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Friday, February 24, 2017

LG G5 Modular Smartphone Review

In today’s review, you will see LG’s 2016 model G5 – a nice, sleek model with great screen, lots of memory and a lovely wide-angle camera. There are certain drawbacks, like the ugly software and the build quality but overall, this is a good modular smartphone option currently selling at around $350.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

LOGITECH Z333 Multimedia 2.1 Speakers

LOGITECH Z333 - the better cheap 2.1 multimedia speakers

LOGITECH Z333 Multimedia 2.1 Speakers
LOGITECH Z333 Multimedia 2.1 Speakers


Today we will review a good budget sound solution – the Logitech Z333 multimedia speakers. Currently selling at around $60, these speakers are mostly suitable for PC sound or a low-end home cinema setup. The set includes 2 speakers and a subwoofer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vodafone Smart Prime 6

In today’s article we will review Vodaphone’s ultra-budget solution Smart Prime 6 – this is an under $100 phone (it’s currently priced at ~$90). As you could expect, the Smart Prime 6 is not a best performer or a looker, it’s unremarkable in mostly every way but for those shopping at the bottom end of the market it's worth shortlisting. The design is solid and not bad-looking, the battery life is good and it comes with Lollipop so despite the shortcomings in a lot of aspects, there’s still market for it.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sony KD-43XD8099 Bravia 4K TV

Sony KD-43XD8099 Bravia is one of the best in the 40-50 inch 4K TV class

Sony KD-43XD8099 Bravia 4K TV review

As one of the absolute leaders in modern TVs, Sony represents a titanic shift in home entertainment. We will look at one of their 4K models – the Bravia XD8000 series, more specifically the 43-inch Bravia XD8099.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Samsung UE49KU6100 4K UHD LED TV

Samsung UE49KU6100 4K UHD LED TV

The KU6100 model is essentially the curved version Samsung offers for its base KU6000 model. In respect to picture quality, features and performance, the two models are pretty much the same. We will take a look at the curved KU6100 version as the curved TVs seem to be all the rage nowadays – whether it’s just for the fashionable look or Samsung’s claim for more immersive TV experience is true we cannot yet determine (nor could anyone else, for that matter, and to my eye the difference is mostly cosmetic).

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HP Elitepad 1000 G2 tablet

HP Elitepad 1000 G2 tablet reviewed

Let’s take a look at one of HP’s tablets – the HP Elitepad 1000 G2 which was released in May 2014 as a successor of the Elitepad 900. This is a good build quality tablet with bright full-HD display and a large selection of available accessories. Unfortunately, the design of the tablet is poor and quite honestly, it could perform better. Currently the tablet sells at around $220 - $250.

Monday, February 13, 2017

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw multifunctional printer

Today we will review HP’s color laserjet multifunctional printer MFP M177FW. This is a relatively small and compact, low-price device (around $300) and we were pleasantly surprised that for its price, it supports LAN and Wi-Fi, even cloud printing. The output quality is good and the price of the device itself is very reasonable, however the laser toner is on the expensive side which brings up the cost per page.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Car update: 2017 Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln Continental  quick video review

The all new 2017 Lincoln Continental was released couple of months ago and we only hear superlatives about this great looking limousine. The renewed version of this all-time classics is not only pretty but also quite capable vechicle - it is packed with features that make the new Continental look and feel like a premium luxury car but offered on quite a reasonable price.


55-inch LG 55EG910V OLED TV reviewed 

Let us introduce in this review one of LG’s flagman models – the brilliant LG 55EG910V OLED TV. The OLED technology offers picture that is better than any LCD or plasma TV. It's equally adept in bright and dark rooms, shows accurate color, and looks better from off-angle than any LED LCD. Its 1080p resolution is plenty for a 55-inch screen.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Samsung 40KU6472 40 inch LED TV

Samsung UE-40KU6472/UE40KU6472 40 inch LED TV consumer opinion

Samsung 40KU6472 40 inch LED TV
Samsung 40KU6472

Today we will take a look at one of Samsung’s 2016 Ultra HD (UHD) models – the 40-inch KU6472 (UE-40KU6472/UE40KU6472). This TV sells at around $550-$600 which is a very good price for such a good-quality Samsung.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lada Vesta price in Germany

Lada Vesta sales in Germany start by the end of February

Lada Vesta price in Germany
Lada Vesta is already for sale in Western Europe

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to lough when I first heard that Lada is going to sell their all new Vesta in Western Europe and more specifically in Germany or accept this news with respect to the Russian car manufacturer. Anyways, Lada Vesta is coming to the German market at around 20th of February for those enthusiasts who prefer something different than Dacia Logan but still want to keep the budget under 15,000 Euro.

Panasonic VIERA TX-55DS500B Smart 55" LED TV

Panasonic VIERA TX-55DS500B Smart 55" LED TV - great choice for big screen Full HD LED TV

Today we will take a look at the VIERA TX-55DS500B – a Full HD LED TV option of Panasonic. This TV comes with a large 55" LED screen and very good picture even without 4K resolution. Brightness is enhanced thanks to the Bright Panel Plus, combining LED light, panel and driving technology. This makes it an ideal choice for rooms that have lots of ambient light, allowing you to enjoy high quality entertainment clearly.

The TV performs well in respect to fast motion – the 400 Hz Backlight Motion Rate which adjusts the backlight to remove motion blur. As a result, you can see every detail clearly without smearing or juddering.

Freeview HD and Freetime

You will be able to access a range of entertainment options thanks to Freeview HD, with a wide range of both standard and HD channels available subscription free. The VIERA TX-55DS500B also includes Freetime. This allows you to scroll back through the previous seven days to catch up on programmes you might have missed.

Smart TV

The VIERA TX-55DS500B offers you access to catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer and My5, as well as streaming services such as Netflix. There is also a full web browser available, as well as the option to set your own personalized home page.

A very nice touch is the VIERA Remote app that you can use to control the TV, as well as mirror the contents onto the screen.

Panasonic TX-55AX630 55 inch 4K UHD TV consumer overview


This TV can be conveniently wall mounted and fits effortlessly into your existing home entertainment setup thanks to its range of connections. With 2 x HDMI connections (one of which is ARC compatible), a SCART connection and both component and composite inputs, the TV can easily be connected to your other devices and peripherals.

A USB 2.0 port also allows you to view photographs and videos on the TV screen, while the DLNA compatibility means that you can also share these files wirelessly from compatible devices.

Technical specifications for PANASONIC VIERA TX-55DS500B Smart 55" LED TV

Screen technology
Screen size
1920 x 1080


Processing rate
400 Hz
Noise reduction

Smart TV services
- Catch up TV: BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, My5 
- Streaming: Netflix 
- App store: Internet Apps Navigator 
- Custom homepage 
- Full internet browser 
- Social media: Twitter, YouTube 
- Gaming apps
Multimedia functions
Screen mirroring
Smartphone app
Yes - Viera Remote2

Built-in WiFi
DLNA certified

- HDMI x 2 (ARC compatible x 1)
- SCART x 1
- Component input x 1
- Composite input x 1
- USB 2.0 x 1

Audio output
Optical audio connection x 1
TV tuner
DVB-T2 Freeview HD Tuner
Electronic programme guide
7-day EPG and 7-day catch up with Freetime

Audio power
20 W
Sound enhancement

Remote control
VESA wall mount dimensions
400 x 400
Table-top stand
Other features
- Ambient sensor
- Sleep timer
- Parental lock

Energy efficiency class
On-mode power consumption
87 W
Annual power consumption
121 kWh

Box contents
- Panasonic VIERA TX-55DS500B Smart 55" LED TV
- Standard remote control
- User manual
- Batteries
- Table top stand
- Fixing screws
- Unboxed: 721 x 1244 x 68 mm (H x W x D)
- Unboxed with stand: 770 x 1244 x 235 mm (H x W x D)
- Boxed: 808 x 1610 x 151 mm (H x W x D)
- Unboxed: 17 kg
- Unboxed with stand: 19 kg
- Boxed: 23.65 kg

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Panasonic TX-55AX630 4K TV

Panasonic TX-55AX630 55 inch 4K UHD TV consumer overview

Panasonic TX-55AX630 55 inch 4K UHD TV
Panasonic TX-55AX630

In today’s article, we will review one of Panasonic’s 4K TVs currently available on the market. The
TX 55AX630 is a good value for money 4K specimen with excellent smart features and great picture quality. It’s a great bargain – you can get the 55-inch version for $1500 and you will not be disappointed. One of the very few weak points of this TV is the motion blur – this is where it does not perform well, but overall the TV is worth taking a look into.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

LG 55UH664V Ultra HD TV specs

LG 55UH664V Ultra HD TV specifications

LG 55UH664V  is a premium Ultra HD Smart TV with amazing 4K picture quality and a very nice set of features. Here are its main specs:

Friday, February 3, 2017

Gear4 Stream 1 portable speaker

Gear4 Stream 1 portable speaker features and specs

We will take a look at one top seller in the modest realm of portable speakers – the Gear4 Stream 1 speaker that is currently selling at around $124. This speaker is fairly affordable and has plenty of wireless features, but overall unremarkable sound quality and limited bass power.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Techwood 50AO1SB TV

Techwood 50AO1SB TV features, price info, specifications and product review

Today we want to point your attention towards an inexpensive TV that can also serve as a gaming monitor. The Techwood 50AO1SB is a very credible option specs and budget-wise. It delivers more contrast and motion clarity than most of its cheap peers. The TV is good value for money and provides good picture quality considering the price. There are some downsides, of course – the sound quality is poor and the SD looks rough, but overall, the price is unmatched.

Honda Civic 2017 - bigger, smarter... better!?

Video review of the all new 2017 Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2017 car video review
2017 Honda Civic reviewed in UK by Mat Watson

Honda Civic has always been very popular in UK and the expectations from the all new 2017 Civic are also very high. The new Honda looks bigger, has wider set of features and seems like a better overall package.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

JBL GO - the best small portable speaker for 2017

JBL GO mini portable speaker consumer test and review - the best cheap portable Bluetooth speaker on the market for 2017

JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker

JBL GO is great value for money, it definitely is. And even though the market is flooded with numerous offers from different manufacturers I can easily say that the JBL GO offers the one of best sound quality and features for its compact size and low price.

Bush 49 Inch Full HD 1080p Freeview HD LED TV

Bush 49 Inch Full HD 1080p Freeview HD LED TV - big screen does not necessarily mean big price

Bush is a cheap UK brand that offers mainly consumer electronics (tablets, smartphones etc.) and home appliances. They are not largely popular outside the UK, but the range products they offer is surprisingly large – they have everything from small electronics through televisions and even large kitchen appliances.

Samsung KU7500: 2016 4k UHD Smart Curved LED TV Series (UN49KU7500, UN55KU7500)

Samsung KU7500: 2016 4k UHD Smart Curved LED TV Series (UN49KU7500, UN55KU7500) reviewed

Samsung KU7500: 2016 4k UHD Smart Curved LED TV Series
Samsung KU7500: 2016 4k UHD Smart Curved LED TV Series

The KU7500 represents the “top-shelf” TV among the KU-series models and is similar in many ways to 2015’s JU7100 or JU7500 4K UHD TV models. The TV offers an excellent picture (with some slight drawbacks) and the design looks nice and refined. This is a curved TV, slim and elegant with narrow display bezels. Some consumers do prefer the curved display style and hope to get ‘greater immersion’, however it’s questionable whether or not you get any positive quality difference or not and the price is significantly higher than the respective flat screen option.