You are out of Christmas present ideas? Why not buy a new LED TV, there are so many to choose from and almost everyone would like a new modern TV for Christmas. Kids would love it for sure but it is not only them who would appreciate a new fancy TV. You can also couple it with Xbox or PlayStation for full media experience.

There is an amazing variety of screens offered - curved, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 3D, HDR.... and many more. That would ensure that you can pick a TV for any taste, no matter the size or the specs. I would recommend you getting non-curved 4k display between 39-50 inches depending on your needs. In regards to the brands I would suggest Sony, Samsung or LG if you are going for a premium purchase. If you are more of a budget oriented person then brands like Finlux and Hisense are the ones you should check.
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Opel Vectra C - pros and cons

Main pros and cons of one of the most popular cars in Europe - Opel Vectra C (2002-2009)

Opel Vectra C info

For its seven years of production Opel Vectra C achieved good sales in Europe and some parts of Asia, turning into one of the favorite business and family vehicles for many consumers. I personally have owned two Vectra B cars and a Vectra C and I would say these are some great cars, inexpensive to run and service and pretty reliable for its price.
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Buying used car - Opel Vectra C

Opel Vectra C is reliable and very cheap car to service - great second hand choice

Vauxhall Vectra C - second hand
Opel / Vauxhall Vectra C - top second hand choice

Today at our consumer blog we will review one of the very popular on the used cars market vehicles - the Opel Vectra C (also known as Vauxhall Vectra in UK). For today's review I have chosen the 1.8 petrol engine version in a hatchback body style (known as GTS in its sportier variation which comes with lowered suspension).

Opel Vectra C is offered with various engines, including petrol and diesel in 4 and 6 cylinder block. Here are the ones that I know that I have feedback about:

What car to buy in 2018?

Petrol engines:
1.6 16V (102/105 hp) - the smallest of the petrol engines, really not fit for the 1350 kg heavy car, not enough power and the fuel consumption is good only at urban driving, on the highway it is as thirsty as a 3.2 V6. Vectra C with this engine variation was mostly used for company fleet vehicles.
1.8 16V (115/122 hp) - a bit better compared to the 1.6 engine, adequate performance and fuel consumption under mixed driving conditions, not many problems reported with it.
1.8 16V variable valve timing engine (140hp)
2.2i (147 hp) - powerful enough and pretty strong engine, mounted in the initial and the facelift versions of the car, mostly preferred when adding LPG to Vectra C
2.2 Direct (155 hp) - Direct-injection engine. For the first time direct-injection engine is mounted in Vectra so there are some flaws with it.
3.2 V6 (211 hp) - the sportiest of all, used for the OPC version as well. I personally wouldn't recommend it since the car becomes a bit nose-heavy and understeers a lot due to its weight and front-wheel driving.
my Vectra C review
My Vectra C hatchback has a very sleek profile and looks great in black

Diesel engines

2.0 DTI (101 hp) - strong and reliable engine but not enough power. Very popular with its fuel economy.
2.2 DTI (125 hp) - powerful enough for Vectra C with decent fuel consumption
1.9 CDTI (101, 120 and 150 hp) - this engine was manufactured in cooperation with Italian car giant Fiat and was offered in three different versions with different power and performance specs. The 150 hp version is popular with great dynamics figures but reliability is not on the bright side.
3.0 CDTI V6 (177/184 hp) - engine delivered by Isuzu, with great dynamic and performance figures but expensive to run and service. This engine was mostly used for the Estate version of Vectra C as well as for the bigger Signum.

Buying a used car: Opel / Vauxhall Astra H

For these engines Opel used manual and automatic (regular tiptronic Japanese automatic gearbox or semi-robotic Easytronic) gearboxes that are pretty reliable under regular maintenance.

1.8 16V 140 hp petrol engine - the best choice for your Vectra C

It is a bit rear to find since this engine was planted in Vectra C only for couple of years. It is a variable valve timing engine with good performance and economy under mixed driving cycle. Under regular maintenance the 1.8 petrol engine proves to be hustle free experience.

Vectra C - the good
  • Cheap to buy second hand and cheap to run, lots of spares
  • Good looks and styling - still looks fresh and modern after more than 10 years
  • Roomy interior
  • Variety of petrol and diesel engines for any taste
  • Premium list of extras - climate control, ABS + EBD, ESP/Traction control, Cruise control,dynamic xenon, heated leather seats and interior, athermic windscreen and tinted windows, electrically operated windows, mirrors and seats, alarm system with interior sensors, parking sensors (front and rear), DVD/Navigation system with AUX and many others.

Vectra C - the bad
  • Some reliability issues in certain versions (manufacturing plant in UK...)
  • Noisy engines - petrol and diesel
  • Unsettled independent suspension (bigger wheels and lowered suspension make this a bit better, on good surfaces only)
  • Interior plastics

I hope you find the information about useful but feel free to comment in the section below in case you have questions about Vectra C, I will be more than happy to answer. Meanwhile, I will be happy to hear your opinion about this Opel or any other you have driven recently.
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