Should you buy 3D TV in 2019?

Is 3D TV technology the future or is it already outdated in 2019?

Samsung 3D TVThat is a pretty generic question to ask but there is a huge sense in asking in 2019 - should we really buy 3D TV in 2019 or not? Well, there are couple of objectives to consider when answering it, here is our point of view:

Philips SHB4305 in-ear headphones

My review of the budget wireless in-ear headphones Philips SHB4305

Philips SHB4305 in-ear headphones reviewed
Philips SHB4305
Looking for new cheap and reliable wireless headphones? Today I will help your choice a bit and review the popular in-ear Philips SHB4305 headphones. I would also expect your consumer comments and recommendations for alternatives in the same price category. 

To start with, here are the main Philips SHB4305 features and specs:
  • In-ear
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 6h Playtime
  • 110h Standby Time
  • Frequency range: 9 - 21 000 Hz
  • Weight: 16g
  • Ergonomic design for max comfort and wing tips for secure fit
  • Remote control functions:
  • Volume control
  • Call management: Answer / End call, Last number redial, Microphone mute, Reject call, Switch between call and music

2019 Geneva International Motor Show

2019 Geneva International Motor Show - best new cars

Geneva Motor Show 2019 promises to be one very interesting with world premiers of new models and many innovations in the car industry would be presented. Car enthusiasts won't be disappointed by the fact that almost all big brands are participating in Geneva. 

One auto test you shouldn't skip: 2019 BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes C-Class

2019 BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes C-Class car test drive and comparison

The Geneva Motor Show 2019 is taking place these days and will definitely pay a bit more attention to the car world and everything new for 2019. For today we have chosen a very interesting car review, comparing three of the most popular and successful luxury and sport sedans on the market -  BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes C-Class

We can call all of them best sellers because they have proved to be successful throughout the years and all of them make a big impact in the car industry once a new model is released. 

Samsung Galaxy A9 - good alternative for the S10

Samsung Galaxy A9 is a premium smartphone for under $500 - our opinion

Samsung Galaxy A9 review
We have reviewed many smartphones in 2018 and most of them were Samsung from the A and J series. For 2019 we plan to test the brand new Galaxy S10 but before that lets take a look at the awesome A9 (2018). With four main cameras, fast processor and RAM, fast charging and a premium 6.30-inch Super AMOLED display it really stands out from the crowd.

Before we continue with the review I have to point out the fact that this A-series smartphone is not cheap at all with a price of almost $500.  But it is definitely worth that price, everything that we see in this phone says quality. We can't say the same thing about all members of the A-series from last year, most of which are basic and reminded us of the more budget Samsung J-series smartphones.

Top 3 things I hate about the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6+ is a good smartphone but there are some things that I really don't like about it

what I hate about the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6+ is a good mid-range smartphone but there are some downsides that could make you think twice before you consider buying it.

So, here is my list with the top 3 things I hate about the Samsung Galaxy A6+:

  1. Large size, large display... low functionality - even though this smartphone has a 6-inch Super AMOLED display it really doesn't feel as efficient as a phone with 5.5-inch screen and hardware (physical) buttons. For example I compared watching a video on the Galaxy A6+ and the 2017 version of the Galaxy J7 and it felt like the J7 had more content on it. For me that is a big fail considering one has to carry a much larger device in the pocket for the same or even less functionality. 
Samsung Galaxy A6+ screen
YouTube content as seen on the A6+  with 6.0-inch display
As you can see there is a lot of spare space when playing YouTube videos which looks dull when you think of the fact you got the bigger screen especially for watching videos...
J7 display - YouTube
YouTube on J7 (2017) with 5.5-inch display
Be honest and tell me which of these two looks more natural and which one makes more sense - having a large 6.0-inch display and blank blacks or having a decent 5.5-inch screen with physical buttons?

And don't get me wrong 6-inches is a lot and you can do more than before with this much of a screen but compared to the older models of the J series (what is now A series) I think it a step back.

            2.No fast-charging - it is 2019 and it is a shame Samsung didn't implement fast-charging or wireless charging in a phone that was released in middle 2018. Yesterday after 30-40 minutes in the charger I got like 25% charge which was really horrible. I wish in future Samsung is more honest with their model branding because what used to be almost premium series smartphones (when the A series first hit the market) now offers mediocre performance. I still need to remind you though that the phone is now sold pretty cheap for less than $300 which is kind of an excuse for some of the negatives I noticed.

          3.Size and weight - the A6+ is big, really big smartphone. And it is not light as well. I remember the days when I got a  new phone which was 120 grams and was 20 grams more than the previous one and I considered this quite heavy. Now my Galaxy A6+ weighs way over 200 grams (with the protector screen and original Samsung dual-layer case). What was previously called "phablets" and didn't have good reputation is now a regular smartphone. But that is our human nature, we always want more and that is why we have bigger and bigger cars, larger smartphones, we want bigger houses etc.                 
To be more precise, here are the exact dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy A6+
  • 160.2 x 75.7 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight: 191 g
These are some of the major downsides of the A6+. Other thing I would love to have in this phone is wide angle camera and a bit better display to body ratio. Gorilla glass is a must for any Samsung smartphone above the J-series but unfortunately not present here. 

Soon I will be sharing more about the positive sides of the A6+ which made me choose it for my daily mobile device. 

Samsung Galaxy A6+  my first consumer impressions

Please let me know what do you think of the Galaxy A6+, do you own one or would you consider buying it if the price drops under $250?

Samsung Galaxy A6+ first impressions

First consumer impressions with the best mid-range phone for 2019 - the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus
First impressions Samsung Galaxy A6+ 
In the last couple of years I trusted Samsung for my mobile device and was very pleased with my latest device the J5 (2017). Actually I have used couple of smartphones from Samsung's J-series and they have all been very good. By the end of 2018 I started thinking of upgrading to the A-series which looked more upmarket with enhanced cameras and features. And the time for the upgrade finally came, I got the 2018 version of the Galaxy A6+ (also known as A6 Plus). This basically is a 6-inch Android smartphone with 16MP dual rear camera and Super AMOLED display. 
Samsung Galaxy A6+ with case
A6 Plus - the unboxing process with dual-layer case
Top 3 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy A6+ :
  • Giant 6-inch Super AMOLED display
  • Form factor - metal solid body, feels sturdy and well made
  • Price - Bought mine for $200