Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX - Pro but not quite

Quick review and consumer comments about the performance of the lightweight tennis racket Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX

Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX racket

I haven't posted anything about my tennis rackets recently and just wanted to drop few lines about the racket that I used to play with and sold after about 10 quite unsuccessful games - the Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX.

Well, on paper that seems like a pretty good racket, good combination of power, maneuverability and control. But that remained only on paper. On the court the maneuverability the Six-One 100 Lite felt inconsistent and anything else but stable.
Most of these problems got resolved with my current racket - the HEAD Youtek IG Radical MP which besides the fact that felt a bit harsh at the very beginning is just fine for my gameplay.

It really bugs me sometimes whether if I should try another racket or not but I guess that will come with time. For now I will stick with the Radical MP and focus more on the physical activities and getting in a good overall shape.

Logik L22FEDW15 TV features and specs

Price, features and specifications of the 22 inch LED TV and DVD player Logik L22FEDW15

Logik L22FEDW15 TV

Logik L22FEDW15 features

  • Perfect for all your entertainment needs, the white Logik L22FEDW13 22" LED TV with Built-in DVD Player has a variety of ways to enjoy all of your favorite content, from games to television and DVDs.
  • This television is equipped with Full HD quality so you can expect optimum viewing clarity. The LED technology gives a brighter display and improved contrast levels for crystal-clear viewing.

Why Audi thinks Mercedes is outdated?

Funny and at the same time quite offensive ad of the new Audi A4 transforming from what is supposed to be the brand new but yet outdated Mercedes C-class  

There is no doubt that Audi and Mercedes are in a battle for the same customers but the way those brand target them is frankly quite awkward at times, especially in United States.

In the following video Audi is presenting their new A4 as much more technologically advanced in comparison with the latest generation C-class. So why would Audi think that Mercedes are not in par with the latest technology trends?

Some would say that Audi is just showing off with their latest tech implementations and gadgets but others may give it a much deeper thought. Mercedes got its reputation thanks to their innovative and technologically advanced vehicles that combined with long lasting reliability made this brand on top of car industry. Many people think that is not valid any more and Mercedes is hardly catching up with the competition. That might might not be entirely correct but there's definitely a trend that shows that Mercedes products are not as advanced as some might be expecting them to be.

Audi A4 "Touch" ad

Lenovo A7-30 TAB 2 - affordable 7 inch Android tablet

Lenovo A7-30 TAB 2 tablet

Lenovo A7-30 TAB 2 - 7-inch Quad Core Tablet

Today we are taking a look at an affordable 7 inch Android tablet that has been on the market for quite some time now - the Lenovo A7-30 TAB 2.  Here you can find its main features, specifications as well as price info.

Product Type
Operating System
Android 4.4 (KitKat)
7" IPS - LED backlight
1024 x 600
5-point multi-touch
MediaTek MT8127
Processor Clock Speed
1.3 GHz
Number of Cores
16 GB eMMC
Supported Flash Memory Cards
Max Supported Capacity
32 GB
Wireless Connectivity
802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Front-facing Camera
0.3 Megapixel
Microphone , speaker
Expansion and Connectivity
Expansion Slots
1 x microSD
1 x headset
1 x Micro-USB
Lithium Ion
3450 mAh
Run Time
Up to 8 hours
Ebony black
Included Accessories
Power adapter
Compliant Standards
Dimensions & Weight
10.5 cm
0.93 cm
18.9 cm
269 g

Dolby audio
With the built-in Dolby audio, your entertainment will be enhanced with crisper, more natural sound for a great multimedia experience.

Small size
The A7 is a great size for taking with you in your pocket or bag. Ideal for surfing the web, reading, listening to music or just catching up with some news.

Extra storage
With 16GB of built in storage for your data, music, images and apps, it can be expanded with the micro SD card slot so you can increase your storage space.
7" Infinity Screen
With its high resolution (1024x600) IPS display, the Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30 delivers a vivid, colorful viewing experience - both indoors & outdoors. An infinity screen flows seamlessly across the tablet's front panel to expand your field of vision, giving you perfect wide-angle viewing for HD video. Plus, with an ultra-thin, high-transparent touchscreen, every image appears closer, clearer, and sharper.

The Perfect Travel Companion
Weighing just 269g and at 8.9mm thin, the TAB 2 A7-30 is perfect for reading, listening to music, watching videos, or surfing the web on the go. It's so light, you probably won't notice it in your bag when not in use.

Latest Powerful Core Processing
The TAB 2 A7-30's quad core processor enables better multitasking, delivers a smoother Android experience, and reduces stutter – great news for movie buffs and gamers.

A Fast and Powerful Computing Experience
With the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, you'll get more done and have some fun. It's customizable, faster, easy to use and works perfectly with all your favorite Google apps.

Complete Connectivity
Feel the difference with the Micro USB for charging and connecting peripherals, plus a microSD card slot for convenience and easy storage expandability.

Long Battery Life
The TAB 2 A7-30 offers **up to 8 hours of WiFi browsing on a single battery charge.

Dual Cameras
The TAB 2 A7-30 takes superb photos with the 2 megapixel rear camera, and with the added bonus of an additional front camera and 32GB of expandable storage, you have every reason to keep snapping and sharing. 

Lenovo  TAB 2 A7-30 and A7-10 hands-on review


Price in US - around $120
Price in UK - £60-70

2017 Acura NSX - the only supercar you need

Video review of the all new Japan supercar - 2017 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX review

The new generation NSX was long expected and when it was first revealed there were some polarizing opinions about what it represents and if it is going to be as successful as it is famous predecessor. One thing is certain though, the new 2017 Acura NSX is one high-tech machine that strikes not only with impressive design but some tech features that we are still to see in future production vehicles.

2017 Acura NSX video review

Sony XBR55X850C price, user manual, specifications and quick review

 Sony XBR X850C TV Series overviewSony XBR55X850C TV

I wouldn't hide that Sony is by far my favorite brand when talking about LED TVs. I personally own one for about 5 years now but I have also compared many more Sony screens and I really think most of their models are in a class of its own.

Today, we are taking a look at Sony's XBR X850C Series of high-end TVs and more specifically at XBR55X850C which is the 55 inch version.

What Sony says about their product?

The powerful 4K Processor X1 brings stunning picture quality to whatever you're watching. Every source is intelligently analyzed and upscaled to our best 4K resolution, from TV broadcasts, Blu-ray Discs™ and DVDs, to 4K internet videos. Enjoy incredible 4K images with stunning clarity, more lifelike colors and sparkling contrast.

Precision Detail Enhancer cuts noise and boosts detail in everything you watch, no matter the source, for a sharper and clearer picture.

Precision Color Mapping independently analyses every scene and pixel so the perfect shade and tone are applied dynamically for rich, natural colors.

Dynamic Contrast Enhancer makes the bright parts of the screen brighter and the dark parts a truer, deeper black. Dependent upon the needs of the incoming video signal, the 4K Processor X1 dynamically controls screen brightness, giving deep blacks and bright peaks. Learn more about contrast

No matter the source, every pixel is upscaled beautifully by our most powerful 4K picture processing technology ever. Scenes are analyzed and matched with a special image database for supremely lifelike detail, whatever you're watching. 
The 4K Processor X1 delivers ultra-lifelike detail, using new algorithms such as Noise Crusher, Flat Area Detection and Super Resolution. These advanced technologies work together to maintain natural-looking, low-noise image textures, and refined content both native and upscaled.

User manual 

You can check and download the XBR55X850C user manual here

Drivers and Software

You can download various XBR55X850C drivers and software here


Around $1500

Sony XBR55X850C unboxing and video review

Sony XBR55X800B - the best 55 inch 4k TV on the US market?

Quick overview of the premium 55 inch 4k Ultra HD TV Sony XBR55X800B

We all know that American customers are quite picky and they like to carefully pick their new tech equipment and gadgets. That's why most big manufacturers are very careful with the products they deliver for the US market and strive for the best quality.

The product that we will discuss today is also very carefully selected to target the premium segment of big screen UHD 4K LED TVs. Sony XBR55X800B is a 55 inch Smart LED Edge-lit TV that is also offered in 55 inch screen size - Sony XBR65X800B.

Freelander PX1C Android tablet

Features and specifications of the 7 inch Android tablet Freelander PX1C

Freelander PX1C with MTK8382, Cortex A7 quad core, 1.3GHz Android 4.2 operation system. 1GB RAM and 8GB R0M, support TF card up to 32GB which allows enough space for you to download freely. 7 inch screen allows the user to view videos and play games at a comfortable size as well as clearly due to this phone’s 1024 x 600 pixels display resolution. 

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