Echo Show multimedia device by Amazon

Detailed review of Amazon's new media device - Echo Show

Echo Show is the newest and probably the weirdest devices manufactured by Amazon so far. You are all familiar with their popular Kindle products like the Kindle Fire tablet or the Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader. The Echo Show is completely different story and I am not quite sure what is its main purpose, that is why I will present you with all of its features and specifications as well as its price info.

Hyundai i30 N 2018 hot hatch review

Hyundai i30 N 2018 test drive and video review by Mat Watson car reviews

Star-Light 32DM3500 32 inch HD LED TV

Star-Light 32DM3500 is one of the cheapest 32 inch HD LED TVs on the European market

European tech and home appliances manufacturer Star-Light offers some of the cheapest LED TVs on the market these days. Today we are taking a closer look at one of their affordable 32 inch HD LED TVs - the Star-Light 32DM3500. Its specifications are very similar to what we see in another of their LED TVs, the STAR-LIGHT 32DM100:

HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA air conditioner review

HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA Tundra digital inverter  A/C - features and specifications

HAIER AS09TA2HRA/1U09BE8ERA is an affordable inverter air conditioner with very good characteristics and extremely appealing price tag. I have used couple of Haier A/C systems so far and I can say I was very pleased with they performance, especially with the cooling part. Heating was not OK, but not great, mostly because these were regular split systems rather than digital inverters.

ASUS ZenPad Z170C - cheap 7-inch Android tablet

Specifications and consumer opinion about the affordable 7 inch Android tablet ASUS ZenPad Z170C

I have never been a huge fan of ASUS tablets and actually never owned one. But I have to admit there are some cheap and yet very affordable offers by ASUS that I think are pretty good. One of them is the affordable ASUS ZenPad Z170C which is a compact 7 inch Android tablet powered by a quad-core Intel processor. Today we are taking a look at its main features and specifications as well as short video review.

Problems and issues with Samsung J5 (2017) fingerprint scanner

Many people are reporting issues with their fingerprint scanners, including the one installed on the latest Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

 Samsung J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is a great smartphone - very well made with solid build quality and nice, attractive design. All of its functions and components run quite smoothly but that is not the case with its fingerprint scanner (reader) which may cause some issues during operation.

After less three weeks of using my J5 (2017) I found myself in a tough situation trying to unlock my phone with fingerprint. Sometimes I need to slide my finger couple of times and still my J5 remains locked. Most of the cases the root cause happens to be dirt either on my finger or on the scanner. But there are many times when the scanner looks pretty clean but it returns an error and I need to unlock the phone using previously set up number combination.

Top 3 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Short list with the features I like most about my new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) was released couple of months ago and it has been a real star on the show since then. Together with its bigger sibling the J7 (2017) they become real best sellers on the European and Asian market.

I have my J5 (2017) for almost two weeks now and I have to admit I am quite pleased with it. This smartphone does a great job in all aspects of a modern gadget - it is fast and responsive, it looks great, the price is quite reasonable and it being offered by the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world I am sure it is also quite reliable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs over $1000 and has much to show to the audience

Samsung Galaxy Note has always been one of my favorite smartphones. I personally owned a Note 3 Neo for around 2 years and I was very pleased with it - great design, durable battery, great AMOLED display and amazing overall functionality considered the price.

Recently Samsung released the latest generation Galaxy Note after a pause in production after the relatively successful Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has plenty of changes compared to the 7 but more about that in the following video review:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video review

The Note 8 impresses with amazing screen to body ratio with extremely thin top and bottom frame, while on the left and right side it is all display. And what a display that is, the vivid 6.3" 1440p AMOLED Infinity Display is in a league of its own, it really is.

I would also recommend you to check the new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) which promises to become one of the best-sellers in the segment.

New LED TVs - Samsung UE32M5002 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Samsung UE32M5002 32 inch Full HD LED TV - my quick review

Samsung UE32M5002 TV review
Samsung UE32M5002 TV
Samsung UE32M5002 TV review - today, at our consumer blog we will take a look at one of latest TVs offered by Samsung this year - the UE32M5002. This is an entry-level 32 inch Full HD TV, offering very good picture quality and solid build quality.


Sony WE75 LED TV series with one of the best image quality in class thanks to TRILUMINOS™ display technology and HDR

I have always been a big fan of Sony LED TVs and that is why I own two of them - the Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 which does a great job in our living room and the smaller 32 inch Sony KDL-32EX650 which is in service for over 5 years now and I can only mention superlatives about it. \

The Sony WE75 LED TV series is relatively new, even though we don't have 4k resolution here. The main benefits of the WE75 LED panels are the TRILUMINOS and HDR technologies which allow them to compete with the best premium TVs in the segment, even those offering 4k picture.

HP 14-bs044na notebook specifications

HP 14-bs044na laptop specifications and video review

HP 14-bs044na is a compact notebook offered mostly on the European market. It features compact dimensions and good performance thanks to its balanced hardware and 14 inch monitor. This laptop features HD display with diagonal 35.6 cm (14") which is far from the top performing displays in general. I personally think that even in the lower price segment all notebooks above 13' should have Full HD resolution. Unfortunately, not the case here.

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) - the best mid-range smartphone today

The Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is more premium than before and sets new standards in the mid-range smartphone league

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is my new personal smartphone and today I will be sharing my first impressions with it. It replaces a phone that I really liked - the 2016 version of the J5, which served me well for around a year. Honestly, it was a tough decision selling my previous J5 but I don't regret it, the extra money is well worth it.

So, what is new and what is different in the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) edition?
  • Improved Selfie camera
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Premium Full-metal construction
  • Light sensitivity sensor
  • Faster octa-core processing
  • Latest Android OS

Samsung J5 (2017) or J7 (2017) - which is better?

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) and J7 (2017) are two of the current smartphone bestsellers - find out which is better or which one should you buy

J5 or J7

I really like the Samsung J5 (2017) and J7 (2017) and most probably I will buy one of these very soon. The question here is which one should I buy.

The J7 has the advantage of having larger 5.5 inch Full HD Super Amoled display (compared to the smaller 5.2 inch HD only in the J5) and more RAM - 3GB vs 2GB in the J5. But on the other hand J5 (2017) is much more compact and fits much better in the hand or in the pocket.

Another thing that gives the advantage to the J7 is the always-on display which is a really nice feature when lacking LED notification light (both models) but consumes much of the battery life if actively used.

Samsung T32E390SX 32 inch LED Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV T32E390SX 32" 1080p HD LED LCD TV with Freeview

Samsung T32E390SX is a very nice 32 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Smart TV functionality. Th relatively compact Samsung TV has build in WiFi which will help users connect to the Internet easily and most importantly - wireless. It is not a 3D TV but I would definitely recommend this TV set to UK customers looking for cheap and not very big screen for a bedroom or kitchen.

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