What we like about Opel Insignia dashboard - facelift model

Few things to like about the Opel Insignia A facelift - our comments about the dashboard, multimedia and climate control panel

2016 Opel Insignia controls
Dashboard and control panel

We had the chance to test the facelift 2016 version of the Opel Insignia these days and we wanted to leave our consumer feedback about few things in the interior. 

Toshiba 58UL2163DB - is it any good as certified refurbished TV?

Toshiba 58UL2163DB is a 58-inch 4k Smart TV offered cheap as certified refurbished item in UK

Toshiba 58UL2163DB TV review

We have reviewed plenty of Toshiba TVs and for most of them we have concluded that they are good value for money products. That is the case with today's item in focus - the 58-inch 4k Smart TV Toshiba 58UL2163DB.

For the price of around £250 you get all the basic features of a modern big screen television. But is this good enough price and value for the refurbished goods market in UK? Lets check the features and find out.

Opel Insignia - great second hand choice in 2022

Opel Insignia A can be a very good choice when buying used car in 2022 and here is why

Opel Insignia used car

When it first came on the market in 2009 the Opel Insignia drew a lot of attention thanks to the attractive design, new name, new platform and more. Actually it was one of our favorite cars in terms of design, at least in its class of midrange sedans where it is competing with VW Passat, Citroen C5, Toyota Avensis and many more. 

Toshiba 65UL2163DBC - UK's best cheap 65-inch TV?

Could the Toshiba 65UL2163DBC really be the best affordable 4k 65-inch TV in UK in 2022 or is it just good value for money product?

UK's best cheap 65-inch TV

There few good reasons why we decided to talk about the Toshiba 65UL2163DBC today. We liked this TV from the very beginning - it has all the basic specs of a modern TV - 4k, Smart TV, nice picture and decent sound. In addition to that we can add a very nice and elegant design, good price and also many positive consumer reviews and opinions. 

Best cheap vacuum cleaner in 2022 - Rowenta RO2910EA

Rowenta RO2910EA vacuum cleaner - product price, features and specifications

Rowenta RO2910EA vacuum cleaner

We haven't reviewed any vacuum cleaners for quite some time but today we will take a closer look at a very well performing and yet cheap device - the Rowenta RO2910EA.

That is basically a 750W vacuum cleaner with 3-step filtration system, efficient motor and no bag thanks to the advanced cyclonic technology.

Why BMW decided to buy ALPINA?

Breaking news from the automotive world today: BMW acquired ALPINA 


An exciting news from the car industry from today - BMW decided to buy the exotic tuning studio ALPINA which has been modifying and upgrading BMW's sport models for many years now. 

ElectriQ EIQ-284KMB-HDR monitor features and specs

Features and specifications of the 28-inch 4k HDR monitor

ElectriQ EIQ-284KMB-HDR monitor

These days 4k monitors are becoming a common thing in the IT industry and these displays are getting more and more affordable. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the 28-inch ElectriQ EIQ-284KMB-HDR which is a 4k HDR monitor offered at a very good price on the UK market. 

Panasonic Lumix S5 – still the best hybrid full frame?

Panasonic Lumix S5 is our favorite hybrid camera in 2022 - here is why

Panasonic Lumix S5 camera

Since it was released back in September 2020 the Panasonic Lumix S5 became a true best seller in the hybrid full frame world.

If we think about the basic needs of a photographer or a videographer these days we wouldn’t find anything significantly different in terms of equipment, even though technology has improved quite a lot.

The S5 is a versatile machine that is good in almost anything – recording amazing 4k (and even 6k) videos and making still shots that are as good.

YouTube Premium - is it worth paying the extra?

Is it worth using YouTube Premium and paying the subscription or the regular free access is good enough?

YouTube Premium worth it

To answer this question you should think how and why you are using the YouTube video platform in general. While the average consumer watches couple of videos per day, some are using YouTube as a powerful marketing and business solution. 

YouTube Premium is definitely a good solution probably for all types of users thanks to its well-thought features that are usable by the wide audience.

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