Jaguar E-Pace is the new face in the compact SUV market

Jaguar E-Pace promises to be one of the most successful models in the brands' lineup

There are so many different crossovers these days and the Jaguar E-Pace is the new face out there. It is basically a compact SUV with aggressive styling. The E-Pace focuses not so much on practicality but rather on being yet another fashion instrument for rich people.

Opel Corsa C - reliable second hand choice

If you are looking for a cheap small second hand car, then the Opel Corsa C might be perfect for you

Opel Corsa C second hand
An old Opel Corsa C might be a very good choice for many

Opel Corsa C is a compact vehicle offered in 3 and 5 -door versions sold in Europe from 2000 to 2006. In Mexico the Corsa C was sold in 4-door sedan as well.

LG 28MT49DF 28 inch HD LED TV spec and review

Consumer test and review of the compact 28 inch HD LED TV LG 28MT49DF

LG 28MT49DF TV review
LG 28MT49DF TV review
LG 28MT49DF review
I will start today's review straight to the conclusion - the LG 28MT49DF is a fine 28 inch TV, with build quality better than the average in this class and very good picture quality for the price. This conclusion is based on looks, performance and value for money. In the next few lines I will explain more about it.

Design and looks
LG 28MT49DF has a simple design, decided entirely in black plastic but not feeling cheap by any means. The TV stand is stable and does not look ridiculous like in some of the recent panels we've seen.

LG 32LJ500U - cheap 32 inch LED TV

If looking for a quality cheap HD LED TV then the LG 32LJ500U might be the perfect choice for you - my review

LG 32LJ500U review - there are so many different LED TVs offered on the market today that it is really hard sometimes to make the right choice.

Even the not so popular and very cheap brands produce good quality products. Some times even brands like Sony, LG or Samsung need to catch up with the latest trends and technologies offered by the competition.

Vectra C - second hand car problems and issues

Consumer information about issues and problems with the used vehicle Opel and Vauxhall Vectra C

black Vectra C hatch

Vectra C is quite reliable and if serviced regularly it is going to serve you for a very long time. I have been proud owner of couple of Opel and other GM vehicles so far and I would say some of the problems I had were quite common for the brand. I would basically categorize them in the following categories:

  • Engine - Ecotec engines are not popular with their durability and that is why they are not preferred for LPG installation. Since valves are not their strong point many consumers are reporting issue after adding LPG to their Ecotec engine. Opel's Gasoline are often rough on high RPM and tend to sound like a modern diesel. Burning oil is another popular problem among gasoline Ecotec engines. Diesels in Vectra C are powerful and economical but also quite rough - issues with EGR, dual mass flywheel or nozzles are often reported. Thankfully these are cheaper to fix compared to other cars in the segment (Passat or Audi A4 for example). The 2.2 Direct (155 ps) engine is also not the strongest in this model. As being the first direct injection engine in Opel it is easily to guess that it is far from perfect. It's dynamic figures are much better than regular gasoline Ecotec though.

  • Interior wear - the interior of the Vecra C is spacious and nice for the most part. Unfortunately it wears quite badly on some spots - door handles and switches and stitching on leather seats. Some switches also give up after some time of active use.

  • Clunky gearbox - having tested the gearbox in the 1.6 and 1.8 petrol engines with variable valve timing I can confirm that the gearboxes coupled with them are quite clunky, especially on 1.6 116 ps in Astra H.

Overall the Vectra C is a reliable car with strong suspension and a bit firm ride. I prefer the hatchback modification the most because of its sporty look and enormous trunk.

What's the coolest gadget to buy in 2018?

Few suggestions about the coolest gadget one can buy in 2018

It is already 2018 and this is going to be yet another interesting year for the technology markets. It is clear for everyone that more and more innovations will define people's path. We hope to see many interesting and cool new gadgets throughout the year.

Here are few of the suggestions that are already on the market and we classify under cool gadgets:

A+ 20000 mAh power bank review

Product review of the massive 20000 mAh A+ power bank for smartphones and tablets

A+ 20000 mAh power bank review
A+ 20000 mAh power bank

Today, at our Test and Review blog we will take a closer look at one of the more powerful portable power banks on the market today - the A+ 20000 mAh.

Samsung T32E390SX - affordable 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Enjoy streaming and fast performance with the Full HD Samsung T32E390SX Smart 32" LED TV in the beginning of 2018

Samsung T32E390SX TV
Samsung T32E390SX 32 inch Full HD LED TV

In today's TV review we will take a closer look at the Samsung T32E390SX which is offered on a very good deal in the beginning of 2018 at eBay UK.

Here is a detailed list of the features and specifications available in the Samsung T32E390SX 32 inch Full HD LED TV:

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