Sony 50X82J 4k TRILUMINOS TV - our opinion

Our consumer opinion about the 50-inch 4k TRILUMINOS Pro TV Sony 50X82J


As proud owners of another Sony TRILUMINOS we are excited each time we review another member of the premium brand. 

Sony 50X82J is a 4k LED TV with the picture enhancing TRILUMINOS Pro technology. It is also a Smart Google TV with a huge set of smart features. 

The 50X82J has an interesting design with a stand that is a bit different from what we have seen from Sony TVs in the last few years.

Asics Patriot 13 running shoes tested

We test the Asics Patriot 13 running shoes, part of Asics Performance collection

Asics Patriot 13 running shoes tested

It is not very often that we test clothes or shoes but from time to time we like to show off with favorite products.

Today we are taking a closer look at the Asics Patriot 13 running shoes which were used for almost a month now so it is time for our consumer feedback.

DJI news - the all new Osmo Mobile 6

The all new DJI Osmo Mobile 6 intelligent smartphone stabilizer is now released

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 smartphone stabilizer

We have been huge DJI fans throughout the years and used plenty of their products for creating multimedia for this consumer blog. The Osmo Action camera and Mavic Air 2 served us well and made us really enjoy working with the DJI brand in general. 

Now they have released a new product - the 6th generation Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilizer. These intelligent stabilizers help video creators make smooth and professional looking videos for different purposes. 

Tefal BL420840 jug blender - product features

Product features of the 600W Tefal BL420840 jug blender

Tefal BL420840 jug blender

To be honest, I don't know much about blenders and that is why today I will only share the main product specifications of the Tefal BL420840

Yes, we have reviewed plenty of Tefal products in the past and most of them scored pretty well in performance and durability. 

Now lets see what the Tefal BL420840 has to offer:

Best TVs we recommend if you are in Bulgaria

Short list with best TVs offered on the Bulgarian market and why we recommend them

Bulgaria best TVs

The TVs in today's list are selected from offers on the Bulgarian electronics market. This list is based on our consumer opinion and few important factors for us like availability, price and features. 

We have selected products from different brands, sizes and price ranges so there is a little something for everyone.

QLED TV for under £400 - Hisense 50A7GQTUK

Hisense 50A7GQTUK - one of the cheapest ways to get a big-screen QLED TV in UK


Buying a big-screen QLED TV used to be an expensive exercise but it seems that is no longer the case. Hisense 50A7GQTUK is a 50-inch QLED Smart TV that currently can be found on offers under £400 for a brand new item.

We consider this as a low price and a pretty good deal, that is why today we will take a closer look at the 50A7GQTUK product features and specifications.

Sharp 4T-C50BL3KF2AB - affordable 50-inch TV with all extras

Sharp 4T-C50BL3KF2AB - our consumer comments about the 50-inch 4k Android Smart TV

Sharp 4T-C50BL3KF2AB TV

Sharp 4T-C50BL3KF2AB has been on the market since 2020 and it is still available brand new in UK tech stores. 

We like to comment good TV offers and we are sharing this 4k Android TV today because it is one of these mid-range products that may not grab your attention by the first look. 

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